Monday, April 30, 2007

I HEART Joey Fatone

That is all.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Never feed squirrels by yourself!

Tell me THAT doesn't catch your attention...

OK so here's the back story...
A few weeks ago back Me and the Man went for a nice leisurely walk up to Parc Lafontaine and back. We noticed a few squirrels, and so I commented at the time, 'Next time we come up here we should bring some peanuts to feed them.' to which my Man said, 'Sure. Sounds good.'

Last weekend we bought a Kilo bag of Peanuts in the Shell. (No salt, as we don't want to give them high BP) In preperation

Cut to 3:30 pm this afternoon...
The rain stopped and it seemed like it might stay away for awhile so we decided to go for a walk. I grabbed a small paper bag and filled it with about 1/4 of the BIG BAG o' PEANUTS. We walked up to the parc and took a small stroll around the pond. (Well more like an oversized Zen garden that's none to Zen... there's next to no water, it's all round little rocks.)

We saw a couple of squirrels in the distance, but none close enough and those that were close were soon frightened away by either marauding toddlers or un-leashed dogs.

Finally after a full loop of the rock pond we climbed the hill and saw a squirrel not too far up a tree. So I threw a goober at the ground in front of the tree he was in, and he soon scampered down, grabbed the peanut in his mouth and scurried back up the tree. We saw another and tossed him a nut as well, and then I said, 'Ok we've done all we need to do for now, lets sit down.'

We brushed the few remaining drops of water off a bench and within 1 minute over came the original squirrel... then the other and then another. Then this cute little blonde number scampered on over.

Very cute! (I've been here almost 16 years and never saw a blonde squirrel before! Eventually we saw 3, but I digress...)

Soon we were feeding them hand over fist... and still they came. More and more until it was impossible to feed them all by hand... We had to start tossing little handfuls about to thin them out a bit. And they were still coming. From the front... from left and right... from behind... everywhere.

It was impossible to see them coming all at once and when I looked to my left, one climbed up my right leg onto my lap. and it scared the shit outta me! LOL He scampered off and I made sure, Mr. Impatient Fluffy Tail got the next peanut, less he aim for MY peanuts next!

More and more they came...

Small Squirrel bitch fights started to erupt. Little furry Whitneys and Bobbies... scratching and screeching at each other for a peanut like it was the last line of cocaine after a weekend in Vegas... We were now their pushers, and we had a very impatient lot of Peanut Junkies... looking very intently on us for their next hit... They were all looking strung out, and I swear I saw one scratching under a small squirrel-sized wig croaking out about how '... the children are our future...'

And then it happened....

...I reached in the bag and there were only 5 peanuts left...

Slowly I turned to my Man, while at the same time brushing two squirrels off my shins.. and I said in a calm low voice. 'Get up. We need to get up and start to walk away. We are almost out of p-e-a-n-u-t-s.' (spelling the word, lest they understand what I was saying and attack)

We started to stand, but it was too late. They knew. Of course they knew. They'd seen our type before... they knew it wouldn't last. And even in their knowing, with the smell of peanut breath heady in the air, they started encroaching on us. More and more. Closer and closer.

We started to walk away, but had to keep turning in swift spins to ensure they would not jump us from behind. And then, I swear I heard a bugle blow and they started all to run after us.

We headed further up the hill and passed a family of three on a nearby bench. This seemed to be a fateful move as the squirrels seemed to be distracted by family and stopped in front of them looking for something, anything... peanuts maybe... or blood?


We were able to escape this time. And in our post adrenaline rush I said, 'That was fun, we should do it again' He said 'Sure!' We knew we were both hooked on this as much as the army of Fluffy Tailed demons...

And so we'll be back again, and this time we'll be wearing chainmail and I'll take some video for y'all to see. And if we don't make it out alive... well then, let this be the prelude to the "Blair Witch III Squirrels seek Blood"

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cirque du SoGay

Oh yea...


As if there wasn't enough going on, on stage last night during the show, with incredible acts and eye candy of the acrobatic sort, the audience was chock-full of lotsa good looking 'all male couples' (if you know what I mean, and I know that you do!)

The damned intermission was JUST as entertaining as the show. I think I might actually have a mild case of whiplash from looking around so much at all the sights in the crowd!

I want to run away and join the Circus...

