Monday, June 4, 2007

Quote of the Week (8)

"If homosexuality is a disease, let's all call in queer to work. 'hello, can't work today. Still Queer.' "
~ Robin Taylor



Maria said...

Wonder if that could work for straight people too!

Why should "happy" people have all the luck?

I wanted to try Choco'lat (sp?)on Monkland on the weekend but didn't get around to it - did you by any chance? I kept hearing it advertised on The Mix.

Misster Kitty said...

Well, I don't see why you couldn't call in 'queer'... but you'd actually have to have done something to warrent it... otherwisethe Gay Mafia will getcha!

What's the Chocolat thang?
I don't recall any ads on the radio, but then I tend to tune em out.... :-) Odd that I'd tune out Chocolate tho... what with me being a chocoholic... but then again Monkland is really outta the way for me... Maybe when the Fritter invites me over for wine I'll check it out... (heh)

As for Chocolate shops... we are addicted to Suite 88 on St-Denis (just below Duluth, on the east side of the street) It's A-MAZ-ING! They have luscious home-made ice cream and gelato and for the winter KICK-ASS hot chocolate too! We're particularily fond of the Cherries in eau de vie, the Shooters, and the bars of Dark Chocolate with Ginger, Earl Grey or Fleur de Sel. Oh god... and their green tea bars too!

Shite.... now I'm craving Chocolate! THANKS MARIA!

Maria said...

Gee Sorry I didn't think I would get a complete low-down of all the places in Montreal serving EVERYTHING CHOCOLATE!! LOL

After your explanation though I am definately goint to check out Choco'lat tonight. Now I have a craving - sheeesh you would think I was prego!

Will fill you in on their desserts so that when you make it to my part of town you and the Man can check it out!!!!!!!!

Misster Kitty said...

I'm looking forward to the report!

Maria said...

So, you haven't posted anything since Monday ... what gives? or doesn't give for that matter?

I can't speak for anyone else in blogland but I need something - anything? Comprende?