Thursday, January 31, 2008

LOST and found (?)

Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Oh my God!

This season is gonna be so fricking amazing!

OK I know in my post last may after the last episode I said I wish they had killed Ben, but now I'm glad he's alive, 'cause I love it every time he gets hit!

Great Season opener... lots of new twists and turns. I am SUPER happy that Charlie is still there, even if he's dead and only appearing in the flash-forwards.

And only 6 survivors get off the island?!:


Last night when we re-watched last season's finale, I said it was obvious that Jack wants to return because he feels guilty about leaving others behind. Hugo said the same thing just tonight when on the basketball court with Jack.

Can't wait to see how this develops, and can wait to see Ben get hit again. heh.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Long LOST friends...


It's so close we can taste it...

I have to say thank you to ABC for re-broadcasting last season's finale of LOST, because there was sooooo much going on that among things I forgot:

-the under-water station (I remembered that Charlie dies, but forgot where and how)
-Locke was shot by Ben and temporarily paralysed again
-Walt is back and helping Locke
-Locke kills Naomi
-all that 'flash-forward' stuff with Jack

Without the repeat I'm sure I'd be super lost for tomorrow's season premiere.

Among my favourite moments of the episode were:

-Jack seriously bitch slapping Ben
-Gabrielle being re-united with her daughter Alex and then their first Mother-Daughter activity of tying up Ben
-Gabrielle elbowing Ben in the face as he's tie to the tree
-Sawyer shooting Tom saying after that he didn't believe him.

... I know it seems I like all the most violent parts, but it's only because, putting myself in their place I'm certain I'd have reacted the same way. The 'fight or flight' instincts being kicked into over-drive.

I cannot wait for tomorrow night!
(Lets just hope that the writers strike is well over before the 7 episodes already in the can are all broadcast...)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

File under DUH!

Stop the presses folks, we got ourselves a shocker:

'Britney Spears has "mental issues," manager says'

Ok, I usually don't spend much time focusing on the lives of young Hollywood's dram-ady overloaded lives, but I can't help but be a little bemused and a lot entertained by the train-wreck that is Brittney Spears. She is, after all more than worth the $0.00 I've ever spent on her music, concerts and movie. I look at it as a gift to be honest.

In general, I don't want to read about the craptaculaire lives, loves and woes of these brats, but in B.S.'s case (coincidence that her initials are B S... je pense pas) I now make the exception, because really, the girl is so white trash she can't help but dig herself a deeper and deeper hole, and it just gets more entertaining as time goes by... save for the two poor kids who, lets face it, hope they have a very large trust fund to cover all their shrink's bills in the years to come...

BS just cannot help herself. You could sedate her, strap her down and lock her in a padded cell in the middle of the Antarctic and she'd still manage to dress, speak or act inappropriately.

God love ya Britt, you make my lunch hours at work surfing the web the most entertaining part of my day.

Dusting away the Cob-webs

Well after years of playing the role of Couch-Potato Jeopardy Contestant, I am throwing caution to the wind in my bid to become a REAL Jeopardy contestant and so tonight I will participate in the Jeopardy On-line Test. I registered 2 weeks ago and tonight at 8 pm I put the grey matter to the world wide weeb and give'er.

I'd love to be on the show, if only to say "I'll take Potpourri for $800 please, Al-eex" (like Catherine O'Hara, in a spoof of Jeopardy on SCTV years ago)

Wish me luck.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Another seal has been broken

We are another step closer to the Apocalypse, as yet another seal has been broken.

Seriously, is it not enough that the Spice Girls are back on tour? Do we REALLY need the New Kids on the Block back together as well?

Who's next?
...Color Me Badd?
...Tony! Toni! Toné!?
...Bell Biv Devoe?
...the Vienna Boys Choir? (circa 1915)

When will the insanity end?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


What can I say. This is sad. I'm not sure why I'm so shocked about this but when Didier and I watched the evening news last night and they announced that Heath Ledger was dead, we both reacted in the same way and in unison, with an aspirated "Nooo".

While I'll admit I enjoyed Brokeback Mountain, it was not so much that it was a 'big screen' portrayal of a gay love story (although it didn't hurt), it was because it was an incredibly well done film; the acting, the story, the images... those great wide mountainous vistas. Truly though, it was one of the final scenes that impressed me most with the film and Ledger's acting; the one where he's in Jack's boyhood room and finds the blood stained shirt in the niche. I found that the most remarkable... the emotion and the depth of character he portrayed in that scene was truly impressive. It's sad to think that his career and life were just really beginning. That scene left me even at the time thinking just how great an acting career he was going to have. And more impressive still that he and Gyllenhaal took on the roles in the first place, as it could have easily been a career ender.