All I can say (to quote Peter Boyle from 'Everybody Loves Raymond') is HOLY CRAP!

Last night was my first Cirque experience, but it wont be my last. And I can't help feeling I've severely cheated myself by never having gone to see them before!

The Stage was simple and yet the back stage continually evolved. The music was a fantastical amalgamation of Middle Eastern, Asian, Indian, Greek, and every other culture... non-descript and yet very hypnotic.

The performers: Acrobats, High Wire, Jugglers, Clowns, Magicians, Contortionists... they were all there, doing what the Cirque does best. Taking the 'same old hum drum' circus activities, throwing them upside down and impressing the socks off the audience.

The Contortionists...were weird-amazing-freaky-creepy-fantastic! There were three women... well one was naught but a little girl or so it seemed. She could not have weighed more than 60 lbs! She was W-E-E! Anywho, they were incredible! They did things and got into positions that would make a sex partner obsolete! Some poses a thing of beauty illiciting applause and others, including this one movement where one of them lay down, kept their head and shoulders on the stage and then with the rest of her body... walked around herself! (I know that sounds impossible but that's what she did.) and... she did it twice. And THAT got a lot of gasps and applause and a few 'ewws' I think I said 'holy shit'... out loud!

They were one of the highlights for sure. Also impressive was the uni-cycle couple. He on the cycle and she jumping on and off him. He picking her up as he circled the stage and in their finale he picking her up as he cycled and then lifting her above him and then spinning her round his neck and shoulders (a la Dancing with the stars... well the GOOD stars!) and around and around and around and around again! FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!

There were also three high wire walkers. No net. They did the typical manoeuvres. But then in the Cirques fashion they took it up a notch. While one of them stood out on the middle of the wire and balanced with his pole, another came up from behind and jumped over him in a somersault!!! Granted the first attempt did not work and he caught himself before falling to the floor below... Did I mention... NO NETS! They then did it again and were flawless! FREAKING AMAZING! And that was only the 1/2way mark of their performance! It was incredible and I don't mind saying I was watching in full white-knuckle mode! (Like I said... NO NETS!)

The second half of the show was just as incredible. A different feel to the music. Kinda jazzy-bluesy, with a New Orleans slant. Zydaco and all that. Death was in a fully sequinned white lounge singers outfit, with lost of dancing skeletons and a small flock of Vegas -styled Skeletal show girls.

By far though, the most amazing and crowd pleasing act of not only the second half, but the whole night, at least in my and my man's estimation was the hawt, hunky rubber legging pair on the Death Wheel. They were TIGHTLY clothed in a sorta rubberized devil outfits that just made 'em look more bad-ass... and sexy! And they were aside from being the evening's highlight eye-candy (on stage any way) also incredible good at what they did. Skipping rope on the outside of the wheels, jumping and seeming to hang in the air for an un-natural amount of time. Holding on by one arm and the spun around the outside. the end, I like, I am sure, every biological child in the audience wanted to run away and join the Cirque... of course the kids, young and nimble enough themselves likely wanted to preform on stage, whereas I'd be happy enough to just be say , oh, I don't know... the troupe's Masseur! ;-)


It's a great show and it's in town til the end of June. If you get a chance go see it! Otherwise check out their website. they could be coming to a town near you...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Circus is in Town!

Actually to be more precise... the CIRQUE is in town.

For my Birthday in March, my main man got me tickets to see the latest show from CIRQUE DU SOLEIL. I'm so excited I could burst! I've been in Montréal almost 16 years and I've never seen them before.

I cannot frickin' wait!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

And then there were six...

Well I have to say It's sad to see her go... but then it really was only a matter of time.

...I am glad that John and Edyta are still in for another week.

WHY is Billy Ray still on the show? As my man said, as soon as they announced Heather as the one voted off; "Why do they vote to keep that Bastard{Billy Ray}?" ...and you thought I didn't mince words! ;)

It's clear that the Top of the Pack is Joey and Kym, Apolo and Julianne, and Laila and Maksim will be the last to go, and it's really all theirs to lose. It seems that While Ian is still giving it his all, it's not enough for the judges.

John, bless him will soon be gone... Lets PLEASE PRAY TOGETHER that it's Billy Ray beofre that moment.

People ... listen to me.

