Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pissy Kitty

Ok That's it. I've had enough.

I'm officially sick of seeing and hearing about Paris Hilton.

After watching a report on the morning news, seeing 3 articles on oneline news sites and then Cat, Lisa and the Sheriff and John Moore this morning yaking ad nausium today about her. Albeit the later were making fun of her and talking about the over saturation on P.H. ... they WERE still talking about her.

... I snapped.

So I wrote emails to CBC and CTV news to start (as they are the places I typically go for news. I've avoided Yahho news for a while now because not only do they offer far too much fluff, but then you get repetitious articles, on the same day about the same lame news.

Here's what I wrote. Now I know it's likel a bit too snotty. I tried people, I really tried to remove the snippiness and sarcasm, but I just couldn't do it. And at any rate it won't make a flipping difference, so why try and be polite?

- - - - - - - -
To whom it may concern,

Could you NOT report anything more, EVER again, about Paris Hilton on the legitimate NEWS. Be it TV or Internet. I am so sick of seeing, and hearing about her. No one cares. It degrades your broadcasts, websites and integrity. It degrades us all.

She is as newsworthy as the last time I clipped my toenails. Do you remember when that was? Exactly!

She is not newsworthy. Certainly not worthy of world news, or top stories. So much of the media even makes a point of commenting how tired they are of reporting about her, so why then do you continue? Who's lives are incomplete without this information? Who is threatening to sue you if you do not report it? If you are fearful of losing the demographic that is intrinsically interested in her, I suggest they are not worth keeping; they certainly don't care what is happening in the Middle East, Central Africa or for that fact even what is happening here in our own country.

If you feel you really MUST report on the comings and goings of a spoiled, over-indulged, over-privileged, talentless, media-whore then keep it where it belongs, to the equally useless and vapid 'Entertainment' reports on the likes of e-Talk or Entertainment Tonight. (I don't watch those)

Keep her where she belongs, in last weeks news. At the very least away from legitimate news. Never to be seen or heard from again, lest to line the bottom of a bird cage.

Thanks in advance,

- - - - - - - -

Too much?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007



OK finally the fireworks competition has officially begun. I'm sorry, but Spain, you sucked! heh

England tonight was 1000 times better tonight. And they had to contend with competing lightning, contstant threatening thunder showers and high winds. And from our vantage point we also had to deal with the smoke and the stink of the fireworks, and still within 5 minutes we were already indicating just how much better these were to last week.

The newlyweds Graham and Tony came over to view the pyrotechnic display with us. We had a chance to reminisce about their wedding all these 3 days ago heh. Can I just say again how happy we are for them, and just how much fun we had! straight weddings should oly be as wonderful and fabulous! :-) I made an impromptu Sangria and they brought over a cheesecake so it was a fab-u night to be sure.

I again took some pics of the fireworks, and was really not expecting much. In fact, I thought these would be worse because of the haze and the smoke backdraft, but was pleasantly surprised.

Now keep in mind when I take these pics, it's from my digital poop nothing camera. On a tripod, with the flash off. When I click the button it only takes a picture about 45 seconds later. So I basically just keep the camera aimed and click the shutter button as soon as it allows me and enjoy watching them, in the here and now. It's only after I load the pics onto my lap top that I see what was captured.

I took 55 pics tonight and only 10 am I sharing with you. But can I just say that the last pic impressed the shit even outta me! And the boys muchos likey too! LIFE magazine pics these are not, but they're fun. And I think give you an idea of what we experienced.


OK, so not a bad start...





Creepy / weird. Alien spiders, no?




Not bad eh?
We likey!
Yea, as Paris would say... 'that's hawt'. (thanks Paris)

So with two of the participants done, our scores are as follows:

GOLD: England

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Laugh til you pee.

Someone gave me a link to this site a coupleday and well I gotta tell you I went through all 86 pages so far and I gotta say I nearly wet myself on many of em.

You wanna smile? laugh? cheer yourself up when you are having a crapfest of a day? THIS site is the cure!

