Wednesday, May 30, 2007

YO HO HO! A Pirate's Life (Part Three!)

Last night Didier, myself and two friends (Graham and Tony) went to the Theatre formally known as Paramount (sorry... I just cannot get used to 'Cinéma Banque Scotia Montréal'). They have $4.95 cheapie Tuesdays. And We are ALL IN for saving money at the movies! They also have a deal where you can get your admission and a medium soft drink and medium popcorn for $9.95. That's a D-E-A-L!!! Need I remind you that normal admission is $10.00 to $12.00 We got in AND got munchies for LESS than regular admission... I swear I felt like I won the lotto!

Anywho... We went to see "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" It was good. I can't say it was great. It was good. As with so many trilogies, I ultimately end up preferring the 2nd instalment the best. As was the case a couple weeks back with 'Shrek' (the Third), so too 'The Pirates of the Caribbean' seems to have peaked at #2.

The movie was worth the price of admission (grin) and then some. The special effects were everything you would expect. Perfect and damn amazing. The plot... well it's not like we go to these types of movies for some riveting plot line... but you do expect at least a valiant attempt. What we got in "At World's End" was practically 3 movies in one. They could have easily cut this into two if not three movies without losing anything. And it was certainly LONG enough to split up; at 2 hours and 56 minutes! The storyline changes way to much and they made it far to complicated, there was no need. On top of that you felt yourself trying to understand a lot of too subtly placed explanations or just come up with them for yourself. There seemed a responsibility on the viewer to know too much.

I enjoyed Depp in this, I enjoy him in practically everything he does, mind you he was not the real focus of the episode.

Keith Richards was on screen about 5 minutes total, which was enough. I just don't see what all the hub-bub was about him in the movie. It's almost 3 hours long and he's there for 5 minutes... If you went out to the concession stand or bathroom you could have completely missed him.

As for Orlando Bloom, again I'm not entirely sure what all the fuss is about. Didier, Graham and Tony were all gushy about him after the movie on the way home. OK, he is cute. But personally, there's nothing nipple-crotchy-rubby-fun about him in my eyes. Sure I understand why my 13 year old niece has posters of him all over her room. He's got 'TeenBeat' appeal for sure. I'd rather have something off the cover of Colt Magazine. (double grin)

- - - - - - - - - -

If you're into this type of flick I say DO try and catch it in the theatre... they are always better on the big screen. Otherwise it'll be a great rental and besides you get all the extras! (like 3 hours wasn't enough! heh)

I will say this... DO sit through to the end of the credits there's another 1.5 mins of footage... where they MORE than leave it open for at least one more movie... Special thanks to Lisa, Cat and the Sherriff for mentioning this on the radio on Tuesday morning. Seeing as you've already sat through the epic length of the movie, what's another 5 minutes of credits... :)

For Summer-Flickocity, I'll give it 7 Misster-Kitty hairballs outta 10. heh

- - - - - - - - -

One last comment, this one not related to the Pirates at all, other than it was a Trailer before...

Can someone explain just HOW and WHY the 'Transformers' was made into a movie? I can honestly say I'd not see this even if the Theatre paid me.

Ugh... there's a lot of dreck coming out in the coming months...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

PET PEEVE - Rhinotillexomaniacs

People that pick their nose in public.

The scientific term is: Rhinotillexomania (rhino=nose, tillexis=habit of picking at something, mania=obsession with something)

My term for them: Nasal Spelunkers

- - - - - - - - -

Honestly I don't know WHY this bothers me so much, but it really really does. The sight of someone picking their nose in public just churns my stomach. Good Lord... do they not know we can see them? I mean it's not like they're just going in for a second and exiting. It's like those that feel the need to dig in are not content unless they give a good minute or so to their excavation. It's like a compulsion. There are even some that seem to go out of their way to ensure you DO see them! What's with that? Who are these people? And just WHY do they feel the need to share this with the rest of the population?

On my morning commute today I saw 4 people diggin' for gold. Two on the metro, one in the line for the #100 bus and then another still while on the bus.

What's even MORE disturbing to me than the mere fact they ARE diggin' deep is that these people NEVER have Kleenex! EVER! I've seen people roll it in the fingers, flick it to the floor, wipe it on walls, seats, the doors of a Metro, wipe it on their own clothes and on occasion (just like Tina Morris in Mr Phillips Grade 3 class) eat it! *retch*

Look, I'm not saying I've never picked my nose, I'm just saying I have the common decency and social awareness to do it in the privacy of a bathroom, door closed and with tissue. The way God intended!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Weekend in Review... Booze and BBQs and Birthday Suits, OH MY!

These long weekends can sure take a toll on ya!

