Monday, May 14, 2007


What a night!

Eight dances, six perfect scores.

I have to say I was equally impressed with everyone.

Apolo's Cha-Cha was dirty. Me Rikey.

Ian's Elvis inspired was impressive, very impressive!

Laila's dances were great. Both of em!

And Joey. MY Joey was kick-frickin-ass! And his Jive was freaking incredible!


Now, here's the thing... the terrible thing.. it's up to America again... and well, I've got nary a ounce of faith in America.

It could easily be ANYONE'S game here. Personally I'd like to see it come down to Joey and Laila... They're my to favourite couples... Apolo is a close second after them...

I've placed all my votes, so now it's just a matter of holing on til tomorrow night. Dear god... This is gonna kill me!

WHY do I care so much? Why? Sure it's entertaining, sure Joey is hot and I fantasize about him and Maksim dancing... ok dancing nude. Sorry I just can't help myself. The show is fluff, but it's Summer (well almost Summer) and tis the time for fluff. (Now if Joey only needed a fluffer! heh!)

Ok kiddies... Do me proud and vote for Joey. Please! (I'll pay you!)

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