Diabetic Warning: Site may cause coma!

Monday, June 25, 2007

My High School Reunion.

It's a world of laughter.
A world of tears.
It's a world of hopes.
And a world of fears.
There's so much that we share.
That it's time we're aware.
It's a small world after all.

- - -

Well, last night was one incredible night (as I indicated in my last post) But as amazing as the night was, as happy as I am for Graham and Tony, what really capped it all off for me, what was indeed the cherry on top for me took place at about 11 pm...

I was standing at the bar ('natch) talking to a couple friends, when one turned to talk to another person standing just out of my range of vision. My friend said, 'I'm Franco. Nice to meet you." and the other person said, "I'm Michael." As soon as I heard the voice, I turned, and looked at him and said, "Michael. Michael Colley?" He look at me for a second and said, "Shawn, Ellis?" Then we both smiled and gave each other a big hug.

There, in the middle of a wedding reception, in a bar, in the village, in downtown Montréal, two high school friends from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, a thousand kilometres away, that had not seen each other since graduation, 20 years ago this month no less (YIKES!) re-connect.

There are few people I've lost touch with through the years from High School that I wished I could track down, but I am so incredibly glad to say that Michael is one of them. Seems he had been in Montréal for a few years back in the 90's. then returned to Nova Scotia, but now again returned to Montréal not 2 weeks ago.

And as if this is not incredible enough, we live on the same street, two blocks apart! What the hell?!?!? Can you say, incredibly freakin' small world?!?!?!

We reminisced the rest of the night, and I'm sure that if were not for the fact that I had to get up for work this morning at 5:45 am that we'd still be there talking...

Most of my friends and I lost contact, interest with mere weeks of graduation, and I cannot say that I'm too broken up about it. Many of those relationships in retrospect were rather thin and lacked substance. I never lost much sleep over that, and even then I realized we were all teenagers, kids still really, and the decisions and selections of youth are questionable at best. :-) My Mother met many of my friends from High School at the time, and as it seems she was an incredible savvy judge of character. There were few of my friends that she actually approved of. She didn't forbid me to hang with anyone, but she made it known who she liked and didn't (heh, thanks Mom). Michael was and is one of those people, and I cannot wait to tell her about this! She'll be impressed with this to no end.

Didier and I are having Michael and his roommate over on Wed night to watch the fireworks and catch up some more. There will be many laughs over the years books I am sure! I am SO looking forward to re-newing this friendship.

Prrrrrr Prrrrrrrr.
Misster-Kitty is one happy camper.

My Friends Big Fat Gay Wedding

Yesterday was such an incredible day.

Joy and happiness.
Friends and family.
Tears and laughter.
...and an open bar!

Our close friends, Graham and Tony got married on Sunday. I've known Graham for more than 15 years, five of those we were a couple. I've had my fair share of boyfriends over time, completely lost touch (and reality) with many of them, all in fact except for Graham. We remained friend after our break up. It was not always easy but we did it and I think we're both the better for it. And I absolutely love Tony. When they first met it was just after Graham had thankfully gotten himself out of a very dysfunctional relationship (NO! not with me! heh) All of Graham's friends were very happy to meet Tony and all very quickly we all gave our stamp of approval. Didier and I were only too glad to be a part of their special day.

The day started around 3 pm at our place. We offered our place (only 2 short blocks from the location of the wedding) to use our place as their 'base camp' as it were so that would not have to spend any extra time or frustrations in driving to and from, to and from their home to the reception hall. They came over with a few other friends, we were 9 in total. This gave us all a little time to sit around the dining room table, reminisce about this and that, joke around and more importantly keep their minds occupied and their nerves calm before the big event.

We had a little nosh of prosciutto and melon, some shrimp and pistachios (everything is better with pistachios! heh) Oh yea, and couple bottles of champagne... four I think but who's counting. (Everyone had a nice little buzz. Essential I think, don't you?)

