Monday, April 16, 2007

A Perfect score...

Well not THAT perfect... it wasn't Joey and Kym.

All I can say is fortunately it was for Apolo and he is a cutie in his own right. Their routine was amazing... AND there was conspicuous animal print, albeit tiger and NOT Leopard... It's not their fault... they're young.

Let's all just say a prayer and hope that Clyde or Billy Ray are axed tonight. (I actually voted - on-line- for John. I'm not prepared to see him go. At least, as I've said before, he tries. Which is a far cry more than either Tweedle-Cylde or Tweedle-Billy Ray.

Seriously, as bad as Clyde is, barely walking across the stage, what the hell was up with Billy Ray?!?! I don't think he took more than 10 steps. And even missing were his trademark 'arms wide open' moves. It was actually painful to watch.

Dear Dancing With The Stars Gods... get rid of Tweedle-Dumb or Tweedle-Dumber.


Ma Horton said...

I missed it last night because of my dog class ..guess I will have to haunt your site for the critiques ..or tape the dam thing .

Misster Kitty said...

I'm pretty sure you can watch it online (

...but to catch you up very quickly:

Laila & Maksim sizzled! (Damn he's hot!) She certainly got her groove back!

Ian & Cheryl were good, but I'm sorry I have a problem watching them because he makes these weird faces all the time. (I can only imagine what his f**k face looks like!... it cannot be pretty)

Heather & Jonathan were their same level of good.... Not bad considering... OH! and it fiiiiiiinally happened.... She fell over in the last seconds of their routine... (Personally I think on purpose, as she was attempting to balance on THE leg... Their performance was good, but I thought not up to par with prior and this was as good as any a way to keep the votes coming in... Am I a bitter ? maybe... I just calls 'em as I sees 'em) I will say this, she has and continues to exceed any level of quality I'd have though possible. so... kudos to you gurl! Good on ya!

Joey & Kym were very good, but were not the show stealers last night... But that's ok. They can't be the wunderkinds every week...

Apolo & Julianne ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! Without a doubt the winners of last night! I'm sure you'll be able to see them preform again tonight!

John & Edyta Awww Poor John. He just was not built for this... but you have to give him perfect 10's for coming out every week and trying so hard. You can tell he's enjoying it and I'll continue to vote for them as long as they are on (with a couple of my votes anyway) because he DOES try, unlike...

Billy Ray & Karina and Clyde & Elena These poor poor girls, who obviously pulled the smallest straws and got in return received the two biggest sticks. Neither is capable of a fluid pleasing move on the dance floor. These poor women who have to do 3-4 times the dancing just to try and cover up their partners botox inspired 'moves'. If one of these two is not voted off tonight I may have to stop watching until that happens, because it's just so sad to see them remain when neither obviously cares to be there other than whatever they receive in scale pay.

Ma Horton said...

Hey I found it Kittycakes ...merci . I will also miss tonight but now I know where I can find it . You're too good for Ma .

Misster Kitty said...

Anytime Ma... :-)