Wednesday, January 9, 2008


said the monkey to the chimp.
said the chimpee to the monk.
All night long they chattered away.
All day long they were happy and gay,
swinging and swaying in a honky, tonky way.

-OK, so there were no Monkeys or Chimps.
-There wasn't so much chattering, but a whole lot of singing... on stage AND in the audience as well.
-There WERE a lot of Happy People, and YES, many many man of em were gay!
-And while there even some dancing in the audience (during the 'encore')... it was not of the Honky-Tonk variety, I can assure you!
So yea, I'll now go see other musical theatre, given the chance, but I'll likely stick with the comedic and campy... cause well, that's how I roll.
It was enjoyable the whole way though. The cast for the most part I thought excellent... although there seemed times when you couldn't really hear em that well... but then I knew all the songs so no big whoop! I was singing in my head... and yes, sometimes out loud too! :-) My two favourite characters would have to be the Australian and The Mother's 'fat friend" (aka Bill Austin and Rosie) and during the curtain calls it was these two, in particular "Rosie" that got THE audience's loudest recognition. I don't know what it is, but the 'fat chick' always gets the best lines! ...and in this case also the best man! ;-)
And here's another shocker, I'd go see it again!
Misster-Kitty gives Mamma Mia 10 furballs outta 10!


Jerome said...

The first time I saw Mamma Mia, Joel Grey was sitting two rows in front of me. I almost said hello to him in the lobby, but he was headed in the direction of the bathroom as he passed me and I thought that was more important.

Rosie is, quite possibly, the best character in the whole show. The first time I saw it she wasn't fat, though.

Misster Kitty said...

I was checking out the main site for Mamma Mia and in most casts she appears a little larger than the rest. Not that I care and not that I mind, in fact I almost prefer it... Natalie was my favourite on Facts of Life, Dorothy on Golden Girls, and Ginger Spice is my fav... I guess I'm drawn to the chunkier gal. Anyone care to analyse that?

Maria said...

so you'll love me then!! heh

Especially since I have gone off the SMART FOR LIFE diet since I left on my cruise at the end of November and now Jan.10 I am heading back to the SMART FOR LIFE center this coming Monday to see what kind of damage I have done since the cruise and the holidays.

Wish me luck.

Maria said...

Oh and thanks on the tip (or how to trick) hubby into going to a musical. When I accomplish the task I'll tell him it was your idea!

Newsguy Bob said...

The cast I saw in Toronto had Camilla Scott as Donna. A little hard to believe, because she looked so young, but it was good anyway.

Cliff Clavin time here: Little-known fact that Louise Pitre, who played (still plays?) Donna on Broadway is from Smooth Rock Falls, which is about a two double-doubles and an apple fritter away from Ma's Timmy stores. She might also be related to moi, since my grandmother's maiden name is Pitre.

Glad you enjoyed it, Kitty.