Friday was all about the Dentist, the sexy hawt Dentist... Remember him? Dr Raper? Well seems more and more people are going to see him, based on my rave reviews. HA! What I didn't mention last Friday was that after my complaint of the freezing from 2 visits ago lasting for 6 hours, he used something else on me, and that was soooo much better. Local freezing the the individual tooth, or teeth I should say. It was so much more comfortable and the best thing was I was able to eat lunch right after. And more importantly I could drink, lets say 'water' out of a glass without any dribbles and spills.

The rest of Friday was spent in a combination of a little house work (CinderFella CinderFella, All I hear is CinderFella) and then sunbathing on the roof with a drinkie-poo or two! :-)

Friday evening we went to Mohawk for haircuts. It's a mens only Barbershop... catering to gay men... A fun place to be sure. I've even been know to spend time there when I'm not even getting a hair cut. I'm telling ya, all you Hets could learn a thing or two from us fabulous 'Mos. We can turn the most mundane tiresome and otherwise avoidable activities and necessities into things you WANT to do! Dentists, Haircuts. Heck even my Dr is a super nice guy! ( we always take time to catch up with each others lives outside of my medical life... . He's got the cutest boyfriend - a real latin lover he. WOOF! And he has the sweetest English Sheepdog too. AND he's with Doctors without Borders. And goes over to Africa yearly for 4-6 weeks and works exclusively with Aids clinic, especially those catering to infants and children. I've got nothing but respect for this man)

After the haircuts we went for a few drinks at a local watering hole called 'Stud' and you know... you can't spell 'stud' without 'std' HA! I just made that up! It's funny, cause it's true... (on sooooo many levels!)

After a few drinks with some friends we decided rather spontaneously to go up to a (gay) mens only camp ground. So we all ran back to our homes at 9:50 pm with a 10:10 pm deadline to be ready. We were at the camp ground by 11:30 pm and had a fun night, chatting drinking... Me and the Man have a neighbour (Paddy) that has a permanent camp site up there that is more plush than some peoples homes... It can sleep 6 easily, has two colour TVs (cable no less), sound system, DVD player, Microwave, Toaster Oven, Wireless internet, two decks - one screened-in (with a beer fridge) and another al fresco. It's really not camping at all! and THAT is it's complete and utter charm! He's retired actually and spends weeks at a time up there in the summer, hence the comfort level.

We crashed about 3 am and were awaken at 5:30 am by what seemed like 100's of THE loudest birds. It was bright out and them birds were frickin loud! I am sure I said more than once... "Would somebody PLEASE turn off the birds!" We managed to get a couple more hours sleep... in 20-30 min spurts... again birds!. BIRDS BIRDS BIRDS!

We got up around 9ish, got a shower and then some much needed Joe and met up with Paddy, hopped in his Caddie and went to Finnigan's Flea Market in Hudson... cause that's what us fags do in the country... quaint flea markets! Heh! We all picked up a couple things... and some incredible baked goods. Me and Didier each bought each other Teddy Bears (Ma don't hate us) made of re-cycled fur coats. I'm generally very staunchly against fur products... but these are all old fur coats that are just sitting in storage. She does not buy any of her fur in stores... only from estate sales and the like. Personally I think it's a good and creative use of what is there. She makes patchwork throws and small trinkets as well as cat toys with the littlest bits... I'll take some pics and put them up. We named them Maurice Chevalibear and Leolo. I also got a little brass candlestick with a Teddy Bear motif and Didier got a Winnie-the-Poo stained glass candle holder. ...and if you hadn't guessed already... we like teddy bears. :-)

When we returned to the camp ground we went up to the Nudist Area and took a bit sun. None of us got 'burned bits', but my shoulders were RED yesterday! Oucha-ma-goucha! After the birthday suit parade, we went back and did some gardening on Paddy's camp site. WITH CLOTHES ON! The Mosquitoes were out in numbers... in the tree covered camping area... While I'll risk a sun burn, I'm not getting mosquito bites, 'au sud' if you catch my drift. It's one thing to have to apply some aloe there a couple times a day, it's an entirely different situation with mosquito bites, under a couple layers of clothing no less. ITCH-CITY! You'd either end up scratching the boys excessively giving the appearance of something else altogether OR end up going insane by showing showing some propriety and not scratching the itch...

After that we just mellowed out on the screened-in porch, then headed back to the big city.

We got back around 7pm and had a BBQ on our rooftop. Here's a handy tip... don't send tipsy and somewhat stoned friends to pick up food for a BBQ... for 4 people they got a couple pounds of ground beef, a package of chicken breasts, and 12 hot dogs. PLUS a 40 of vodka and 2 bottles of wine. Ok I'm not really complaining but we could have fed 15 people with all the food.

Sunday was markedly different, due mostly in part to the Weather. Sat was gorgeous and sunny ans warm. Sunday was a mis-nomer.. no sun at all. and cool with lots of rain. So what do you do when it's raining on a Sunday and you've got a 36 inch HD plasma screen TV and 5.1 surround theatre system...

