Monday, April 2, 2007

Monday, you suck!

Well I guess I should apologize to my sub-conscious... seems he was telling me to stay the f**k home today and I just didn't listen.

About the only good things I can say about Monday are this:
- I am home
- I'm watching Dancing with the Stars.

Work was a veritable hell today and I blame YOU Monday!

I had to cancel my massage because I found out I am not covered at work as I was otherwise previously told. Damn you Monday! But I guess that's really just as well, seeing as I would have been late because, as I said, work was hell today. ... can you say 'Monday'?!

And rain... Yup you guessed it Monday...

Are you still with me? ....I missed a bus on the way home, because again.... Monday.

And good lord coming home tonight on to the Metro at Cremazie station I got on the train and *BAAM* the smell of BO slapped you like a Bitch in a barfight... I'm talking full on Ape-scent Gloriola! or to quote Will Truman... "That's wasn't BO that was B Oh My God!" But then I knew.... MONDAY!

Monday, you suck!
You suck long time!

Mr. Sub-Conscious... I'm sorry. Tomorrow morning I will listen to you.

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