Billy Ray must go.

...please... for me...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Misster Kitty is NOT HAPPY!

I only saw the first 20 mins of Dancing With the Stars tonight. We got called into an emergency Condo Association meeting.

Oh yea, I said it... FUCK!

At least I got to see my Joey kick some more dancing booty! (god! he's too damn cute for words!) Then I saw Heather.. *YAWN* And I got to see the re-cap at the end...

That's it!
That's all!

(sorry Ma, no step by step critique tonite...)
I even went to watch it online but apparently you can only view the full episode if you are in the USA. Hey USA, you SUCK ASS! and ABC.. you suck ass too!
So screw it...
I'm voting blind...

Quote of the week (3)

"Honey, you're simple, you're shallow, and you're a common whore, that's why we're soulmates!"
~ Karen Delaney St-Croix Popeil Walker Finster Walker

Sunday, April 22, 2007

There's no sugar-coating it... ass hurts!
(actally OUR asses hurt!)

HEY! Get yer minds outta the gutter!

Me and the Man went on a 3 hour bike ride, but forgot to take our Silicon Gel Seat Covers.

It was a great day, but damn, those sear covers make all the difference!

All I can say is OWWIE OWWIE OWWIE!

Be kind to her...

So today, is Earth Day? What are you doing?

Personally, I admit that I'm not the most 'Earth-Friendly' person out there. Yes, I recycle and yes, I try to make better purchases when at the grocery store... biodegradable cleaning products, items that are not package intensive (has anyone seen the ads on TV for Sunkist Prunes that are INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED?!?!?! WTF) I have for years now chosen organic products over the mainstream for many years when it was about doing ME some good not the Earth... now it's both, and I do not own a car. I rely on the Metro, Bus, our bikes and good old fashioned hoofin' it!

... but... and here's where I 'fess up. ...

I am a water glutton. When I brush my teeth the tap remains on, when I wash dishes the water remains on, when I am cleaning in the bathroom or kitchen the water remains on (see a pattern)

And, we have a fire place and we are both BBQ fiends in the summer (both of which add to our total carbon emissions)

I'll keep my desktop computer running as long as I'm home, instead of turning it off at night, and often we'll have the TV on with the sound system and the desktop computer and 2 lap tops for hours and hours and hours...

I know I could be far better at managing my water usage and cutting down on my electrical usage but old habits die hard... The problem is OUR global habits are causing something else to die hard. The Earth. Part of me is very nihelistic and cynical when I watch a news report on Global Warming, the loss of the Polar Ice Caps, the Ozone Layer, potable water and so on, and that is ... "Enh... so what? by the time it's really an issue I'll be dead and gone. I've got no kids to worry about the legacy we're leaving them..." And then I feel like a total shit. I realize it ain't always about me. And then I think of my two neices, and my two nephews-in-law... there's at least 4 people I know and care about and love that will pay directly for how I, WE personal use and mis-use the Earth. Multiply that by millions and billions... (hopefully) infinity and you soon realize we're all co-dependant enablers of a very dysfunctional relationship that goes far beyond the dysfunction of our families!

OK... so confession done. What am I going to do about it? Here's my list...
1) I will continue to Recycle all that I can and use recycled items when available .
2) I will continue to consider the Earth in my purchasing power, both at making the right choices to lesson the footprint I leave as well as ensure that I do not support those companies and businesses that do not.
3) I'm turning off the taps.
4) I'm turning off the computer, and lights, and other electrical devises - too numerous to list- when not in use.
5) in fact we are turning off all the computers and going outside today to enjoy the Earth we have. We're going to take a nice long bike ride. and I'm going to make a small gesture at least, and pick up any visible trash I see. (Not the solution to it all but it's something that we can all do in a fraction of a second... to help.)

No one person can solve the mess we're in, but we ALL must take responsibility, step up to the plate and try to improve our own individual actions. If everyone of us took today to choose just one thing to correct in out own personal day to day habits it could make a difference.

Walk to the store for that milk and bread instead of driving the 1/2 km to pick it up. Turn off the taps, and the lights when you are NOT using them. Think about your shopping habits. Just trying to be more conscious of the items you buy and the way they are packaged...

Love yourself, love your neighbour, love the Earth.


