Wednesday, January 23, 2008


What can I say. This is sad. I'm not sure why I'm so shocked about this but when Didier and I watched the evening news last night and they announced that Heath Ledger was dead, we both reacted in the same way and in unison, with an aspirated "Nooo".

While I'll admit I enjoyed Brokeback Mountain, it was not so much that it was a 'big screen' portrayal of a gay love story (although it didn't hurt), it was because it was an incredibly well done film; the acting, the story, the images... those great wide mountainous vistas. Truly though, it was one of the final scenes that impressed me most with the film and Ledger's acting; the one where he's in Jack's boyhood room and finds the blood stained shirt in the niche. I found that the most remarkable... the emotion and the depth of character he portrayed in that scene was truly impressive. It's sad to think that his career and life were just really beginning. That scene left me even at the time thinking just how great an acting career he was going to have. And more impressive still that he and Gyllenhaal took on the roles in the first place, as it could have easily been a career ender.

It's sad to think that his career and life were just really beginning. He was only twenty eight years old. Twenty eight... that's a full 10 years younger than myself. I have to say that left me gob smacked! Still does.

But it wasn't just Brokeback that I enjoyed. I have to say I enjoyed many of his films, including:

Casanova (we saw that a week before seeing Brokeback Mountain) - no Academy Award winner for sure, but a fun movie. Light, frivolous.

The Order - a sort of Occult/Paranormal drama. Entertaining and enjoyable.

But it is A Knights Tale I think I enjoyed most of all, I guess because I really enjoy a movie (whether serious or not) that so impressively juxtaposes a period piece with modern music (Marie Antoinette also springs to mind in this genre) A great cast and, yeah, I'll say it... he was so handsome.
Even in these movies, he showed that whether the plot was serious or camp, and everything in between, that he would give a good performance.

He'll be missed, and by no one more than his family and especially his young daughter Matilda Rose.


Maria said...

I was on the drive home yesterday when I heard Mark Bergman announce it on The Mix. So, so sad!

John said...

Really tragic. :(

He was also really good (and quite sexy) in the teen movie "10 Things I Hate About You", which was acually a good film.

I'm saddened by his passing too; very much so.

Ma Horton said...

I third that emotion .