The boys then took a run over to the location to check on the DJ, flowers and so on then came back for the final prep. Getting dressed. And if you think it's easy for two men to get dressed for a wedding, think again.

The most amusing I think was when Tony put on Graham's pants by mistake... an extra difference of about 8 inches! VERY AMUSING!. And can you believe neither of em can tie a tie! Fortunately Robbie came to the rescue.

Then up to the roof to take a few pics. A Group shot... handsome do we all look?

(That's me off to the far left with my Leopard print tie - 'natch, and Didier beside me.)

And here's one of the happy couple moments before they plunged into wedded bliss.

Then off to the wedding, the Men in Black arrive.

After a bit of a meet and greet mingling and a few more drinkie-poos, god love em they had an open bar, (nothing like a room full of tipsy gay men I can assure you) the main event was ready to begin.

I've never been one for a stuffy, emotionally retarded, and usually over the top religious weddings. So many trappings in so many hundreds of years of organized religion. Family imposes there own added level of ritual and circumstance, and usually their fair share of issues and drama. I'm glad for both Graham and Tony that this was not the case for them. It was a civil ceremony, with it's fair share of humour (see my Quote of the Week -10- for a small hint at that) which I have to say I enjoyed.They did their own thing, not too much, just the right amount. Instead of vows they offered words of love and devotion, with moments that reflected their already 8 years as a couple. Their ups and downs, their passions, heartbreaks, laughter and tears. there was not a dry eye in the place, even the Notary was crying!

What made this day I think that much more special was the fact that the ceremony and reception were held in the very building where they met. Eight years to the day. On June 24th 1999 they met on the roof top terrace of the Bourbon Complex in the village. And it was there, too, that yesterday they became a married couple. The Complex that contains a couple restaurants, bars and a hotel, also has a reception hall and a chapel (the two of which are connected). It was on my suggestion that they booked this place for their wedding. Aside from the obvious simplicity of having both wedding and reception in the same location, it was after all where they met. It was truly the natural choice for their day and I think it made their special day, that much more special.

The reception was just as much fun. People were hopping from table to table and having a grand time. And the most popular spot was on the private balcony overlooking Ste-Catherine street. What began at 5 pm came to a close around 1:30 am. And even still then the party continued when a smaller group headed to Parking to dance the remainder of the night await. And for those with the stamina to go on, off to the after hours Stereo to bring in the morning. Alas I said my final congrats and adieus at 1:45 as the sand man was calling and my 5:45 am wake up call was not very far away.

- - - - -

To the happy couple I wish nothing but a long life together, filled with Joy, Passion, Laughter and Love.

Quote of the Week (11)

"Through the years, you've always been the strong one. I'm the pretty one."
~ Tony Pavao

- - -

The quote above is from my friend Tony. It was part of his commitment speech to his husband Graham. (This is the first of many posts today concerning my friends Tony and Graham's wedding yesterday a.k.a. "My Friends Big Fat Gay Wedding".)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bonne Fete Ste-Jeanne


Well it's Fete St-Jean... but we are in the gay village, and the queen of all drag queens, Mz Mado Lamotte had a Drag Show last night at the corner of Ste Catherine O. and Amherst to celebrate St Jean, which was too much fun. Nana doing Nanette Workmans "Lady Marmalade" was PRICELESS! Anywhooooo, since the show was so great I decided to wish all a bonne Ste-Jeanne

Take that frenchies!

And now we're off to our friend's wedding details demain.

Friday, June 22, 2007

PET PEEVE - Speech from the throne.

What hell is up with people who talk on the phone when they are otherwise occupied in the Bathroom.

5 words for this:

First of all, who the hell are these people that they think they're so damned important and busy that they have to make those calls while they're taking a shit? It can't wait 5 minutes?

And who the hell are they to think that people want to talk to them while they're pinching one? Or won't mind if they find out?

It's bad enough when people answer the phone when it rings while on the throne... and why there's a phone there in the first place is a mystery to me. I mean they either have one there or carry around a cordless or their cell phone everywhere they go, and in any of those cases who is that important that they need to be able to reached while otherwise 'engaged'?