My Blog friend John, (see the link on the right to "everything but poopie ") Often includes the lyrics to a song at the end of his posts. Today I'm gonna do that to. The choice of song might seem a little hippy-dippy and you might even groan and roll your eyes, but I don't care. Even as I was writing this Post I was hearing this song in my head...

Get Together (The Youngbloods)

Love is but the song we sing,
And fear's the way we die,
You can make the mountains ring,
Or make the angels cry,
Know the dove is on the wing,
And you need not know why.

C'mon people now,
Smile on your brother,
Ev'rybody get together,
Try and love one another right now.

Some will come and some will go,
We shall surely pass,
When the one that left us here,
Returns for us at last,
We are but a moments sunlight,
Fading in the grass.

C'mon people now,
Smile on your brother,
Ev'rybody get together,
Try and love one another right now.

If you hear the song I sing,
You must understand,
You hold the key to love and fear,
All in your trembling hand,
Just one key unlocks them both,
It's there at your command.

C'mon people now,
Smile on your brother,
Ev'rybody get together,
Try and love one another right now,
Right now,
Right now!


So what are you doing today?

Friday, April 20, 2007

Open your Mouth and say "Kelly Clarkson!"

I've never experienced such pain in my life.

OK, so I'm back... with a pounding headache and feeling seriously light headed.

Here's the dillio:

1) I under-estimated my required return visits. There will be 5, yes, count 'em... FIVE. ...and I negotiated that down from SEVEN!!!

Why seven? because there was so much plaque / tarter UNDER my gums that it was incredibly difficult for him to remove, and white-knuckle grip painful for me. He therefore wanted to recommend the cleaning be done in 2 more visits. In my quasi-lucid state I slurred in no uncertain terms that WE were completing the cleaning today. He said "are you sure? because I can tell you're in a lot of pain...." to which I replied "It's going to hurt now, it's going to hurt next week. I'd much rather it only hurt this week." - which only further validates that I get off on the whole S+M thing...

And still 2 times he stopped and insisted we continue next week. BUT we DID finish the cleaning today...

2) In two weeks I go back for the polishing ...and hopefully by that time the gum swelling will have gone down! I swear I look like Andie McDowell right now.. ALL gums. 'cept mine are extra-super-doper-red.

And then when that is done....

3) ...we go on to appointments 3-6 all for Filling work. I actually only have 2 NEW cavities, which when you consider a dentist has not been near my chompers in 12-13 years, that's no so bad! I even impressed myself! But as well I think 5 prior fillings need to be replaced. 2 because there is fresh cavity under, 2 because they are loose and still one more because I swear I can pick up 'radio-free Europe' with it and I think it should just be brought up to something 'this century' And because this covers teeth in locations in all 4 quadrants (isn't that cute.. makes my mouth sound like a university campus) I have to go back separately for each quad.

and last but certainly not least...

4) Dr Raper is HAWT! I sooooooooooooooooooo do not mind that I'm going to be seeing a lot of him over the next 2 months! And when he instructs me to open wide, well lets just say I will gleefully comply.

Open your mouth and saw 'ouch'

So I am going to the Dentist today...

No big whoop right?

I've never been fond of the dentist. Call me crazy but I'm just not fond of someone poking around my mouth with stainless steel inquisition paraphernalia. (Don't get me wrong, a little consensual S&M type poking CAN be fun... ) Scraping and scratching. Poking and prodding. It's the invasion of my personal space that makes me more uncomfortable than anything else.

For the past few weeks an old filling has been bothering me so I decided the bite the bullet and make a dentist appointment. True I don't like the Dentist, but I don't like eating on one side of my mouth more...

It's been oh, say, um... 12-13 years since I last went. YEA! I know that's just not good and it's my own fault. I brush 3-4, sometimes 5 times a day, but me and floss have an extremely strained relationship. Floss don't like me and I don't like it. This is not going to be good...

I have a feeling I'll be paying for the new addition to his summer home. My prediction is at least 3 more visits after today. I do know I need at least two fillings replaced, and seeing as it's been over a decade since my last check up I'm guessing there's much more to deal with...

OH! and did I happen to mention his name is Dr. Raper?! I shit you not! His name is Raper.

Keep your fingers crossed for me... please!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

...oh how cliché.


Love 'em?
Hate 'em?

