Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Operation Fabulous - La Cuisine

Here ate the first pics of the Lispine Chapel.

The first room to be completed* is the Kitchen.

Here are a few BEFORE pics (taken Aug 31)

Don't you just LOVE the colour scheme of the BEFORE?! YAK!

And here are a few AFTER pics (taken on Sept 8)

* It's not 100% completed, I still need to affix the back splash, and put up a couple pieces of trim and put one more coat of paint on the door and the Red shelving will be replaced with a white shelving unit in a couple weeks, but the, more or less it's done...



will you be lining the kitchen cabinets with leopard print liner???
looks a bit sedated for you... nice but!! unless you have a fabulous backsplash in mind....
ok, i'll wait for the end results. patience's not my middle name!! can you tell??

Mitzi said...

Ahem! I have daffodil yellow walls in my kitchen.

Scooter said...


Leonard said...

Um, I like the first color scheme better, it seems more tropical. :) Then again, of the many gay genes I am missing (fashion, affection for show tunes, shopping...) decor is also one of them, so what do I know? :) I once gave my sister $20 and sent her to a thrift store to decorate my living in a new apartment. She did quite well actually. ;) peace