Friday, June 22, 2007

PET PEEVE - Speech from the throne.

What hell is up with people who talk on the phone when they are otherwise occupied in the Bathroom.

5 words for this:

First of all, who the hell are these people that they think they're so damned important and busy that they have to make those calls while they're taking a shit? It can't wait 5 minutes?

And who the hell are they to think that people want to talk to them while they're pinching one? Or won't mind if they find out?

It's bad enough when people answer the phone when it rings while on the throne... and why there's a phone there in the first place is a mystery to me. I mean they either have one there or carry around a cordless or their cell phone everywhere they go, and in any of those cases who is that important that they need to be able to reached while otherwise 'engaged'?

What's even worse are those that decide to take or make a call when in a public restroom.
1) People already speak loud enough when on their cell phones to begin with. The acoustics in the average public john are a little hollow and 'echo-y' are they not? Yelling into their cell phone just makes the sound worse.
2)Then add in the myriad of musical sounds that are already in play in that room. Remember, it's a PUBLIC washroom, there's likely someone else if not many others there feeding the fish etc.
3) Lets add to this the callers OWN vocal performance as nature takes hold ...

Come on people.
C-O-M-E O-N!

Take 5 minutes, relax the old sphincter and give the cell phone a rest too.The reason I'm even talking about this is because yesterday in the mens room at work, a fellow co-worker, apparently well overworked with not enough hours in the day, had to squeeze in not one but TWO business calls while squeezing something else altogether out his business end (if you know what I mean, and I know that you do). Did you hear me folks... BUSINESS CALLS.

As he was talking he was also grunting... I mean it was MORE than obvious what he was doing by his speech. I was absolutely mortified. I swear I feel like talking to his superior about this, I mean what sort of impression of the company is this guy portraying?!?!

I've realized people were on the phone with me on a couple of occasion in the past and when I find out, I simple say, 'Call me when you're free please. " and hang up. That's sick and it's rude and I'll not be a party to it, thank you very much! And when they call me back, rest assured I ask what room they are in.

Look, I read the book, 'Everybody Poos' . I get it. But really... who thinks that ANYONE wants to share their BM's with them. Is it me? Am I the only one that things this is just a skotch over the line?


John Mielke Photography said...

How bizarre that you'd blog this on the very same day where I was thinking of this very thing.

This morning in the shower Hinder's LIPS OF AN ANGEL came on the shower radio... and I thought to myself as I was singing/grunting along with the song, "man, the singer sounds like he recorded this while on the toilet."

Then I got to thining of all the people I hear yakin' on their phones when I'm in the men's room.

Yes, it's GROSS. And don't EVER talk to me when you're doing that. You pay a service fee every month in order to have voice mail... here's a GREAT example of when to use it.

I actually heard one of our sales reps take an order while the dolby enhanced 5.1 surround sounds of his friggin' nasty wet shits echoed through the washroom. Are you kidding me?!?!?!? I gag everytime I hear that clients commercials on the air.

You and I must be in the minority though, 'cuz I ALWAYS see telephones installed in washrooms when I stay at hotels. ICK!


Maria said...

What a topic to blog.

I have NEVER done it and I am assuming no one has while talking to me. Thats just damn nasty.

I was planning on having some heavenly hash ice cream for dessert tonight, BUT right about now I think I am gonna pass!

Thanks Guys!

Newsguy Bob said...

Guys, you are SO right.
When I was Assignment Editor at A-Channel, my job depended on answering and making phone calls. I even forwarded the desk phone to my cell phone when I was away from the desk. But I refused to take it to the john with me. That is, as Milky pointed out, what voicemail is for.

I hope Maria had baklava ice cream instead of heavenly hash.

Misster Kitty said...

Well thank god it's just not me.

Milke you make a great point about phones in the bathrooms of hotels. I have nightmares enough just getting into the beds, with their washed 1 - 2 time a year bed spreads. Can you just imagine what you'd pick up using one of those phones in their crappers.

As they say in french...


Nick said...

I talk on the shitter, I mean why not life is short use every minute you can