Personally I love them and use them quite often. The problem is that I've been know to not quite 'Hit the hammer on the head' ... and so it goes.

I suffer from some sort of Dyslexic Verbal Alzheimer. I KNOW the cliché, I swear I do! In my head I hear the correct cliché, but when it comes out... it's all wrong. Words replaced. Sometimes multiple clichés blended uncomfortably together. And even as the words are coming out of my mouth I know what I'm saying is wrong, but it's already too late!

What is more troublesome is that the next time the cliché is used, it's as if my mind can now only recall the last instance used and will repeat the botched line. No matter how hard I try to focus the incorrect version comes out. So much so that a couple have now become the correct version of the cliché with me and my friends.

Aside from the previously mentioned, 'Hit the hammer on the head' here are a few others you'll hear from me.

'Don't put off tomorrow, what you can put off today.'
-- I LOVE this one, I guess because I am a chronic procrastinator.

'Crap in a handbasket.'
-- I must say this one a good 8-10 times a day at work. It's makes absolutely no sense, but I feel better once I say it. It came from 'Going to hell in a handbasket', but just HOW I replaced the 'Going to hell' part with 'crap' remains a mystery to me.

...and here comes my absolute favourite!

'Put that in your hat and smoke it.'
-- ya just gotta love this! I remember the first time I said it; my friend Erin's face went from shock to confusion to the best, uncontrolled laugh I think I ever saw. That was something back in the late 80's and I still say it today.

Am I alone?
Does anyone else crucify their clichés?
Is it just me?
Am I the only one?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Don't be alarmed....

...but on my way to work this morning I saw a terrifying, super-natural, unexplained phenomenon.

When I looked up, unto the heavens, I saw something unfamiliar and strange... I froze in my tracks. It was large and round, and seemed to be ablaze with some cosmically destined intensity... an immense ball of fire, threatening to cook us all alive...

Was this a sign of the Apocalypse? Was this the beginning of the end?

...oh, wait... it was just the sun.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

And then there was seven...


One down, one to go!

Elena... Here's hoping that NEXT year you get a more worthy partner!


As for Mz. Macy Gray, 3 things...
1) Can that chick belt out a song or what?!?!
2) That dress has got to go!
3) If she married gay men I'd say she was a black Liza! Man she's about 3 pills, a vodka and a spliff away from sluring 'New York, New York" and tripping on stage in a black beaded pant suit... and personally I cannot wait! I love her!


OK now back to the dancers... Billy Ray got more votes than Heather Mills?!?! What up people? Pull your heads out of your asses and vote the bitch off! (I personally blame white trash, middle and southern America.)

So work with me here people.. next week, Billy Ray had GOT TO GO!

That is all.

Monday, April 16, 2007

A Perfect score...

Well not THAT perfect... it wasn't Joey and Kym.

All I can say is fortunately it was for Apolo and he is a cutie in his own right. Their routine was amazing... AND there was conspicuous animal print, albeit tiger and NOT Leopard... It's not their fault... they're young.

Let's all just say a prayer and hope that Clyde or Billy Ray are axed tonight. (I actually voted - on-line- for John. I'm not prepared to see him go. At least, as I've said before, he tries. Which is a far cry more than either Tweedle-Cylde or Tweedle-Billy Ray.

Seriously, as bad as Clyde is, barely walking across the stage, what the hell was up with Billy Ray?!?! I don't think he took more than 10 steps. And even missing were his trademark 'arms wide open' moves. It was actually painful to watch.

Dear Dancing With The Stars Gods... get rid of Tweedle-Dumb or Tweedle-Dumber.

Hey Assholes...

...pedestrians have the right of way!

When you're in a car and in a merge lane where there is a crosswalk, WITH a Crosswalk sign AND A FU*KING YIELD sign... that means: not only must you yield to traffic, but also yield to pedestrian traffic. (and by that I mean people WALKING across the road on the FU*KING CROSSWALK) I nearly got run over twice by the same BIT*H driver this morning.