... have a movie festival!

We rented 'Pan's Labirynth' and 'Open Season'. I'm glad we watched 'Pan's Labirynth' first. Cause we sure as hell needed the fluff of 'Open Season' to bring up our mood. While P.L. was a very good movie, and I can see why it was nominated for so many Oscars this past season, it's was decidedly more violent that I was prepared for. I knew the basic story, but wasn't ready at all for all the gunshots to the head, not to mention hammering and knife scene. HO-LY! That said I did like it... 'Open Season' was typical Animated fair.... We rounded out the day with 'Ever After' I like me some Drew Barrymore romantic comedy type stuff. ('50 First Dates' is my particular fav) Didier had never scene it, and as the story line takes place in France he enjoyed pointing this castle and that château... was fun.

...after that, we hit the sack and were soon in happy slumberland....


- - - - - - - - -

And it's only 4 days to my next weekend... I'm off Friday, again! ... and there's a Beer Festival with my name all over it!

Quote of the Week (7) and a little bit more...

"When I die, it's going to read, 'Game Show Fixture Passes Away'. Nothing about the theater, or Tony Awards, or Emmys. But it doesn't bother me"
~ Charles Nelson Reilly

(When asked years ago what his Obit. would say...)

Saddly he passed away last Friday (May 25th) of complications from pneumonia.

- - - - - - - - - -

For the record...*

He is survived by his partner Patrick Hughes.

Was Gene Rayburn's understudy in "Bye-Bye Birdie" on Broadway, where they met.

Appearing in his one man show at the Irish Repertory Theater in New York. (November 2001).

Earned a Tony nomination as Best Featured Actor in a Musical for his role opposite Carol Channing in the original "Hello, Dolly!" in 1964.

Won Broadway's 1962 Tony Award as Best Supporting or Featured Actor (Musical) for portraying Bud Frump in "How To Succeed In Business without Really Trying". Was also nominated in the same category in 1964 for "Hello, Dolly!". Also earned a 1997 Tony nomination as Best Director (Play) for working with longtime pal Julie Harris in the revival of "The Gin Game". Reilly previously directed Harris in her Tony-winning role as Emily Dickinson in The Belle of Amherst (1976) (TV).

Reilly was a long-time teacher of acting at HB Studio, the acting studio created by Herbert Berghof and his wife Uta Hagen.

He was born in The Bronx, New York (Jan 13 1931), but was raised in New Haven, Connecticut.
At age 13, he was in the audience during the Ringling Bros. Circus tent fire in Hartford, Connecticut on July 6, 1944, which claimed the lives of 168 people. The mother of his neighbor friend had taken the two boys to the show and the three managed to escape physically unharmed. Charles was saved by an older sister also in attendance, who lowered him from the side of the bleachers because the bottleneck below made it practically impossible to get out any other way.

- - - - - - - - - -

Just wanted to add that I was indeed a fan, from Hollywood Squares and Match Game, to Spongebob Squarepants. and yea... even all that acting stuff too. He was a master of heavy, laden double entendres. He was a real Fasionista... all ya gotta do is look at any appearance on Match Game or H. Squares to know that. .. The man could wear the sh*t out of a neckerchief!

I'll miss him.

* info from IMDB

Friday, May 25, 2007

Dr Raper, here I come...

It's Friday, the weather is spectacular, I'm off from work today. That can only mean one thing...

Another Dentist Appointment!

Can't say that I mind tho... Me, hunky Dr Raper and Novicane. My nipples are already hard! heh

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Well it's about time!


They get some backbone on that damn island. Finally they truly fight back. Finally the are taking care of business.

Didier was upset that I was so happy that they killed so many of the Others tonight. I guess I just put myself in the place of the Survivors. You can only take so much crap before you go on the Offensive. Good on em I say. This show tends to bring out my baser instincts some times.

My only regrets are that Charlie is gone and that Ben is still alive... although that elbow to the face from Rousseau was well worth the delay we NOW have ...

In case you're not up to date... the remaining 3 seasons of Lost will only be 16 episodes per season and the next season will only begin in January 2008!

So now we have 8 months to figure out what those Flash-Forwards are with Jack and Kate... Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I demand a re-count! (and then there was one...)

Well poo!


OK, YES I'm happy for Apolo and Julianne...

...they were amazing!

...But what about my Joey...

He should have won!!!

You know who is blame for this, don't you. AMERICA!

Well, I hope you're happy America....

...consider yourself Bitch-slapped...

So Ma... looks like we're even... we BOTH LOST! you knew it had to happen, right? Re-match next year maybe? ;-)

Dancing with the Commercials... (and then there were two...)

Ok I mentioned yesterday that tonight's 2 hour Season Finale would be 'FILLERific'... what I failed to realize was that it'd be FULL OF COMMERCIALS!