It's sad to think that his career and life were just really beginning. He was only twenty eight years old. Twenty eight... that's a full 10 years younger than myself. I have to say that left me gob smacked! Still does.

But it wasn't just Brokeback that I enjoyed. I have to say I enjoyed many of his films, including:

Casanova (we saw that a week before seeing Brokeback Mountain) - no Academy Award winner for sure, but a fun movie. Light, frivolous.

The Order - a sort of Occult/Paranormal drama. Entertaining and enjoyable.

But it is A Knights Tale I think I enjoyed most of all, I guess because I really enjoy a movie (whether serious or not) that so impressively juxtaposes a period piece with modern music (Marie Antoinette also springs to mind in this genre) A great cast and, yeah, I'll say it... he was so handsome.
Even in these movies, he showed that whether the plot was serious or camp, and everything in between, that he would give a good performance.

He'll be missed, and by no one more than his family and especially his young daughter Matilda Rose.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Who ya gonna call?

Seems there's a Ghost Hunting and Paranormal group here in Montréal. Being a 'believer' and wishing to see what's really 'out there' I figured "what the hell..." and so I've signed on and will be attending my first group investigation this coming weekend...

Hey, Maria... there's still room for one more... wanna come? ;-)

Monday, January 21, 2008

I Your Boy Mom.

Exactly 68 years ago today, the most amazing, remarkable and wondrous woman I know was born. My Mom.

Ask my Mother to tell a story about her 'baby' and invariably she will recount but one, and only one...

When I was but a wee little lad I would happily run off and play with others or by myself, but like clockwork, once an hour I would return to her, (no matter where she might be, I would track her down) interrupt whatever she might be doing, whomever she might be talking to etc. and say ever so emphatically.... "I Your Boy Mom" then summarily turn round, go back to my play, only to repeat the process all over again in about one hour.

(taken Aug 31st 2007. Doing what we do best... FOOD!)

At nearly 39 years of age I am only too happy to state the following:

I Still Your Boy Mom.

Happy Birthday.
I loves ya!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Misster-Kitty: Book Whore.

I've always been a reader, ever since I was a wee thing. But from time to time I fall off the wagon and go months without reading a book.

Well, since Christmas I'm back on the wagon. I read both books I received from my parents for Christmas:
-Historic South End Halifax. -Peter McGuigan.
-A Maritimer's Miscellany. Clary Croft.

I'm also half way through one of the two books I got myself as Post-Christmas Gifts:
-Sex with Kings. -Elanor Herman. ...and when that is done, I'll be reading:
-Much Depends on Dinner. -Margaret Visser.
...and then once that's done I'll read the five books I picked up today at Chapters with gift cards I got for Christmas:
-Lamb. The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal. (great title eh?)
-A Dirty Job.
-You Suck. A Love Story. ...all three by Christoper Moore. (I can't remember where I heard about him, but I'm very much looking forward to all three!)
...and then...
-The Highest Tide. Jim Lynch.
-The Last Witchfinder. James Marrow

The last two were in the Remainders Bin. God I love me some Remainders... Ain't nothing like getting some $30.00 and $40.00 hardcovers for under $6.00!!!

Books books books, I lurv em!
So what are you reading?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Heaven can wait.

I was speaking to my folks last night. Dad just started his 7th (3 week) course of treatment. The doctors are as pleased as ever with how well his body is taking to all the drugs and injections and pills and so on. While he's not pain or discomfort free, when you consider he's a 5 injections a day Diabetic, who's also had a stroke and 2 heart attacks in the last 7 years, he's doing far better than even they could have hoped; which DOES help him through the neuropathology, fevers and many frequent visits to the 'reading room'. He's vastly more optimistic than he was even at the onset of the treatments.

Mom has really been amazing through all of this. Stepping up to the plate and not only waiting on Dad, hand and foot, becoming the official household driver for all trips large and small, but also because through all this, her own Mother has been hospitalized twice. The latest only this past Monday. We don't know how long my Grandmother will be there. She had become dehydrated as she was not eating and drinking as she should at home, and despite my Mother's, my Uncle's and the VoN's best interests, they had to re-hospitalize her. She was on an IV for 2 days but is now back on solids and understands that while she is, as she said, "ready to head on up and meet God" she is not ready to do so from a hospital bed, and wants to be home. And 'Home' means eating and drinking and taking care of herself as best she can and relying on everyone else to do what she cannot or should not be doing.


