Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I'm gonna say it...

The BEST bagels in the world are from FAIRMOUNT BAGEL.

There I've said it!

Once every two weeks (on pay day) My boss and I stop off at Fairmount Bagel and pick up a car load of bagels. I'm not joking either, this morning we picked up over 11 dozen bagels! Not just for ourselves of course but for others at the office as well.

I pray for traffic on days like this, just so we can linger a while longer in the car inhaling the smell of all those bagels, still warm and steamy. (If you've never smelled fresh bagels before, you don't know what you're missing.)

And when they are that fresh you just cannot resist eating one, right there on the spot. You don't need butter or schmear (cream cheese). You can eat it like a donut. But donuts ain't got nothing on a fresh, still warm Fairmount Bagel.

Say what you want, every other Bagel on Earth is jealous of a Fairmount Bagel.

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