We've seen the parade of losers... TWICE now, in walk ons and dance. We saw clip after clip after clip. We've even seen a review of the first THREE seasons...

At least somewhere in all that we got to see the top three dance one last time...

And, saddly... we've seen Laila be eliminated.

You sweatin' yet Ma?

Quote of the Week (6)

"You can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think"
~ Dorothy Parker
(When asked to use he word 'horticulture' in a sentence.)

...God, I love me some Dorothy Parker!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Go Joey, Go!

Ok...Dancing with the Stars seemed a bit of a disappointment tonight... no? A little anti-climactic. The calibre of dance just did not seem to up there...

Laila was just OK in my books, nd she's normally amazing... and Apolo didn't really captivate me at all, and he's generally the spit-fire. As for my Joey, I liked the Cha-cha but have to agree with the judges, there was a little too much 'free style' and not enough 'cha'...

Speaking of the Free Style performances... I have to say that only Joey's was at all entertaining to me. I've never been a fan of hip-hop dancing , break-dancing and the like. That both Laila's and Apolo's routines were chock-full of that sort of dancing left me a little disappointed for the evening overall... And while I thought it was the dance of the night, even Joey's was a but too "n'Syncy' for me...

You know... I think I'm gonna blame my disillusionment tonight on a possible mild case of sun stroke! (I was out in the sun all afternoon... doing what I do best... drinking Margaritas and Sangria...) Maybe the dances were all kick-ass... Whose can say.

Tomorrow is the 2 Hour Season Finale... Not sure about that either. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Dancing with the Stars... but there will only be 3 dances, and I think the judges favourite... so that makes 4 dances.... and then what? that's like maybe 30 - 40 mins... It's gonna be FILLERific 2 hours to be sure.

Not sure what I'm gonna do on Monday nights starting next week, since DWtS will be over... I Know Tuesdays will be spent at the Cinéma Banque Scotia Montréal (the Theatre formerly known as "Paramount") watching movies... they have started $4.95 cheapie-Tuesdays... and I'm all about CHEAP Movie Tickets!

Well I'll enjoy tonight regardless... I am sure. I am just a bit bummed that my Monday and Tuesday nights will all be without the Fatone... hey ho. :-(

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Opening Day at La Ronde... *Now Feces-Free!*

Aside from NOT finding N@ today (the only big down point in the day)... today was a fricking whooping riot!

Me and the Man got Season passes... We did so last year and had a blast! (once you hit your 3rd visit you are SAVING money!... We went 5 times last year!) Last year we only got there for the first time in JULY! and that was due completely because of shit weather. It rained EVERY FREAKING weekend in May and June here. THIS year we were blessed with GORGEOUS weather on opening day. We decided that this was an omen and HAD to go.

Now I would have thought opening day would have been disastrous! Long line ups to pay on the outside, and even longer line ups to wait for the rides on the inside... but woo-hoo we were wrongola on that one! We arrived at noon and practically walked in... no line up at the cash... We stayed for 6 and a half hours and had a great time!

...not compared to last year, when we got there for the first time on the first Sat. in July... We waited in line ups to get in (30 mins) When we finally got in we were lulled into a very deep sense of denial. We went straight to the Goliath. It was the first year with the new ride and we only waited 10 mins! What the hell?! We decided to go again right away! we waited only 15 mins! OH MY GOD! we were BLESSED! We were the chosen!, we were never going to have to wait again! and then we went in line a third time. Yup. we pushed it! We pissed off the fates... We wiated an hour and then The ride was closed. We decided that this was not too bad... cause we HAD rode the Goliath twice in under 30 mins so we thought it was a fluke and got a bite to eat and then we went to the Vampire. We waited an hour in the Vampire line only to have it shut down. I went to the rest room only to have to hop-scotch over urine and feces on the floor to get to the urinal. NICE! Then we waited 45 mins for the Boomarang only to have it shut down. What a joke! We went to the Monster waited an hour, rode it once and left in frustration. I sent an email of complaint to the park and received no reply. I then sent 5 subsequent emails on a weekly basis with no reply. Customer servie is one thing they DO NOT have at the Park.

Well my expectations were, as you can imagine, freakin LOW this year...

As I said, we practically waltzed in on arrival. We took a liitle walk around (I was searching for N@ and the MIX crew but couldn't find her) Then we started the day in earnest. We rode the Maelstrom, and then the Twister. And then the Goliath, and then the Monster. All went without a hitch. The lines were short ... well except for the Monster the wait there was about 50 mins but they only had track #2 open... S'ok we accept these small set backs.