I called my Grandmother this morning during a break at work. Her voice instantly perking up as soon as she knew who was on the phone. When I asked her what she thought she was doing, she replied, "Oh my dear, I'm just waiting for you to come home and take me up to the Pearly Gates." to which I replied, "Well then you've got one heck of a long wait on your hands, because I'm in no hurry to go up 'there'." She laughed and said, "Well ok, but don't keep me waiting too long, I'm not getting any younger..."

I can understand her state of mind. She's 93, will be 94 in 2 months and has out lived every other member of her generation of family and friends. While fiercely independent and living in her own home, the past couple of years have seen a drastic slow down in her strength, and ability. She has never been one to cope well with others doing for her. And even with her children and grand children and great grand children and neighbours doing what they can, she is admitting defeat. She's lived a long and happy and otherwise healthy life and realizes, there's not much time left and nothing to do. It's not a waiting game any of us look forward to I think, and she's just tired of it all.

While I wish her continued years, I too wish her all that her heart desires and understand that she's made her peace and is ready to meet her maker. But I'm sorely afraid to say,but if I am indeed her Earthly Escort to the Great Beyond, then, Heaven can, nay, will just have to wait.

(This is the two of us taken Aug 29th 2007)

Love ya Nanny...
Get comfortable, you're not going anywhere just yet.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rock Me Gently

OK to counter the spine chilling Tom Cruise... here's a clip from a Jeep Commercial I just saw for the the very first time.

I was amused...

And hello?!?!... Andy Kim AND a squirrel?!!


And if that was not enough... you gotta check this out. If you don't actually click on anything the Wolf does some cute stuff...


Holy delusional crap!

I thought Tom Cruise was touched before, but now, I'd say he's certifiable! If you see him... RUN, in the opposite direction!

- - -

There's 'Cuckoo'.

There's 'Cuckoo for Cocoa-Puffs'.

...and then...

There's Tom Cruise.

Monday, January 14, 2008

'Family' Photo Time

OK, I know you've seen pics of most of us before, but I gots new pics and I wanna share em. PLUS we've reached a few milestones and we have a new family member...

So, obviously, this is The Man and Me. It was taken on Dec 29th at our friends Kenny and Richard's wedding. Considering I was sick as a dog I think I look pretty good! lol

On Jan 6th 2008, not only was it John "Everything but Poopie" Shannon's birthday, AND Epiphiny... but it was also 3 years to the day that Didier immigrated here to Canada. And today, Jan 14th, he submitted his papers to become a Canadian Citizen. Very exciting I must say.
This next pic here is of our first 'kids' Guaca (Orange) and Molé (black) in their new 'deluxe apartment in the sky' I won the vase at work. and so it was obvious as they kids grow that they need a more spacious pad to kick back and spread their fins. And Saturday Jan 5th it was their one year anniversary.

And last but not least, meet Salsa. Guaca and Molé's new neighbour' who has moved into their old digs.

He moved in last Monday (Jan 7th) He's a Beta or "Siamese Fighting Fish", but hey, we're a loving and nurturing household, so I say he's a Siamese Loving Fish.

Ain't we the happy, good lookin' family?! LMBOBO.

...poor Didier... little did he ever think he'd be living with FOUR Pisces!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

They're HeeeeeeEEEERRRRRRRrrrreeeeeeeee!

OK, so YES I'm superstitious, and YES some might think some of my personal beliefs are a little on the loop-dee-lou, over-the-top, new-agey side of the spectrum. I'll even go so far as to say I have lived in two previous homes with paranormal activity.. there was a ghost in my Parents basement that 3 other friends all saw once while at a dinner party there - and as far as I know he's still there, and I had an Apt here in Montréal that not only had one ghost, but at least two - before I moved in, the 2nd moved with the prior occupant... and for the record I was well aware it was haunted before I moved in, it was actually the clincher in my sub-letting it - and unfortunately two other things that I'll only refer to as 'Black Cats' -'cause seriously I was so freaked out by them, and so drained physically after having exorcised them that I don't even like to physically describe them in detail as I fear that might indeed be enough to call them back. And if you think I'm pulling your leg, you can ask my ex Boyfriend Graham why he didn't visit my place for over a month... Cause he saw em too! So did others.- And many other experiences, so yes, I belive in this shit.

...anyhoo, the point of all that is I think our condo has a poltergeist, or at least some sort of playful spirit. I'll go with playful spirit thanks. And not sure if this was a one shot deal or not...