When I was walking to work after I got off the bus I looked at the cars on the road I had to cross (a Merging lane to the Met), not only was the line of cars not really moving (due to a snow storm's after effects) but I also had made eye contact with a driver (hereafter known as the BIT*H), so I naively assumed this was ok and I could cross. But just as I was about to walk in front of the BIT*H and her then stationary vehicle, she decided to pull ahead 3 feet. I had to stop dead in my tracks not to come into full contact with her car and still had to brace myself with my hand to balance. I instantly saw red and gave her car a good wallop with my fist. When I attempted to finish the walk across the road by crossing in front of her again stationary car, and she decides to pull ahead again.Had I not side stepped/hopped to the left I'd have landed full on her engine bonnet. This not having been the first such incident in my life I immediately decide to inflict damage on said bit*h's car. For approximately one minute I pounded the shit out on her car. The front bonnet, the passenger's side door and window.

Now I have a sore hand but I feel better knowing I scared the shit out of her. And I hope she will think twice again before cutting off a pedestrian (who again, HAD THE RIGHT OF WAY!!!) especially when she has no chance of 'escape'.

At work when I arrived a few mins later they asked me if I took her plate number, but I didn't. Unfortunately I was seeing too much red to have thought clearly enough to get the plate number (I REALLY need to do this, seeing as this is the 5th or 6th such time something like this has happened. I really should think more along the lines of reporting these jackasses to the cops instead of the instant gratification I am compelled to take by pounding on their car - and hopefully dear god, maybe causing a 'moment' in the undies!)

Look, I know I've got a few 'anger issues' but excuse me for thinking I should be able to walk across a crosswalk without having to do it so 'defensively' .

I've been in the 'big city' of Montréal now, nearly 16 years and it still amazes me how rude, and recklessly people drive here. Back in Halifax, this sorta thing never happened to me and I know no-one it has happened to there either. In Montréal, it's personally happened, as mentioned 5-6 times (seriously you begin to loose count over time!) and similar events have also happened to friends, co-workers etc. Can someone tell me WHY they drive like assholes in big cities?

You know what? Screw calling the cops. I'm gonna start a vigilante group. I'll encourage all pedestrians to walk with something hard and heavy, say a hammer, so when they get hit, or nearly run over by an asshole driver (and they will, it's just a matter of time) then they will be ready to bung up their car. Who's with me?


Ok well I'm feeling even better now that I've vented...

yup... it's Monday.

Quote of the week (2)

"There are many aspects of the contemporary gay subculture that I find ridiculous, but nothing could be more ridiculous than to say, as some critics have, that I am anti-homosexual simply because I do not embrace every twitty gay fad that comes along. I think that a lifetime of listening to disco music is a high price to pay for one's sexual preference."
~ Quentin Crisp

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Four Seasons...???

From the Weather Network, as of 5 pm Sunday April 15th 2007:

"From Sunday evening to Monday evening we expect : 15-20 cm of snow and 20-30 mm of rain."

Hey Mother Nature........... you suck!
Oh yea I said it .. you S-U-C-K!
You suck big time!
You suck worse than 'Deuce Bigalow, European Gigolo'

What the hell?!?! It's the middle of freakin' April... you know the expression is 'April showers bring May flowers' not 'April snows, bring suicidal woes'.

One last time...
Mother Nature, you suck!

Friday, April 13, 2007


While I am terribly superstitious... I actually like Friday the 13th. (fingers crossed even as I type this)

After the snow-mess here in Montréal yesterday; today, even the Friday-13 variety, can ONLY be an improvement.

So... enjoy... and remember, it's STILL Friday!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Well... DUH!

So Juilette is a plant... no shit, Sherlock!

While it was another great episode last night; I especially like the confirmation that the plane crash was not some 'pre-destined, save the world from complete annihilation' theory that Locke is always so hyped up on. That it was on some levels an actual 'accident'. The 'non-actual' part of the 'accident' still apparently being the 'oopsie' by Desmond and the clock keeping the islands oddly intense magnetic fields in check (?)

As well, the bits n' bobs of the research on women's ability to carry a child to term on the island was great. It helps flesh out the which came first 'cancer; infertility' debate ( a la 'chicken; egg')

It was fun, too, last night trying to remember just who the guy was that Juliette was in bed with. Then we remembered it was the guy that Anna-Lucia accidentally staked to death. GOD! I miss Anna-Lucia! (Then again seeing as how LOST seems to follow no constant time line, in lieu of an ever-looping series of flashbacks and different angle views of the same events... we'll hopefully get to see her again.)