We then need a bite to eat. Poutine and a couple of Cheval Blanc for me and Wings and a Sangria for my Man. The two beaver tails. This is where the only un-raveling of the day took place. While I can accept that it was opening day, and some inconveniences are well to be expected. But I'm sorry. Basic training of your staff should not be occurring when the public is there? It took them over 10 minutes, almost 15! to make 2 Killaloe Beaver tails (the most basic of them all! Sugar, Cinnamon and Lemon) Sure there would be some confusion... some delay but training the staff how to make the food items themselves?!?!?! Nope. Sorry. Me no happy. Yes the staff was friendly, yes they were polite, but is it asking too much to ask that they actually be able to provide the fast food they are there to schlep... FAST. No slooooooooooow. F-A-S-T!

Ok what ever. We were having a great day... we WOULD continue....

We went over to the Vampire (after the Goliath, my favourite!) Ok now the fates are starting to play... The wait there was about 75 mins!!! But in line we saw a friend... Pablo. He was with someone else and they were too nice... they would not come ahead and join us. Not like countless other Avril Lavigne wanna-bee's who cut in line next to anything that looked like them... We waited after he and his friend finished the ride, only to discover it was Pablo's first time at La Ronde.. Oh what joy! A Virgin!

Both Pablo and his friend had never rode the Goliath and so off we went... This was a sight NOT to be missed. Both Didier and I have rode the Goliath a good 10+ times... we know what it's like and love it. We relish the ride. For someone that has not been on it before, the first drop is a thing of sheer panic and adrenaline and deep guttural screaming. While it's on an 80 or so degree angle, the placement of the seats makes it appear that as you descend you are going straight down... plummeting... towards certain death! and THAT is why I love it! For Pablo (and his first experience on roller coasters) I'm afraid this one was just a little too much. Seems most of the ride was with eyes closed.

When we finished the ride and went to the souvenir booth where you can see high speed snap
shots form the bottom of the first drop, there you could see Didier and myself, with arms raised above our heads, screaming with the goofiest grins... and next to us, Pablo and his friend. Both white knuckle gripping the handles. Pablo even has his eyes shut.... Now that's a ride! The Goliath with eyes closed! (I'm gonna try it next time!)

I have to say that was a FAB-U-LOUS day at La Ronde.


One observation... WHY is there so much White Trash at Amusement Parks?! Freaky looking people. Skankily dressed pre (and ) Pubescent girls. Boys with three facial hairs, dressed like rap singers. Middle Aged men and women all with bellies overlapping their belts. ... and countless smiles missing teeth.... If I didn't know any better we spent the day in Hochelega-Maisonneuve...


N@ Where was ya?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Mighty Wind...

"Let he who is without fart, cast the first stone."


So while watching Dancing with the Stars tonight with Didier, and enjoying some PFK (or KFC, or greasy fried chicken, call it what you will it was damned good!) suddenly our fire alarm (with our security system) went off, scaring the be-jezuz out of both of us...

We turned off the alarm, and looked around. Checked all the rooms, checked the main stair-well, the back balcony, you name it. We could find no reason for the fire detector to have tripped. Then the alarm company called. They asked the general questions, were we ok? was there a fire? and so on... They tried to reason why the alarm tripped, and none could be found.

And then an accusatory finger come unto me from Didier... he said, "your fart must have set off the alarm"

Somewhat reluctantly I had to acquiesce.

Not 5 mins before the alarm went off I was in the hallway near the detector and dropped a couple dusters. And seeing as there was no other activity near the detector, we had not cooked anything this evening, we do not smoke... there just was no other plausible cause...

I'm half embarrassed, and half proud! I mean on the one hand, how cool is that?! My farts were powerful enough to trip a fire detector. On the other, gross!
You be the judge... just don't piss me off cause I'll fart in your general direction.
...sometimes you just gotta share... :)

And then there were Three...

First of all.... You may or may not have heard me tonight, but when my Joey and Kym were announced as the first couple moving on to next week, I was shrieking like a school girl! So loud in fact that I was scolded by Didier!


Ok on to tonight's elimination ... well, I have to say I'm relieved and not surprised by the final results. Last night was Ian's best night since the Season Premiere it's true, but compared to the remaining three, it was not meant to be. He was neither a show stopper, nor was he as consistent as Joey, Laila or Apolo.

And so now we have it... the final three, and a final week of competition. I can tell you, my nipples are already erect! Oh yea It's gonna be TITillation!

Ma, chances are looking good one of us will soon be drifting along with a coffee buzz... Then again old man Murphy might just go and tinkle in our (coffee) pot... and it will be Apolo that wins... (fingers crossed as I say that, so as not to tempt the fates! heh!)


See ya at the Peach Pit Steve.

Monday, May 14, 2007


What a night!

Eight dances, six perfect scores.

I have to say I was equally impressed with everyone.

Apolo's Cha-Cha was dirty. Me Rikey.

Ian's Elvis inspired was impressive, very impressive!

Laila's dances were great. Both of em!

And Joey. MY Joey was kick-frickin-ass! And his Jive was freaking incredible!