What's even worse are those that decide to take or make a call when in a public restroom.
1) People already speak loud enough when on their cell phones to begin with. The acoustics in the average public john are a little hollow and 'echo-y' are they not? Yelling into their cell phone just makes the sound worse.
2)Then add in the myriad of musical sounds that are already in play in that room. Remember, it's a PUBLIC washroom, there's likely someone else if not many others there feeding the fish etc.
3) Lets add to this the callers OWN vocal performance as nature takes hold ...

Come on people.
C-O-M-E O-N!

Take 5 minutes, relax the old sphincter and give the cell phone a rest too.The reason I'm even talking about this is because yesterday in the mens room at work, a fellow co-worker, apparently well overworked with not enough hours in the day, had to squeeze in not one but TWO business calls while squeezing something else altogether out his business end (if you know what I mean, and I know that you do). Did you hear me folks... BUSINESS CALLS.

As he was talking he was also grunting... I mean it was MORE than obvious what he was doing by his speech. I was absolutely mortified. I swear I feel like talking to his superior about this, I mean what sort of impression of the company is this guy portraying?!?!

I've realized people were on the phone with me on a couple of occasion in the past and when I find out, I simple say, 'Call me when you're free please. " and hang up. That's sick and it's rude and I'll not be a party to it, thank you very much! And when they call me back, rest assured I ask what room they are in.

Look, I read the book, 'Everybody Poos' . I get it. But really... who thinks that ANYONE wants to share their BM's with them. Is it me? Am I the only one that things this is just a skotch over the line?

The shortest 'long weekend'

Long weekend my ass!

It's a long weekend in Québec this weekend, Sunday is 'Fête National' dontcha know. But since it's on Sunday, Monday is the technical day off.... Monday practically everything is closed... 'practically everying' being the operative words. Where I work, we have clients in every other province... so we gotta be open.

So. I have to work on Monday. No big whoop really as I do get triple-pay, but the thing is... I'm actually working today, Friday, til 7 pm and I have to work at 7 AM on Monday morning. This means my 'long weekend' is EXACTLY 48 hours. Not a moment more, not a moment less.

Add insult to injury, I'm going to a wedding on Sunday that STARTS at 5 pm. FIVE P-M people... on Sunday! I love these guys to death, so I'll be going and staying til its all over... and I'll suffer on Monday morning when I haul ass outta bed at 5:45 am. It's been at least a decade since I went to work hung over, let alone tipsy... it should be interesting...

Let the weekend begin.... in 8 hours.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

C is for Cookie...

...that's good enough for me!

A REAL cookie... not a Margaret Cho cookie!

I'm a total sheep. I'll do any lame 'personality quiz' with a pop culture bent. This one was cute, and as with John (Everything but Poopie) surprisingly accurate! Who are you?

You Are Cookie Monster

Misunderstood as a primal monster, you're a true hedonist with a huge sweet tooth.

You are usually feeling: Hungry. Cookies are preferred, but you'll eat anything if cookies aren't around.

You are famous for: Your slightly crazy eyes and usual way of speaking

How you life your life: In the moment. "Me want COOKIE!"

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


IdFLQ = International des Feux Loto-Quebec.

So tonight was the first night of this year's Fireworks Competition. Not a bad start, but not a WOW start either. There were only a couple 'Ouuuuuh, Ahhhhh" moments. Not an award winner in my eye.

To make matters worse, what we thought was going to be THE PERFECT VIEW of the fireworks has been hindered by a new building. We can see em ok, but it's not the view we had hoped. I predict a summer of a LOT of eggings for a certain Penthouse Condo. *wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more.*

OK... back to the fireworks. They were ok, the music was fun. Lots of swing music. We found ourselves singing to a couple of em. Fun. I took a whirl at taking a few pics. Nothing spectacular... but then my digital camera is basic and not at all whiz-bangy enough to do the fireworks justice. But for better or worse, here's a couple that, well, didn't totally suck.






