Monday, May 7, 2007

Dear America...

Don't make me come down there and bitch slap y'all.

DON'T vote for Billy Ray. To quote myself from prior posts... 'He sucks!'

If you will recall, at the beginning of tonight's show, Joey talked about the difference between Confident and Cocky... well for those of you still confused... Joey, Laila and Apolo are Confident, Billy Ray is Cocky, and Ian, well... he's just Ian.

Anywho... I swear I'll do it... I'll come down there and bitch slap each and every last one of you.


John said...

I haven't watched a single episode of Dancing with the Stars, but I must ask you... all dancing skills and personality aside... don't you think Billy Ray is even the slightest bit hot? I shamefully must admit I do.

Ma Horton said...

If you bitch slap ..what do I do ? Nut crush ?

John said...

Don't mess with Ma! ; )

Misster Kitty said...

Billy Ray, hot? Oh my... how do I answer that.... Um... EWWIE EWWIE EWWIE! (I guess that answers your question... heh) I just don't see what seemingly a lot of others see. (But I think a glaucoma test is in order for someone, and it ain't me...) And they sure as hell aren't watching the dancing! I mean it IS a dancing competition right? Ok I admit I lust for Joey Fatone, but if his dancing sucked ass as much as good ol' Billy Ray, I'd not be voting for him that's for sure!

Trust me Johnny boy... if you saw Billy Ray "dance" you'd be changing your tune, tout suite!

Also, you do realize that your Membership card could be revoked for making such a statement... I won't turn you in on this one, because you've admitted to not watching D.W.T.S. and so have not seen enough of ol' Billy Ray recently to see the error of your ways... but let this be a warning... ;-)

Ma, feel free to give 'em the old 'sleeping bag'

I must admit it tickles me deep down in me nethers that we're joining forces against the real Axis of Evil (a.k.a. the Uuuuuuuuu-nited States of Ah-merrrrh-ee-cah)

I'll be stopping by Notre Dame on the way home to light a candle for the Elimination Show tonight.

Ma Horton said...

Billy got the boot ..nananananananananana.