Friday, March 30, 2007

Freakin' Sweet!

Oh yea! I slept in...

...til oh, almost 7:25 am!!!

It seems the construction going on behind our new condo is in over-drive now and, bless them, they DO wait 'til almost 7 am in the morning to start. Once 7 am HAS hit though, look out.

This morning it seems that a back loader was perpetually going in reverse for about 20 mins, 'cause all I could hear was that frickin' *BEEP BEEP BEEP* they make...


Oh well... I had a leisurely morning so far.

Had breakie with me man and then sent his ass packing to work by 8:10. And since then, my ass has been fining it's 'ahhh, just right' spot on the sofa. Got another cuppa-joe and now it's time for my all day Family Guy-fest.


Thursday, March 29, 2007


My Weekend starts.....


I have 3.5 days vacation I have to take before the end of April so I'm taking one tomorrow, 1.5 next week and the last on the 20th. Ya gotta love a long weekend! And ya REALLY gotta love 3 in one month! Kick-ass!

Tomorrow is ALL about me!

All about me sleeping in...
All about me in my housecoat and fuzzy (leopard naturally) slippers. ..
All about me and a big honkin' cup of coffee...
All about me and a bowl of sugar bomb-type cereal...
All about a good poo... (sorry, but I've learned it's important in your blog to mention the word 'Poo' at least once a week. I'm still not sure WHY exactly, but hey 'when in Rome'...)
All about a nice long casual stroll down Ste-Catherine Street...
All about buying something for me... I thinks I'll check out some DVDs...
All about doing nothing of particular importance...

I can already feel the beard growing and it feels good!


To quote Bonnie McFarlane (a GREAT if not unappreciated Canadian comedian) :

"There are a lot of smells on the subway... 'stinking rich' is not one of them!"

... so there I was this morning on the Metro on my daily schlep to work, quietly minding my own business, reading my '24 heures' and listening to the Scissor Sisters, 'Kiss you off" , when we pulled into Sherbrooke station and this fur-coat wearin', Tammy Faye Baker make-up smearin'; 2 inch finger nail wearin' 'lady' walks on... The doors shut, and JUST as the cars are pulling out of the station it starts hitting everyone in the car...

The STENCH of god knows what cheap-ass ,1/2 price, knock-off perfume she was wearing started ATTACKING us all...

I swear you could see it reaching others in the car. You could tell by the instantly stunned look they got as one nostril would flair, and their eyes began to water. Before we reached Mont-Royal ( the next station) people were noticeable coughing.

At Rosemont, (3 stops after she boarded) I changed cars. I couldn't handle it!


So here are my problems:

1) Betch was wearing fur. - and it was not faux.
2) What the hell is Betch wearing fur for in this weather?! Sure it's not quite summer yet, but Mary! winter is O-VER!
3) What the hell is Betch wearing fur, doing in the Metro?!?! (in my estimation if you can afford such a luxury item, you should have the equally obnoxiously over priced car to go with it)
4) What the HELL was that perfume?


I can only imagine that after years of dowsing herself in that stink, -that could, if given a couple minutes, knock a buzzard off a shit wagon- has left hard-of-smelling. 'Cause you wouldn't WANT to smell like that on purpose... Would you?

And who are this person's friends and family, that they never once told her that she F**KING REEKS ?!?!?!

Here's a simple rule, if you can smell the perfume or cologne you are wearing 5 mins after you put it on... you've got on TOO MUCH! I seem to remember this even being covered on at least one episode of Oprah... where you spritz a bit into the air and walk through it. and that's it! A bottle of perfume should last more than a day!


... and how was your morning commute?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Nikki and Paolo.

...we hardly knew ye.

Then again, we might still get to know you.... seeing as LOST is well know for back tracking (Season 2 was just 1 with a parallel story line)

Personally I found that while the episode was entertaining we got, as usual.. NO WHERE! well almost nowhere. We did get the momentary flashback of Paolo in Pearl when he accidentally spied on Ben and Juliet. But then that was no real surprise was it?

I'd like an episode with a jaw dropping leap forward in the plot. I know that it ain't gonna happen, but hell, considering that the ADQ here in la Belle Province just obtained official party status, they are also now the official opposition AND the PQ came in 3rd place, well then I think ANYTHING is possible!


... fingers crossed.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

And then there were ten.

Ten couples on DANCING WITH THE STARTS that is.