I can't help but be totally disappointed in the last 5 minutes. I was 99% sure that Juliette was there under false if not devious purposes. But... I would simply have preferred that they not reveal this proof for a couple of episodes. I'd much rather they have tried to convince me. And unlike the fictional characters on the island, I need more than an hour to convince me...

My co-worker Kelli seems to believe in Juliette's innocence. And that while YES, Juliette DID agree to Ben's plan to infiltrate the camp again, seeing as the other attempts all ended in the 'Other' being killed, either accidentally or on purpose. (I really wish there was more planned/on-purpose deaths on the island... I know that sounds slightly like you 'wanna report me to the authorities' type of insight into me, but it's just that it seems like if I were there I'd have killed a couple of the people that it was already inconclusively seen as being an 'Other' or 'Evil" and so on.... They always seen so damn trigger happy and killing the innocent, but the true targets keep getting away) that she was really there on her own and will not continue to be a pawn in Ben's game.


And is it just me, but don'tcha get the feeling that the Island is somewhere in the Indian Ocean and everyone will either be really 'LOST' and perish in the wake of Dec 26th 2004 Sumatra Tsunami...

...or what is more likely to happen in a truly 'Hollywood way' is one of the following:

1- the 'Others' will KNOW the Tsunami is a comin' and batten down the hatches,
1a -- or worse, get air-lifted just in time( natch),
1b ---or EVEN worse...all get tele-ported back in time off the island in the 'magic box room' and all this will seem like a bad dream, a la Suzanne Plechette.

2 - the island and all the people (and monsters) on it will survive because as we all know, if there's one thing a Tidal Wave doesn't like, is an Overly Magnetic Island.

3 - the tsunami was actually caused BY the island (this one I seem to not mind so much... odd)

--- at any rate...


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

And then there were eight...

Well... Not much of a surprise on this one... Leeza, or Leezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzza as I call her, was as Len said, "Dull, dull, dull" .

Now what was a bit of a shock was that Clyde was NOT in the bottom two. I'll admit John was not stellar last night, but Good Golly, Miss Molly... Clyde was a snoozapalooza just like Leeza. At least John and his partner Edyta tried to tell a story... admittedly no one quite understood it, but at least they tried.

Come on people stop with the pity votes... let's ditch the dead weight, thin the herd... get down to the real competition... When all that is left is Joey and Kym, Leila and Maksim, Apolo and Julianne, Ian and Cheryl and, yes... I'll say it... Heather and Jonathan... the game will be on.

Monday, April 9, 2007

No No N-N@ (Monday sucks! ...again)

Last Monday sucked and this Monday sucks too.

Not only am I at work, when seemingly everyone else is not...
but as well:

- My desk-mate and friend Kelli is not here (she is lucky enough to have a kid that has no day-care today so they're at home... I think I'm gonna get me one of those there kids... um maybe not... I hear ya gotta feed em and then clean em...) So I have no one to be bitchy with, no one to share knowing glances with when we hear someone say something we deem completely incorrect/unacceptable/intolerable.

- There is no N@ on the radio!


Now I knew there'd be no Kelli today. I was prepared for that. Because of her absence I was REALLY COUNTING ON N@ to fill in the void that Kelli left... so needless to say I WAS NOT prepared for no N@ on the radio today.

I'll give her the benefit of the doubt that she announced last week that she would not be in today, and if that's indeed the case I'll even share part of the blame, since I do not recall hearing it.

At the end of the day however... I simply was not ready for no N@ .

So there's some chick replacing N@ today and no offence to her but she's been on over an hour already and I don't know who she is and she's too damn perky. N@ is not perky... She's a lot of things, but I'd not say perky was one of em... She's a little high strung (which I appreciate) she's slightly bitter and caustic (in a nice was... if that's possible) She's downright hilarious... (Kelli and I can't wait to hear what Nat is gonna say next on the radio..) N@ makes me laugh with her own special brand of humour.... a brand I might add that very much enjoy... and would PAY for it, were it made available in other formats....


Please god... tomorrow I want Kelli and N@ back.

Quote of the week (1)

"We all know a fag is a homosexual gentleman who has just left the room."
~ Truman Capote

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Hoppy Easter

Can't blog right now... Chocolate to eat.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Kick me Kate...

