Saturday, May 19, 2007

Opening Day at La Ronde... *Now Feces-Free!*

Aside from NOT finding N@ today (the only big down point in the day)... today was a fricking whooping riot!

Me and the Man got Season passes... We did so last year and had a blast! (once you hit your 3rd visit you are SAVING money!... We went 5 times last year!) Last year we only got there for the first time in JULY! and that was due completely because of shit weather. It rained EVERY FREAKING weekend in May and June here. THIS year we were blessed with GORGEOUS weather on opening day. We decided that this was an omen and HAD to go.

Now I would have thought opening day would have been disastrous! Long line ups to pay on the outside, and even longer line ups to wait for the rides on the inside... but woo-hoo we were wrongola on that one! We arrived at noon and practically walked in... no line up at the cash... We stayed for 6 and a half hours and had a great time!

...not compared to last year, when we got there for the first time on the first Sat. in July... We waited in line ups to get in (30 mins) When we finally got in we were lulled into a very deep sense of denial. We went straight to the Goliath. It was the first year with the new ride and we only waited 10 mins! What the hell?! We decided to go again right away! we waited only 15 mins! OH MY GOD! we were BLESSED! We were the chosen!, we were never going to have to wait again! and then we went in line a third time. Yup. we pushed it! We pissed off the fates... We wiated an hour and then The ride was closed. We decided that this was not too bad... cause we HAD rode the Goliath twice in under 30 mins so we thought it was a fluke and got a bite to eat and then we went to the Vampire. We waited an hour in the Vampire line only to have it shut down. I went to the rest room only to have to hop-scotch over urine and feces on the floor to get to the urinal. NICE! Then we waited 45 mins for the Boomarang only to have it shut down. What a joke! We went to the Monster waited an hour, rode it once and left in frustration. I sent an email of complaint to the park and received no reply. I then sent 5 subsequent emails on a weekly basis with no reply. Customer servie is one thing they DO NOT have at the Park.

Well my expectations were, as you can imagine, freakin LOW this year...

As I said, we practically waltzed in on arrival. We took a liitle walk around (I was searching for N@ and the MIX crew but couldn't find her) Then we started the day in earnest. We rode the Maelstrom, and then the Twister. And then the Goliath, and then the Monster. All went without a hitch. The lines were short ... well except for the Monster the wait there was about 50 mins but they only had track #2 open... S'ok we accept these small set backs.

We then need a bite to eat. Poutine and a couple of Cheval Blanc for me and Wings and a Sangria for my Man. The two beaver tails. This is where the only un-raveling of the day took place. While I can accept that it was opening day, and some inconveniences are well to be expected. But I'm sorry. Basic training of your staff should not be occurring when the public is there? It took them over 10 minutes, almost 15! to make 2 Killaloe Beaver tails (the most basic of them all! Sugar, Cinnamon and Lemon) Sure there would be some confusion... some delay but training the staff how to make the food items themselves?!?!?! Nope. Sorry. Me no happy. Yes the staff was friendly, yes they were polite, but is it asking too much to ask that they actually be able to provide the fast food they are there to schlep... FAST. No slooooooooooow. F-A-S-T!

Ok what ever. We were having a great day... we WOULD continue....

We went over to the Vampire (after the Goliath, my favourite!) Ok now the fates are starting to play... The wait there was about 75 mins!!! But in line we saw a friend... Pablo. He was with someone else and they were too nice... they would not come ahead and join us. Not like countless other Avril Lavigne wanna-bee's who cut in line next to anything that looked like them... We waited after he and his friend finished the ride, only to discover it was Pablo's first time at La Ronde.. Oh what joy! A Virgin!

Both Pablo and his friend had never rode the Goliath and so off we went... This was a sight NOT to be missed. Both Didier and I have rode the Goliath a good 10+ times... we know what it's like and love it. We relish the ride. For someone that has not been on it before, the first drop is a thing of sheer panic and adrenaline and deep guttural screaming. While it's on an 80 or so degree angle, the placement of the seats makes it appear that as you descend you are going straight down... plummeting... towards certain death! and THAT is why I love it! For Pablo (and his first experience on roller coasters) I'm afraid this one was just a little too much. Seems most of the ride was with eyes closed.

When we finished the ride and went to the souvenir booth where you can see high speed snap
shots form the bottom of the first drop, there you could see Didier and myself, with arms raised above our heads, screaming with the goofiest grins... and next to us, Pablo and his friend. Both white knuckle gripping the handles. Pablo even has his eyes shut.... Now that's a ride! The Goliath with eyes closed! (I'm gonna try it next time!)

I have to say that was a FAB-U-LOUS day at La Ronde.


One observation... WHY is there so much White Trash at Amusement Parks?! Freaky looking people. Skankily dressed pre (and ) Pubescent girls. Boys with three facial hairs, dressed like rap singers. Middle Aged men and women all with bellies overlapping their belts. ... and countless smiles missing teeth.... If I didn't know any better we spent the day in Hochelega-Maisonneuve...


N@ Where was ya?


N@ Lauzon said...

Hi poo!! It was Cat Spencer on site - not me.
Oh fart, sorry to disappoint! But glad you had good times!!!

Misster Kitty said...

Well I never saw Cat nither. Never found a MIX 96 booth or tent or nuthin! Tres sad.

ZoeyBella said...

I've been to LaRonde ONCE in my entire life. Can you believe it? All those years spent living in Montreal and only one "ride-til-ya-puke-til-it-hurts" outing.

But I have been to the casino :) Not that it has ANYTHING to do with LaRonde.

And you want White Trash at a park? Head down to the Jersey Shore, north of where I grew up. Nothing like White Trash...AND a beach ;)

Misster Kitty said...

OH YEA! White Trash and the sea side! That's always 'a day at the beach'... NOT!!