Billy Ray made it through the first cut.. WTF?

And Barbie, oops I mean Shandie, is still there too? WTF?

Instead, they voted off Paulina and Alec?!?!?! WTF?

I'm starting to remember why I stopped watching 'reality TV' (Survivor used to be my FAV show) It just seems the wrong people get voted off so much of the time. SURE the dead wood will eventually will get cut, but I guess I just much prefer to see the quality stay behind. THAT to me makes for much better viewing.

One small glimmer of light though, my Joey remains for another week, and so you can be sure I'll be watching again next week.

As for Paulina ... '...who's gonna drive you home tonight?'

Sunday, March 25, 2007


HOLY CRAP! Sweet Mother Mary of god!

... if you want to drool over a screen fully of scantily leather clad muscle rippling men, all sweaty and thrusting their weapons (OK I REALLY mean their literal weapons, although in my dreams tonight it might just be the other weapon)

...where was I?

oh yea... HOLY CRAP hot men! 300 of em!

Now I don't usually go for films with a heavy violence themes but when I found out this was at the IMAX... and with 2 foot wide man nipples on the screen and 15 foot high leather clad nether regions and lots of said sweaty muscles... I realized I could manage. ;-)

It won't win any oscars but it SHOULD for Costume... what little there was, was indeed impressive! Smnall but impressive...and you know what they say about things that come in small packages... Well the mind just reels.

OK well Time to go take a cold shower...

Misster Kitty Likey!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

LOST! is all LOCKED up!

Could somebody please thin that herd a little?


For the past few weeks I am finding myself yelling at my TV begging someone to off the Bitch! (and I much prefer to save my yelling voice for idiots on the bus and metro that piss me off)

...and by 'Bitch' I mean John Locke. I think he's become a liability for the rest. At the very least, I'm very tired of the character. In actual fact, he's always been my least favourite. While I LOVE to hate Ben, I want him to stay. Locke on the other hand needs to go. Seems he's completely set on cocking it up for everyone (and not the good kind either!)

Could someone finally grow a set and off him?

...for me!

Monday, March 19, 2007

I want to roll a fatone...

I'm not sure what is more troubling...

1) I WATCHED 'Dancing with the Stars'. (with me man).

2) I watched the ENTIRE 2 hours! (with me man).


3) I have a thing for Joey Fatone. (so does me man).

Doesn't really matter, cause as long as he's on the show I'm gonna watch! (with me man). Stereotypes be damned!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Gym Bunny Cometh...

...or more precisely, 'Goeth'.

Aside from my report yesterday about going to the Salon National de l'Habitation, we also went to check out the local gyms in our new neighbourhood. (We just moved into our new condo back on Dec 15th 2006. Yea! that was planned well!) We moved into the Village; which makes the selection of our gym very important! (I'd go into the more minute details but, section 12, sub-section 15, paragraph F of the 'Gay Mans Manual' prohibits such dissemination of information to non-members... you understand..)

So, yea, we narrowed down the choice to: Energie-Cardio or Nautilus. And trust me that's a Night and Day set of options. $40.00 a month for 4 times as much available and up to date equipment, classes in the evenings and a spacious loft-like space, or $30.00 a month for a low ceiling, cramped workout space, with old equipment and a smell not unlike a poorly run pet store...

Needless to say, we finally decided to go with Nautilus, which, regardless of the pluses, has a bitter sweet feeling for me: I'm not what you'd call 'buff' and well those 'professional' real gym bunnies are more like gym gestapo! Casting their disapproving glances and comments a mile a minute... And trust me, there ain't much out there more scathing that a bitter 'mo with gym 'tude. On the other hand, it IS on my path from metro to home so I'm more likely to actually go, as there's no excuse not to seeing as I will have to walk past it every day. and as it also turns out we have a few friends there, so that will make it a bit more social and a little less like real exercise...

So we'll see... hopefully I'll come out the other end, thinner, and healthier.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

These steps were MADE for walkin'

OK, so here's the thing; me and the Mr. went to the Salon National de l'Habitation* at Place Bonaventure today. And while I enjoy this type of outing with my man, I have 2 issues:

1) There will be other people there,
2) the vast drooling majority of them are mouth-breathers.

It's not that I don't like people, hey I'm people too!. It's just I hate the stupid, ignorant ones.

On no less than 3 separate occasions today at the Salon, small groups of the shallow end of the gene pool decided to congregate on either the top or bottom few steps of major traffic sets of stairs. WTF PEOPLE? Get a clue and get out of the way!