Now, here's the thing... the terrible thing.. it's up to America again... and well, I've got nary a ounce of faith in America.

It could easily be ANYONE'S game here. Personally I'd like to see it come down to Joey and Laila... They're my to favourite couples... Apolo is a close second after them...

I've placed all my votes, so now it's just a matter of holing on til tomorrow night. Dear god... This is gonna kill me!

WHY do I care so much? Why? Sure it's entertaining, sure Joey is hot and I fantasize about him and Maksim dancing... ok dancing nude. Sorry I just can't help myself. The show is fluff, but it's Summer (well almost Summer) and tis the time for fluff. (Now if Joey only needed a fluffer! heh!)

Ok kiddies... Do me proud and vote for Joey. Please! (I'll pay you!)

Quote of the Week (5)

"The road to hell is paved with WalMart fashions."
~ Karen Delaney St-Croix Popeil Walker Finster Walker

(and after viewing one too many families out at the Atwater Market yesterday, I whole-heartedly agree!)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hip man, hip.

Misster Kitty is doing a happy dance, ladies and gentlemen. A hip, happy dance.

Some days, it just doesn't take much. Today all it took was a quick trip to HMV to pick up a special order.

I've been trying to track down a copy of 'Mecca for Moderns' by Manhattan Transfer for around 5 years... I had it on Cassette years ago, but that technology left my home years ago and so I've been Mecca-for-Modernsless. Until today.

I've got history in Cafes. I've worked in some and managed some as well. And it's music I used to listen to alot. And I missed it. Everytime I was in an HMV, MusicWorld or Archambeault I'd look for it, but no one ever seemed to carry it. Well the other week while looking yet again I asked why this one title never seemed to be on the shelves... and it seems it was discontinued. Well, that explains it. They asked if I'd like to order a copy, an import version. Usually when I hear the word 'import' what I really here is, EXPENSIVE, but I didn't care. I wanted it.

...and now, today... I've got it, and I've listened to it, and I'm gonna listen to it again and again.

What is it about this CD that I love? I think it's the harmony of 4 voices. 2 women, 2 men. In a similar way that I love the Mamas and the Papas (I knew Papa Denny, but that's a story for another time) There's just something magical about a 4 part harmony and I never get tired of it. And well, there's something 'hipster-dufus' about the Transfer... likey. Me likey long time!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Open your mouth and say sppplplplblthplplffff

So I had another Dentist Appointment tonight. What I thought was just going to be the polishing and fluoride treatment was also a freezing (well sort of) and replacing 2 old fillings from the 70's and a new one due to a small cavity.

Well, while working on the first of the replacement fillings we all soon realized I didn't receive quite enough anaesthetic! Yah! not pretty. I swear, this is just not my day! hehe so one more needle later and we were back in business.

He does good work, and the new fillings are white and blend into the teeth, not like those old amalgam crapolas I had.

I must admit that as uncomfortable as it was, I'm already to go back on the 25th! lol Cause as I've mentioned before, Dr Raper is Dr. Hottie McHott! And when said Hottie says things like "You have the most powerful tongue I've ever seen.", and "You have a very inquisitive tongue." you know you I want to keep on going back! ;-)

Meanwhile it's been 3 hours and I'm still completely frozen!... fun.... and I'm hungry damn it! I had to watch LOST! without any din-dins. Boo Hiss!

And what up? Lost is getting more interesting. Love the mass of back story on the island and Ben. I So knew he was not born there! And as much as it's nice for me to fantasize that Locke is gone, we know that just ain't true. And why the HELL didn't somebody ask Jack why it's up to HIM what happens on the beach. I guess there's a bit on non-conformist / anarchist in me... Those in authority positions, either given or taken piss me off!

MORE interesting though, is the announcement yesterday that Lost will end in 2010. with the final 3 years only having 16 episodes each. Not sure how I feel about that yet...

OK time for me to finally go get a drink of water. MAN! that fluoride treatment made me wanna puke!


OK I know my blog looks weird...

I'll have it corrected as soon as I can... problems with my webhost.

WHOA! Nelly.

Almost forgot to mention this last night because I was so offended that Joey was in the bottom two...

Gotta tell ya... I was a little disappointed with Nelly Futado. Don't get me wrong, I like her. love her music. She's got style, she's got flair...

...but did she have to sing like the Nanny?

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

And then there were four...

JE-SUS H. CHRIST! The was a real ball buster!

Later 'gator!

And while I'm so frickin' over-joyed that Billy Ray has biten the dust...

...can I just say...


Joey and Kym in the bottom two?!?!?!?

Oh. Misster Kitty is sooooooooooooo Pisssssssssssssed!

America, you are SO still on my radar.

Do NOT provoke me!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Dear America...

Don't make me come down there and bitch slap y'all.

DON'T vote for Billy Ray. To quote myself from prior posts... 'He sucks!'