Here's a pic I did not expect to be so nice... I'll try a couple more of these. I took this a couple minutes before the fireworks began. This is the church (St Pierre l'Apotre - St Peter the Apostle) that faces our condo. It was taken from the roof. I'll tell you this, we didn't see those amazing blues, in fact it was taken at 9:55pm so it was... well, dark. The only light was from the city. Me likey this one.

Guess what I'm doing after work today?

Going to see the dentist!

Leaving work an hour early and heading right to the dental office. And since this is my last visit for the year, *sniff sniff*, I even wore a purdy shirt! heh I'm gonna miss seeing my Dentist, the hawtie that he is! *sigh* And the up side he also lives in the village, so we'll run into him from time to time.

After tonight I will have a gleaming, sparkling, stellar smile. Git yer sunglasses ready kids, cause I'll be all smiles!

Once I'm finished there, *UGH* unfortunatley, I have a Condo Meeting. Our first Annual Assembly. Fun to be sure. (Not!) Fortunately It's in a bar so I'll get me a double anything and settle in with it and a straw. (Remember I'll still be all novicaned up! the straw will ne necessary!)

hmmm I was just thinking... if the Condo meeting was BEFORE the Dentist appointment I wouldn't need any novicane. Oh well, too late the re-arrange the schedule.

But then, the evening improves again... The Fireworks Competition starts tonight and we'll be watching from our roof top deck! YAY! We likey fireworks! --- it's no lie that the location of the condo, in association to the location of the fireworks competion was a factor in our selecting our home --- I'll see if I can take a pic or two... I've never tried to take pics of fireworks before with my digital camera. I'll be using the tripod for sure.

(Milky, you got any recommendations? Shutter rate? Exposure?)


Ok, is it 4 pm yet?!?!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New fan for an 'old' show.

Ok I'm not sure how this went completely under my radar until last night, but holy aching sides Batman! Didier and I watched 'The New Adventures of Old Christine" Goddamn, THAT is a funny show! Why didn't anyone tell me?

Well, why didn't you?

We're not even sure if it was a new episode or not, likely a repeat already at this time of year, but I know after this one chance viewing, I'm a fan and will do all I can to get caught up on the show. LimeWire here I come!

Always liked Julia Louis-Dreyfus. From SNL to Seinfeld (all those great Elaine-isms!), to Watching Ella, with the added benefit that Steve Carell was on W-E as well. A real shame that show didn't make it. But hopefully this one will.

And the real surprise was Wanda Sykes is on the show too! ho-lee crap! Now they is funny!

So if you haven't seen it yet, you gotta!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Quote of the Week (10)

"They need to cancel. Their patient died, or whatever."
~ Delisca Martin

Sometimes, the things I overhear in everyday conversation amuses me to no end, and my co-worker Delisca if a fountain of quotes like the one above. Look for more in the weeks to come. :-)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Who's my Daddy?

Well it's Father's Day, and I just got off the phone from talking to my Dad. Not surprising considering the day. Not that I only called 'cause of the day, I've talked to him 4 times this week.

My Dad's health is in question at the moment. Aside from his diabetes, he's got a bad back, and had 2 heart attacks and a stroke. And now, the Doctors say the 'C word'. They can't say yes, they can't say no. And what's worse it could be days, weeks before we have an answer. It's already been 2 weeks that we are waiting to have a surgeon look at his to CAT scans. And then even after that, no telling how long before they will take a biopsy. And then more waits I am sure, for treatment if necessary.

As helpless as I feel in being so far away from my Dad, and not being able to do anything, I can't imagine what he and my Mother are going through. It's one thing to be told 'You might have Cancer.' It's another thing to have to wait an undefined amount of time to find out yes or no.

Things have not always been great between me and my Dad. For years we really didn't talk much, if at all. Add distance and my being gay and well...