Tonight, while friends (and witnesses) were over for a wee Wii battle of Bowling, Tennis and Golf, the Ice and Water dispensers both went off in the fridge, while all four of us were in the living room (You can see through to the kitchen. We all had a clear view) Now, to engage either of these two mechanisms you need to have a glass pushing (relatively firmly I might add) to a lever in the opening of the dispenser unit. But with no one there in the kitchen, and no visible glass or hands puching on the levers, there was ice tumbling to the bottom of the dispenser and the floor, as well as a steady stream of water. It was only after all four of us acknowledged this happening, did it stop. There is no way an electrical short circuit could have affected this as they are lever driven mechanisms. If the levers are not pushed, the openings through which the ice tumbles and the water pours remain closed. You must push the levers, there's no other way.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the course of the next few days, but I can assure you, I'll be on high alert. It IS Code Red here right now. I've seen and experienced too much voodoo-hoodoo-freaky stuff in my days to discount this as a very definite sign... of what it remains to be seen.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kitty's Favourite Things - one

"Raindrops on roses,
and whiskers on kittens.
Bright copper kettles,
and warm woollen mittens..."

Yea it's a cute song, and it's from one of my all time favourite movies of all time, but well, they AREN'T really MY favourite things.

But I feel like, I should share some of those with you. (in this and future posts)

I'm going to start with one of my newest and most favourite things ever. I received it as a Christmas Gift from friends in Ottawa. Shawn and Warren. Now I don't see these guys often, in fact I've spent more time online chatting with them over the years than I've spent with them in person, but they're super sweet guys, and it's fun to hang with them when I can.

Shawn, (great name eh?) he knows of my Leopard Print fetish, and so when he found the following, he picked it up. Now, I don't think he thought I'd like it as much as I did, but well, sometimes it REALLY is the simple things in life...

Awwww yea... it's a faux leopard fur sleep mask.

Now let me just say this... My Man has a sleep mask that he wears when we're away and the room we sleep in is not that dark. We both love a dark room for sleeping... If the room is not dark, he NEEDS that mask, but me, I can manage without the mask... or so I thought!

When we got home the night I received the gift (Dec 31) I hung it on the headboard; more as a joke, but then... a night or so later I thought... what the hell, lets giver' and I put the mask on. Now at first I thought it was a coincidence, but that was one GREAT NIGHT'S SLEEP... I'm a tosser and a turner... and wake up frequently... but that night I swear, I slept right through, can only recall waking up the once and woke up in practically the same position as I fell asleep.

So I wore it the next night and the night after that, and you know what... every single night I've worn it I'd have incredibly restful sleep.

Not only is is incredibly comfortable, and OH so fashionable (heh) but it helps me have the most wonderful peaceful sleeps... and so that is why, this Faux Leopard Fur Sleep Mask is one of my favourite things.

And as I've been sick lately this has REALLY come in handy, especially today. I stayed home today (boss' orders) I went to the clinic, waited 2.5 hours to be told... "It's just a cold" to which I replied "Really? I doubt it, but you're the professional. My guess is I end up seeing another Dr in a day or so. Thanks." I've now been sick since Dec 27th, hacking and coughing each night... no muck or gunk, just lots of coughing and now a lot of congestion and sinus headache. OK YES I have a colud... but when is that last time YOU had a cold that started as over two weeks of a dry hacking cough and THEN congestion... ANYHOO... so as I was burnt out when I got back from the Dr's I took my 2nd nap of the day, helped by non other than my new magical mask!

So what's your most favourite thing right now?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


said the monkey to the chimp.
said the chimpee to the monk.
All night long they chattered away.
All day long they were happy and gay,
swinging and swaying in a honky, tonky way.

-OK, so there were no Monkeys or Chimps.
-There wasn't so much chattering, but a whole lot of singing... on stage AND in the audience as well.
-There WERE a lot of Happy People, and YES, many many man of em were gay!
-And while there even some dancing in the audience (during the 'encore')... it was not of the Honky-Tonk variety, I can assure you!
So yea, I'll now go see other musical theatre, given the chance, but I'll likely stick with the comedic and campy... cause well, that's how I roll.
It was enjoyable the whole way though. The cast for the most part I thought excellent... although there seemed times when you couldn't really hear em that well... but then I knew all the songs so no big whoop! I was singing in my head... and yes, sometimes out loud too! :-) My two favourite characters would have to be the Australian and The Mother's 'fat friend" (aka Bill Austin and Rosie) and during the curtain calls it was these two, in particular "Rosie" that got THE audience's loudest recognition. I don't know what it is, but the 'fat chick' always gets the best lines! ...and in this case also the best man! ;-)
And here's another shocker, I'd go see it again!
Misster-Kitty gives Mamma Mia 10 furballs outta 10!

Tonight, tonight, won't be just any night...

We'ze goin' to see MAMMA MIA!