LOST was good tonite... night. Any episode where there's no (or next to no) Locke is good in my book. Great new plot twists finally, and I'm loving to hate Juliette just as much as Ben.

Was great to see the 'smoke monster' again too! Will be interesting to see how that develops.

Question tho.... When Kate and Juliette were hiding in the bamboo what was with all the flashbulbs... I'm a little 'lost' on that...

Where did Jack and Locke and the 'others' go? Don't know, don't care.

What really got me was Kate and Juliette's cat fight. I don't know what it is, but girl on girl bitch fighting makes me a happy camper! I think it's maybe because the men fight to get to the KO, the women ok the other hand fight to scratch, claw, slap, pull, punch and pummel to inflict as MUCH damage as possible... and when you're done, do some more. I obtain a certain level of catharsis that releases me and recharges me at the same time. (I think I need therapy!)

Can't wait for next Wed...

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

And then there were Nine...

Well here's the thing. It's sort of a bitter sweet moment. I really didn't care for Shandi and Brian last week, but their performance last night actually impressed me, enough that I actually voted for them online (amongst others... you are allowed multiple votes)

None the less... It's time to say goodbye to Ken and Barbie.. (As I liked to call em...)

I think the more deserving departure would have been for Clyde and Elana or Leeza and Tony, but, what the hell do I know.

I should ask my friend Renée what she thinks... She used to dance Ballroom when I met her way way back in the last century! ;-) But it's not like the judges comments or who actually danced the best counts, it is after all 'reality TV' and it's who's most popular... (Thank god Joey is such a cutie!)

Hasta la vista Barbie...

Monday, April 2, 2007

You've been warned...

If you get an email from a friend asking you to sign up to Face Book...
they are no friend of yours...

Listen to me ...

Don't do it.

Just say No!

If you DO, you'll be sucked down a long, fast moving spiral that will make Brittney Spears' decent into the depths of a trailer-trash world seem like a picnic at the beach.

Just remember...

I told you so.

Monday, you suck!

Well I guess I should apologize to my sub-conscious... seems he was telling me to stay the f**k home today and I just didn't listen.

About the only good things I can say about Monday are this:
- I am home
- I'm watching Dancing with the Stars.

Work was a veritable hell today and I blame YOU Monday!

I had to cancel my massage because I found out I am not covered at work as I was otherwise previously told. Damn you Monday! But I guess that's really just as well, seeing as I would have been late because, as I said, work was hell today. ... can you say 'Monday'?!

And rain... Yup you guessed it Monday...

Are you still with me? ....I missed a bus on the way home, because again.... Monday.

And good lord coming home tonight on to the Metro at Cremazie station I got on the train and *BAAM* the smell of BO slapped you like a Bitch in a barfight... I'm talking full on Ape-scent Gloriola! or to quote Will Truman... "That's wasn't BO that was B Oh My God!" But then I knew.... MONDAY!

Monday, you suck!
You suck long time!

Mr. Sub-Conscious... I'm sorry. Tomorrow morning I will listen to you.

It starts...

Well a restful long weekend has passed *sigh* and the real world is nipping at my ankles.

Ever have a dream you slept in and when you wake up,. you have in actuality already done so? - yea hate them too!

I had a weird one this morning, not quite that but still annoying...

I dreamt that I not only slept in, but not enough to make me late for work, but then I don't seem to care and I keep causing myself to be later... watching the TV, chatting on the phone with different people (one my boss?!?!), signing for delivery on boxes I know I haven't ordered or am expecting... I end up leaving for work a full 3 hours after I am already supposed to be there and then in a depanneur in the metro I continue to hold myself up again by trying to find just the right magazine to read... US... PEOPLE.... I don't actually arrive at work in the dream, I wake up before that...

I realize that no-one wants to get up Monday morning for work (unless you're truly sick n' twisted) but what bothers me about this is that my sub-conscious mind id teasing me with the fact that it CAN sleep in and say 'screw you' to work without any retribution, whereas... right now,I gotta get my ass in gear...

On the plus side what my sub-conscious mind forgot to remember is that tonight at 6:30 I am having a 60 min massage (the lower back is been achey...) I cannot wait!

HA! Screw you sub-conscious!
oh yea, and screw you too Monday morning!