Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Well... DUH!

So Juilette is a plant... no shit, Sherlock!

While it was another great episode last night; I especially like the confirmation that the plane crash was not some 'pre-destined, save the world from complete annihilation' theory that Locke is always so hyped up on. That it was on some levels an actual 'accident'. The 'non-actual' part of the 'accident' still apparently being the 'oopsie' by Desmond and the clock keeping the islands oddly intense magnetic fields in check (?)

As well, the bits n' bobs of the research on women's ability to carry a child to term on the island was great. It helps flesh out the which came first 'cancer; infertility' debate ( a la 'chicken; egg')

It was fun, too, last night trying to remember just who the guy was that Juliette was in bed with. Then we remembered it was the guy that Anna-Lucia accidentally staked to death. GOD! I miss Anna-Lucia! (Then again seeing as how LOST seems to follow no constant time line, in lieu of an ever-looping series of flashbacks and different angle views of the same events... we'll hopefully get to see her again.)

I can't help but be totally disappointed in the last 5 minutes. I was 99% sure that Juliette was there under false if not devious purposes. But... I would simply have preferred that they not reveal this proof for a couple of episodes. I'd much rather they have tried to convince me. And unlike the fictional characters on the island, I need more than an hour to convince me...

My co-worker Kelli seems to believe in Juliette's innocence. And that while YES, Juliette DID agree to Ben's plan to infiltrate the camp again, seeing as the other attempts all ended in the 'Other' being killed, either accidentally or on purpose. (I really wish there was more planned/on-purpose deaths on the island... I know that sounds slightly like you 'wanna report me to the authorities' type of insight into me, but it's just that it seems like if I were there I'd have killed a couple of the people that it was already inconclusively seen as being an 'Other' or 'Evil" and so on.... They always seen so damn trigger happy and killing the innocent, but the true targets keep getting away) that she was really there on her own and will not continue to be a pawn in Ben's game.


And is it just me, but don'tcha get the feeling that the Island is somewhere in the Indian Ocean and everyone will either be really 'LOST' and perish in the wake of Dec 26th 2004 Sumatra Tsunami...

...or what is more likely to happen in a truly 'Hollywood way' is one of the following:

1- the 'Others' will KNOW the Tsunami is a comin' and batten down the hatches,
1a -- or worse, get air-lifted just in time( natch),
1b ---or EVEN worse...all get tele-ported back in time off the island in the 'magic box room' and all this will seem like a bad dream, a la Suzanne Plechette.

2 - the island and all the people (and monsters) on it will survive because as we all know, if there's one thing a Tidal Wave doesn't like, is an Overly Magnetic Island.

3 - the tsunami was actually caused BY the island (this one I seem to not mind so much... odd)

--- at any rate...


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