...for all the distance, physical and figurative we've got a pretty good relationship today. My parents both welcomed Didier into their home 2 years ago for Christmas, and that was the happiest Christmas of my life. It's our hope that this year they'll come to our home for the holidays.

So here we wait.

Canadian Healthcare.


In the mean time, here's a pic of me and my Dad, circa 1976. It was taken at Rainbow Valley in Cavendish P.E.I. (Gee, I look thin! heh) Happy times.

Who's my Daddy? He is. And I love him. And I pray with every leopard print covered ounce of my being that he's going to be ok.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Birdless Flowers.

Huh? What?

Seems there's a trend a goin' on. (here and here) But it ain't reached my neck of the woods yet. I may just have to take matters into my own hands. You know what they say... a Bird in the hand, is worth two on the deck... - Bah doom boom!

Until that time comes all I can do is show you what my deck looks like. (Milky, I said DECK!)

The upper deck, from the stairs:

Here's Didier catching some rays and reading a book:

Didier still reading:

I'm ready for my close up:

An arial shot of the lower deck:

The Mint garden (mojito bound):

And last but not least, Cederic the Ceder:

Didier desperately wated a tree, so we got one. Then it only seemed fair that something so desired, so wanted, should get a name... so we called him Cederic. Cute no? (Like you could have done better!)

What to do? What to do?

1- Sleep in. CHECK!

2- Get a little Breakie. CHECK!

3- Go to the Gym. CHECK!

4- Head to the roof and bake. CHECK!

5- Wait til after noon and get a drinkie.

6- go back to 5

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Be honest.

Does this Blog make my ass look big?

Monday, June 11, 2007

No sir, no dancin' today (Saturday actually, but I'm slow to post!)

Ok here's the thing...

I'm a white boy and I can't dance. Even with the gay gene I still can't dance. Actually that's not 100% accurate. I *can* dance, although not too great. I don't* like to* dance is a more accurate statement. That's ok, I get by. I don't enjoy, or for that matter 'get' most dance music anyway. It's either too repetitive, insipid or loud, or all of the above.

The real problem is I've been blessed with next to nothing but boyfriends that like to dance over time. And my partner Didier is no exception. He's a great little dancer too! Why, I can watch him for hours! heh But for him, I'd dance...

On occasion while out in a club, or wedding reception and provide the limbs have been amply plied with copious amounts of liquor, I'm good to go for a song or two, and provided the music is something I'd listen to anyway. Give me your Madonna, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Depeche Mode, les Rita Mitsouko and the like and I'm on the dance floor.

Well, this past weekend me and the man went to a party for our local Barber, Mohawk. Dinner, drinks, entertainment and dancing. So knowing that Didier would be on the floor, and because I wanted to be on the dance floor with him (for a song or two), and knowing full well I need the aid of a drinkie or two I made sure I had a few. Well a few turned into a few more, and no matter what the music, --all apparently great dance music based on the reaction from the crowd on the floor; noise if you asked me.-- did nothing for me, and neither did the Drink... 2 vodka coolers, 4 bottles and 5 pints of beer later and I was no closer to dancing. But remarkably I was not slurring my speech, or the least bit wobbly! (You can take the Boy outta the Maritimes, but you can't take the Maritimes outta the Boy)

So now I wonder... was the music that bad, in my own opinion or has my liver lost it's desire to dance as well?

Like the song says...

"But I don't feel like dancin'
When the old joanna plays
My heart could take a chance
But my two feet can't find a way
You think that I could muster up a little soft, shoe gentle sway
But I don't feel like dancin'
No sir, no dancin' today"


Sorry Didier, I promise I'll dance with ya (a song or two) at Graham and Tony's wedding. Promise! :-)

Quote of the week (9)

~ N@ Lauzon

Friday, June 8, 2007

Suck it up Buttercup!

My Friday has just improved exponentially!

Justice HAS BEEN SERVED ladies and gentlemen! Paris 'boo hoo' Hilton is back in the slammer! Read more here.