If you will recall, at the beginning of tonight's show, Joey talked about the difference between Confident and Cocky... well for those of you still confused... Joey, Laila and Apolo are Confident, Billy Ray is Cocky, and Ian, well... he's just Ian.

Anywho... I swear I'll do it... I'll come down there and bitch slap each and every last one of you.

Weekend in Review... the Ottawa Edition

Well it's Monday and so that means, I should be bitching and complaining, moaning and kvetching...
...and lord knows I gots stuff to bitch and complain, moan and kvetch about... but (sorry Ma) I refuse to be that person today... (just wait 'til tomorrow! lol)


Was in Ottawa for the weekend. Catching up with friends I hooked back up with on Crackbook. (some I hadn't seen in 2 years, other 10-12 years!!!) We caught a friends Vernisage. We also went to look at the tulips, but there were not many tulips to be seen. Given what the weather was like in April, it's impressive that people were still not skating on the canal! We DID see a few tulips here and there and when we visited friends: Jason and Kevin, I took a shot of the tulips in their front yard. Hardly a glamour shot, but I promised myself that I'd take pictures of tulips, and I hate to go back on my word...

We also did a little shopping... 'cause I'm a shop-o-holic. It's pure un-adulterated therapy for me... not so much for my ManDidier alas, who opted to not step inside most of the shops I went in... you know all the essentials... a paper and card shop where we rely on their same sex wedding cards... (you'd think that in Montréal, with one of the largest Gay communities in North America that there's be at least a handful of tasteful cards available for same sex weddings... but NO! we have to schlep up to one of the most conservative cities in the Dominion, to obtain a nice card.) And since close friends are tying the knot this June I took the opportunity to pick up a card... at $7.95 - PLUS TAX- they'd better stick in it for the long haul, cause if they divorce in anything under 10 years, I'm demanding my money back! HEH!

I also hit at lest 4 kitchenwares shops... HEY! we were in the Byward Market area, AND I'm Gay! where'd you expect I would be? In the Sports stores? lol Picked up more cookie cutters... a cute '3 bears' set and a 5 pack of snow-flakes... 'cause I love Snow and Winter (when it's TECHNICALLY winter... not 1/2 way into spring) and my Mother is an absolute NUT for snowflake motifs and so I'm smelling a gift for Mom... not the cutters (are you mad?!) I'll bake something and send 'em to her. ...and considering the last remaining Christmas Shop closed in Ottawa, the snow flakes were a small mercy! (I'm still in shock that there are no Christmas stores left there, considering at one point there were THREE! A sad day for me indeed! The only thing that makes me happier than a kitchenwares stores or a Leather shop is a Christmas store. I Can't get enough of em. )

Then we hit a shop called 'Made in France' which was nice. Full of nothing but a lot of lavender, herbs de provence and some pricey chocolate. Yea, ok there was more than that, and I did manage to find a few things that I just had to have... like say the lime flavoured salt. Laugh at me now, but my slush margaritas are gonna kick mucho ass over sexy Javier's from that little grass hut on the beach in Cancun! Got some other misc. cooking ingredients and some candies for Didier, who is himself an import from France... so I thought that was a nice touch... n'est pas?

It was fun catching up with friends, old and new alike... although it seems (not to me, but whatcha gonna do) that with the expanse of friends, and my being an Anglo and my Man being a Franco that there are just some divides that ...well, just are. But then again I'm not sure... Is it language, or history?

You know what it's like, when your with a group of friends from your partners side, even if you're all speaking the same language, you sorta blend into the background.. you're not in the 'know', you don't always have a clear picture of the back story or the personal history to keep up with everything that's being said. Toss in a second language and you've got fun!

I admit that I don't speak a lot of French, I understand it rather well, but when it comes to trying to take part in a group conversation with 8 other native speakers, you tend to just sit and listen... smile and nod... Your internal translation mechanism overloads and by the time you're able to interject with your own views or comments (without looking like you just came out of your first French 101 class, and totally mangle their language) the conversation is already two topics away.

I guess I need to bone up on my French.

And I guess I also don't pay enough attention to my Man about this... I think I am, but I guess I'm not... Trying to keep in conversations with 3 other couples all around a long rectangular table and ensuring that your 'Other' is in on it all too is no small feat. You're trying to catch up with 4 old friends, (some of which don't really know each other that well) and also trying to learn more about two of their more recent (at least 'new to you') Significant Others, and well I guess you let your own S.O. slide in the process... and well that sucks.

