Tuesday, May 29, 2007

PET PEEVE - Rhinotillexomaniacs

People that pick their nose in public.

The scientific term is: Rhinotillexomania (rhino=nose, tillexis=habit of picking at something, mania=obsession with something)

My term for them: Nasal Spelunkers

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Honestly I don't know WHY this bothers me so much, but it really really does. The sight of someone picking their nose in public just churns my stomach. Good Lord... do they not know we can see them? I mean it's not like they're just going in for a second and exiting. It's like those that feel the need to dig in are not content unless they give a good minute or so to their excavation. It's like a compulsion. There are even some that seem to go out of their way to ensure you DO see them! What's with that? Who are these people? And just WHY do they feel the need to share this with the rest of the population?

On my morning commute today I saw 4 people diggin' for gold. Two on the metro, one in the line for the #100 bus and then another still while on the bus.

What's even MORE disturbing to me than the mere fact they ARE diggin' deep is that these people NEVER have Kleenex! EVER! I've seen people roll it in the fingers, flick it to the floor, wipe it on walls, seats, the doors of a Metro, wipe it on their own clothes and on occasion (just like Tina Morris in Mr Phillips Grade 3 class) eat it! *retch*

Look, I'm not saying I've never picked my nose, I'm just saying I have the common decency and social awareness to do it in the privacy of a bathroom, door closed and with tissue. The way God intended!


Maria said...

OMG that post brought back some elementary school memories! There was a kid in Grade 2 named Scott (Scott the Shnot) to the rest of the class and I am sure you can figure out why!! He used to stick his under his desk (yes some sick boys looked) - and with that I don't know who was nastier the nose picker or the ones looking at what he had PICKED!!

I am happy to say that I don't do public transit anymore just because of the nose pickers and the nasty people who don't like to shower and they manage to hold the bar which is conveniently situated right over your head and their sweaty, hairy armpit in YOUR face!! If that was not reason enough to save my pennies and buy a car I don't know what is!!

Misster Kitty said...

HA! Yea, we all had that special someone in class...

Bad BO is something else all together, and I'm sure once the summer heat really kicks in I'll be sufficiently grossed out enough to comment further... :-)

Ma Horton said...

You forgot to mention booger eating as a pastime .

Misster Kitty said...

Oh I didn't forget em... they're in the post.

...but I'd LIKE to forget them. I'd LIKE to not see them.