I have to say that it actually pleases me to see her so upset, distraught and pitiful. Maybe I'm a small petty person, but I'm soooooooo sick of Celebs getting away with murder, literally! (O.J., Robert Blake and so on) that this, while not an actual murder case, with even just a 40 day sentance in a special needs" section of the jail warms the cockles of my sick little heart.

This one's for Maria...

Yup, it's after 5 pm on Friday, and I'm STILL at work!

And if that does not cheer you and your foot up, I don't know what will!

I'm stuck here til 7 pm. Which is just about the same time I predict that the rain will begin to fall. And seeing as it's 30' C with a humidex of 38'C I'd say it's gonna be a drencher! ... WHY am I so sure... well that's because I'll have to wait 20 minutes for a bus on my way home... UGH!

But all is not bad... N@ amused me via e-mail demain, even if she didn't play my request! I'll forgive her this transgression as she was under duress and being forced to work the afternoon on Crescent St. Poor N@!

I need a drink!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007



Y'all know I like my Dentist, the every adorable, Dr. Marc Raper... But I will be only too happy in two weeks when I go for my last visit!

The needle tonight was NOT a pleasant experience... Apparently when they hit it just right you get this sort of electric shock shooting to the front of your jaw and let me tell you, I'm no wouse, I can take my share of pain, but this was beyond my threshold!

He was extremely apologetic, and mentioned that this happens now and again, but he's never experienced it himself and added that after my reaction tonight that he hopes he never does.

I tried to say "That's ok, I've had it happen twice before. That's why I went thirteen years without going back" But what came out was: "Thassss ok, I'vf haadb itp happfen twishe beforbe. Thasssss why I wennnbt thrshteebn yearsch wiffoutd goinnk backh" To which he responded, "I guess it's safe to assume that the freezing has kicked in rather fast tonight, huh?" (I guess *I* never mentioned that he's also a comedian! *GROAN*)

So, yea, he was right, the Novicane kicked in tout suite, ce soir! And we were off!
... and after only a couple minutes, "Your tongue! I'm guessing your boyfriend is happy eh?" - and there we have it folks... the 'Dentist Quote of the Week'

And within 30 minutes, three old amalgam fillings were removed and three brand spanking new white ones were put in their place.

When all was said and done, he added, "You know there's only two more to work on, and the needles are different for them. You ARE going to come back, right?" What could I say, he was practically begging me... and GAWD! is he cute when he play begs!

So stay tuned. In two weeks the final installment of DentistFest 2007 will draw to a close.

I'm Jonesing for Novicane!

Well it's been almost 2 weeks, so you know I'm due for another trip to the Dentist... or Dr McWOOFY as I now like to call him.

Yesseriebob, I'm headed back to Galerie Dentaire to see Dr Raper.

Watch for another post tonight with my regular "Quote from the Dentist". They never fail to amuse me, and usually arose me! wheeee!

I'm gonna say it...

The BEST bagels in the world are from FAIRMOUNT BAGEL.

There I've said it!

Once every two weeks (on pay day) My boss and I stop off at Fairmount Bagel and pick up a car load of bagels. I'm not joking either, this morning we picked up over 11 dozen bagels! Not just for ourselves of course but for others at the office as well.

I pray for traffic on days like this, just so we can linger a while longer in the car inhaling the smell of all those bagels, still warm and steamy. (If you've never smelled fresh bagels before, you don't know what you're missing.)

And when they are that fresh you just cannot resist eating one, right there on the spot. You don't need butter or schmear (cream cheese). You can eat it like a donut. But donuts ain't got nothing on a fresh, still warm Fairmount Bagel.

Say what you want, every other Bagel on Earth is jealous of a Fairmount Bagel.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Quote of the Week (8)

"If homosexuality is a disease, let's all call in queer to work. 'hello, can't work today. Still Queer.' "
~ Robin Taylor


Sunday, June 3, 2007


my Man,
and Mojitos.

On our roof top terrasse...

Now THAT is a perfect Sunday afternoon!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Sorry Maria...

...but it's Friday and I've got the day off.