It's one of my biggest pet peeves. People that stand on stairs, or at the top (or bottom) destination of an escalator? How is it that these people have absolutelty no considderation or an ounce of spatial awareness to realize there are people trying to actually walk up or down the stairs or disembark from the escalator immediatly behind them?

Over the years, my patience for these 'targets' as I now like to call them, has dropped to fleeting moments of acceptance. Typically now I simply barge through. God help them if they make a comment; that really tips my scales.

When I enter and exit elevators, esalators, buses and buildings, I am well aware there are people in front of, beside and or behind me. I wait for the people already ON said Metro, bus or elevator to exit before attempting to board, and I expect that they will do then same as I exit.

I guess I am a minority.

I accept that.
I also accept that I'm going to be the one to have to stampede my ass through them.

On my daily commute to work I take two Metro lines and a bus, and then the same thing going home. And on any given day I find that I must at lease once barrel through a group of the 'targets' And at least once a week I find my self verbally accosting these low-lifes.

What gives?

Is it me?
AM I the only one?

Misster Kitty is NOT a Happy Camper.
Move people! Stairs are made for walking up or down on. NOT socializing, standing or resting! When you get the the end of the escalator, keep on movin! When you want to get on a bus or Metro car, WAIT for those that are exiting to, oh I don't know... exit!
It's not rocket science. Hell it's not even rocket candies... it's common sense!

Don't even get me started about Sidewalks, or grocery stores and miscreant grocery cart 'drivers'

Pass me the Tylenol.

* For those outside of Montréal, the Salon is basically a home building - reno type expo.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Don't hate me but...

Jumpity, jumpity!
Kick, STEP, kick!
Jumpity, jumpity!
Kick, step, twirl!

It's calling for 25-30 cms of snow in the next 24 hours! ...and that means I don't have to do JACK tomorrow! Ahhhh.

And as much as I'm more than ready for Winter to end, I'm just a Sno-ho. I just luvs the stuff. I can't explain it.

I don't ski.
I don't skate.
I don't boogie-board, cross-country, snow-shoe, ice fish, build snow-men or snow forts.
I Just love SNOW!

I love the crispness.

I love the lack of colour.
I love the way a tree looks; all stark and nekid.
I love the smell (YES the smell of fresh snow falling).
The simplicity of everything coated in a frosty fluffy layer of the silver-blue-white stuff.
The way a clear night after a fresh coating of snow just seems a little more magical and emits 'that glow'.

So, I'm sorry if it pisses you off, but I is happy!

I gots me Baily's and me Frosted Lucky Charms ready for a White St-Paddy's.

It's gonna be magically delicious!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

What the Hell?!?!

Ok so I should probably explain...

Why I'm here?

I already have a website. Actually my partner Didier and I have a website; but that's about US and well, quite frankly this is all about ME... well ok, more precisely it's all about the old lady in my head. I like to call her Kitty. Imagine 'Sophia' from the 'Golden Girls' throw in a little 'Karen Walker' from 'Will & Grace' and 'Estelle Costanza' from 'Seinfeld'...and you've got Kitty. She's old, senile, drunk and loud. She's quite often internally commenting on people she sees on the Metro, Bus, walking down the street, things on TV, and so on.

So I thought this would be a good outlet for her... and even possibly a little entertaining for y'all.

OK, no really, Why am I here?

No seriously, what I'm saying above is the truth. That, and I've spent the last few days reading other peoples blogs; Nat Lauzon , her Mother Ma Horton and a few others... I had never really given much time to Blogs before, but then after reading theirs I was inspired, and thought, "Hell, I could do this. It could be fun." Leave my mark, er, um, Kitty's mark on the web.

Look, all you REALLY have to understand is that I/we LIVE for Leopard print. I cant explain it, but it's REAL and it's DEEP. I can spot an item in Leopard print at 50 paces, be it coat, a scarf, a piece of furniture, a candle holder or a pencil. Not only does this mother have Gay-dar. (All us fags come equipped) but I also have Leopard-dar , otherwise known as Leo-dar. If you can grasp that Leopard print is more a lifestyle, a way of life, then the rest will fall into place...

That's all I'm gonna say for now because, well, quite frankly; it's late, I'm tired, I don't even know if this will post right, and well.... that danish I had today has finally decided to kick in!