It sucks a lot, when you realize what you thought was a wonderful night out with friends and good food and conversation, was not such a great time for your Other. I guess, over the years (in this relationship, and others) I've just resigned myself to the fact that when I'm the 'Other' that I'm just gonna have a less than mind blowing time, (with rare occasion). But over time, as you yourself become more comfortable with 'his friends', as you develop your own history with them, know more about them and so on, that you'll participate more, feel more comfortable and include yourself in the conversation. I have to better accept that this is not everyone's perception though. To me, it's not something I dwell on and even consider a negative, it just is... As a matter of fact I'm already stoked that a good friend Didier's; Philipe is coming to visit this summer and stay with us, for a week or so. While there is still a bit of a language divide, I really really like Philipe- I like all of my Didier's friends, but there's just something about Philipe that I love. I'd like to think that we have similar personalities (although that's likely just the perception of myself)... We laugh at the same things, (whether funny or not, at anyone and everyone's expense, including our own), we tend to both roll our eyes at the same things... and that to me speaks VOLUMES! We both have no problem with spending a nice summers day casually passing it by on a patio sipping a nice cool drink or 2... or 3 ;-) And I get little bits n' peices of Didier's past that otherwise might remain hidden, which is ALWAYS FUN! I - can't - wait! :-)

Time is the cure, I think. Or should I say... 'Le temps est le traitement.' (My apologies to the French!)


Back to Ottawa... the food was good at least! ;-)

We hit the Red Lobster on Friday night. After being bombarded in recent months with ads on the idiot box got the R.L., it was with a high level of gratification that we hankered on down to a seafood feast. And for the first time EVER... and I cannot stress this point enough... for E-V-E-R, not only did I not finish my meal (got a doggie-bag) but that Didier DID finish his plate! (and that just NEVER EVER happens! heh!) It was damn good, or I should say, as good as two maritimers would ever expect in a fast-foodish restaurant 1000+ miles inland. :-) - I'm from the East Coast - Halifax, and he's from Nantes... near the Atlantic Coast of France. We both know what good seafood is, and don't mind telling you when it isn't! ;-)

On Saturday morning we went to 'Speed-o-matic' in Vanier, and it was anything but. On the considerably lower end of your 'diner' type establishments... I'm glad I took some imodium with me (just in case)

Sat night, where the aforementioned 8 couples met, we dined at a local spot called OZ KAFE. It's owned and operated by a friend of one of my friends. Not only was it a great meal, the service great, but they place was hip enough to pull off having a live DJ and the art on the wall was for once something I not only liked, but that I could afford and WOULD have bought if it were not for the fact that the piece I liked the most was already sold.
So here's a plug for...

361 Elgin Street(next to Lieutenant's Pump and PanchoVilla)

bon appetit!

And then on sun we had brunch at another friends house. It was very casual, and anything that starts with mimosas can't be bad, am I right? ;-) Lots o' croissants and cheese, baguette and cheese and assorted meats and chesses. And I couldn't be happier with all that cheese. Sadly the same could not be said for my Man who's not a cheese aficionado ... Odd dont'cha think, seeing that he's from France n' all . And then for dessert... chocolate croissants . How good is that?!?!?


It was a short and fast weekend. But fun. I'd give it 7 leopard spots out of 10! ;-)

Hope y'all had a good weekend.

Quote of the Week (4)

~ Pinky

Friday, May 4, 2007

I'm outta here...

Well, I'm off to Ottawa for the weekend...

..visiting friends, looking at tulips, soaking up the culture (heh)... So I'll be postless for the weekend...

Blog ya later...

Just gotta say...

I was at The Mix this morning, picking up my winnings... woo hoo!

...met N@. She's one helluva nice broad! ;-) heh ... a total sweetie and a half! (and oh my god, right wee!) Ma, You did good!

Ok, later gators...

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Don't hate me...


1) I'm not working tomorrow.

2) I will be stopping by mailto:N@ office demain to pick up the $100.00 gift certificate that I won today.

3) I'm going shopping tomorrow with the aformetnioned Certificate.


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

And then there were five...

I swear I could just be sick!

America. Yeah I'm talking to you. YOU SUCK!

Look. Every SANE person that is watching the show, and even Billy Ray himself knew it was time that HE was voted off. Hell, he did all he could to get eliminated, his scores spoke VOLUMES. You could even see the disappointment in his face when John and Edyta's names were called instead of his! But alas, it is true America, I forget just how truly STUPID you are. You wouldn't know a good preformance it it bit you on your super-sized ass! Well I'm sorry, but a couple of shuffles of your lead feet, and 3 pelvic thrusts does not a dance make.

There is no reason why Billy Ray should still be on the show! NONE! Oh wait, I'm sorry... there IS one reason.... because you, America, SUCK. You SUCK big time! You suck worse than Basic Instinct II.


John, Edyta. I just want you to both know that I voted for you. I didn't think it was your time.


You know... at this point, and God help us, but I wouldn't be surprised if Billy Ray makes it through again next week. I shudder at the very thought. But then as Dr Phil says... 'Past behavior is a good indicator of future behavior' and one thing we know for sure is that you America, do NOT learn from History or your mistakes.