Ok I know that cross referencing two musicals is probably against the rules -I can't find my Membership Rules and Regulations Book-, but I can safely assume...

ANYHOO... at 38 years and 306 days old, I am going to see my first live performance of a Musical.. Shocking, no?


I've always been a HUGE FLAMING ABBA FAN... I started collecting their music on 8-TRACK no less when I was but a wee fagling. Then transitioned to vinyl (LP and 45). Then jumped on to the cassette generation in the 80's and now I've got them on CD and of course I have ABBA GOLD and MORE ABBA GOLD on the trusty ole iPod and have been listening to them exclusively since Monday. As well we had our friends Jason and Franco over on Sunday to watch "Muriel's Wedding". This evening I think we're gonna watch "Priscilla"... Gotta maximize the ABBA!

I'm that much of a fan that I've gone to Cabaret Mado twice to see "Mado chant ABBA" and two summers ago we went to see BJORN AGAIN (the world's most fabulous tribute band) preform at the Bell Centre.

Yea, like I said, I'm a huge flaming fan... Am I stoked for tonight? All I can say, nay, sing is...

"Friday Wednesday night and the lights are low
Looking out for the place to go
Where they play the right music, getting in the swing..."

Monday, January 7, 2008

Dear Health Canada...


They (Health Canada) have decided that ANY man that has had sex with another man in the 'past five years' is not eligible to donate their organs here in Canada. The list also includes IV drug users and and 'other high risk groups'. It seems that, as it is with blood donations, simply being a gay man means you're tainted. Diseased. Infected.

It still seems that heterosexuals NEVER practise unsafe sex, that they NEVER contract HIV/AIDS... except for that % of their population that really isn't 'straight' at all and has occasional and statistically a higher rate of unprotected same-sex sex. That lie to their opposite sex partners and put them at risk every single day. And those are REALLY the types that would honestly answer yes to engaging in homosexual activity if asked by a heath care professional. But then there's really nothing to worry about because these people don't really exist.

When will this antiquated, irresponsible, and totally unrealistic segregation stop? What's next? Denial of blood and organ donations TO homosexuals IV drug users and and 'other high risk groups'. I mean hey... since they can't GIVE blood or organs, why should they be allowed to RECEIVE them.


Yea I pissed.

FUCK YOU Health Canada and FUCK YOU to the Canadian Blood Services and Héma-Québec too!

You know, part of me wishes I had a VERY rare blood type that was highly sought out, and then that someone high in the upper echelons of any of those well meaning public services mentioned above sorely needed, or one of their loved ones desperately needed a blood or an organ donation that matched my blood type, and then we'd see what special exceptions would be made... but then of course I'd gladly do what I could, because I'm not the small sighted, backward, homophobic, dumb fuck that equates a gay man to automatically being someone that is diseased, unworthy or unacceptable simply because who he sleeps with.


Yes I'll say it again...



Lovingly yours,

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Can somebody tell me why this exists? Or more to the point, it's purpose.. other than making you scratch your head and ask people ... why?

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Un-Decking the Halls

I am depressed.

We're UN-decorating the house. This is always the SADDEST day of the year for me. Seriously. You saw the pics of the house all done up. I take my Christmas decorating very seriously. And once it's all down the house is drab and dull.

So to that end, we're taking EVERYTHING down quite yet...

We got Rene Baumier all de-baubled, de-garlanded and de-lighted. And now he's standing all cold and forlorn out on the back balcony... that is until Wednesday when he'll be taking to that great mulcher in the shy and in the spring he'll be part of countless other beloved Christmas Trees and be mulching the fine gardens, trees and planters all around Montréal.

We'll miss you Rene, you were a magical tree...

You even loved it so in our home that you began growing again, even though you no longer had any roots. You began to sprout forth with fresh pale green needles...

This evening and tomorrow we'll de-decorate the rest of the house. The computer room, living room, and bedroom.

We're leaving up the main window and balcony lights for a few more days... they're not at all Christmas specific.. (no red and or green) just clear lights and snowflakes... And since it's still very much Winter, they'll stay for another week or so at least. I just can take it all down at once, I can't.

Tomorrow is Epiphany, so Didier will be baking a Galette de Rois. A rather French tradition to be served on January 6th. So maybe that'll boost my spirits... if not I'll just get drunk...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Kitty of the Month - Archives




Happy New Year - White Rabbits!


I saw this pic the other day and thought it would be the PERFECT New Years White Rabbit.

(If you can't see the rabbit in this picture, your inner child had run away.)

Wishing you all, each and every one the Happiest of New Years! Bonne Année!