Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Not a bad gig afterall...

Who said death was the end of a career?...

- - - - - - - -

Elvis tops list as Forbes' richest dead celebrity
The Associated Press

NEW YORK -- Elvis Presley is still the King.

Presley, who earned an estimated US$49 million in the past 12 months, has reclaimed the No. 1 spot on's list of Top-Earning Dead Celebrities. He last topped the list in 2005.

John Lennon ranks second with earnings of $44 million, followed by Charles M. Schulz ($35 million), George Harrison ($22 million), Albert Einstein ($18 million), Andy Warhol ($15 million), Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss) ($13 million), Tupac Shakur ($9 million), Marilyn Monroe ($7 million), Steve McQueen ($6 million), James Brown ($5 million), Bob Marley ($4 million) and James Dean ($3.5 million).

Presley died in 1977. His estate continues to generate millions from music royalties, DVDs, licensing deals and tourism at Graceland, the rocker's mansion in Memphis, Tenn.

Forbes said the celebrities on the list, posted Monday, earned a combined $232 million in the past 12 months.

- - - - - - - -

Personally, I was a little surprised to see Albert Einstein on the list,but damn impressed at the 18 mill he pulled in...
I wonder what back they deal with in Heaven?

Blah Blah Meow!


Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I mean...

seven minus one equals six.

OK, honestly, I don't know what the hell to say. There were three teams that ought to have left tonight :
Marie & Jonathan,
Jane & Tony
or Cameron & Edyta.

....but no. For some reason that was as shocking to Sabrina and Mark, all the other judges, including the other team in the bottom two (Cameron and Edyta) as well as all three judges, the hosts and the studio audience... is Sabrina and Mark that are leaving...

...and as Mark Bergeron said, "I had you pegged to win this"... yea, me too...

All I can say, is...
What the fuck?!
What the fuck people?!
What the fuck?!

America, I hold you personally responsible.
Consider yourself bitch-slapped.

And even though, this means I've already lost my bet with Ma Horton, I'll support her choice and will vote for Mel and Maksim. They were my second choise anyhoo.

Are you freakin' kidding me?!

Honestly I don't understand stories like this at all!

Not only should that child have been removed from parental custody, but after reading this:

"According to police, the father became aggressive when the officers admonished him for leaving his child in the car.

The father told them he had done it before and didn't appreciate lessons in parenting. "

I think sterilization should be required. *Snip Snip* you dead beat, sorry excuse for a human being.
Can't wait to hear the mother's reaction...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Judgemental. Me?

Well guess what we did tonight?

Awwwwwwwwww, you're SO SMART!

Yuppers. We watched Dancing with the Stars!. And it was a great night... but I gotta say I'm expecting more of them and in most cases I gave lower scores than all three judges!

Let me re-cap and review for you shall I.

Mel & Maksim: AMAZING! Even though they are not the team I'll hoping to win, they ARE the team I want to see as runners up. They were a joy to watch. AND a perfect score... good on them!

Sabrina & Mark: She's a LA-DY. Whoa Whoa Whoa, she's a lady! What a wonderful dance!

Helio & Julianne: Well they were better than last week, but I didn't think as much improved as the judges... and as for Helio's outfit... all I can say is... "And then there's Maude..."

Jennie & Derek: How wonderful were they?! WOW! Strangely, or rather luckily for them, the judges didn't see the small mistake with that one handle near the end of their routine...

Marie & Jonathan: Personally if I see that Fainting clip one more time ... heh! twice again tonight and we even saw it on a commercial last night! Their dance was ok, not one of her best if you ask me.

Jane & Tony: Poor Jane. I fear she may be gone next. The Jive really wasn't her dance, although she and Tony were far better in the Group dance...

Cameron & Edyta: Ok one of the judges commented about "Pocahontas and Captain Smith" I's say it was more like Poca-cant-dance and Captain Slip" I'll say this, they have been improving week to week, but this week was a total reversal, no matter what the judges said!

As for the group dance. It was lively (and thank god! it was the Jive after all!) It was face paced and entertaining, amusing and impressive, what with some of the lifts being, or at least seeming rather complicated! Bravo to all of them!

So, anyone wanna guess the two leaving tomorrow? The sad part is at this point in the season with SEVEN couple left, you really want them all to stay... And that's a first! Generally I'm still screaming for them to cut crap couples ...

And um, I'm not sure what to think of this... but none other than Mr. Barry Manilow will be singing tomorrow night... any of you Fanalows?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Jai Guru Deva, Om.

So we went to see a movie today. It's one I've been wanting to see for a few weeks now...
...a Music based on the songs of the Beatles...

All I can say is if you're a lover of their music, GO SEE IT.

If you like untraditional films... GO SEE IT.

If you want to escape with some fantastic visuals, and incredible singing performances (especially Joe Cocker)... GO SEE IT.

Aww, hell just GO SEE IT... you'll be glad you did.

Misster-Kitty rates Across the Universe, 10 hairballs out of 10.

... Strawberry Fields Forever...

Friday, October 26, 2007

iPoppy v1.0

So after not buying a Poppy Pin for the past 3 years (only because I couldn't find any Veterans selling them) I bought a Poppy yesterday... and summarily lost it on my way to work today.

Well I won't have any of that! So I bought two more tonight on my way home and gave one to Didier. He's never worn one before.... It's not a tradition in France apparently...

Having spent so much time in the Veterans Hospital last week, while visiting my Grandmother, I'm glad to have found a Veteran with a table full of Poppies...

So, do you Poppy?

Who doesn't like a quiz on Friday

I mentioned, I'd have a quiz this Friday regarding our trip last weekend, in reply to a comment from NGB. ...and apparently, Maria has nothing else to read,( heh) here is the quiz.

If anyone is able to get a passing grade of 60%(or more) I'll send em $10.00 (CDN), and a perfect score means $20.00 (CDN)

Please note class, that there are two exceptions:
a) Didier is disqualified from taking the test.
B) You are not to attempt contacting Didier or any of my family members living or deceased for assistance...

Ok. Now class, turn your papers over...

1) What was the name of the Cemetery that Didier and I dug up family trees (ok, family shrubs)?

2) What flavour Gelato did I, My Mother AND Didier order while strolling around the Historic Properties?

3) How many peices of fish (total) did I, Didier and my Parents order at Alexandra's on Saturday?

4) What was the first name of the Bishop that was elected at the Synod my parents attended?

5) What colour and fabric is the outfit that my Grandmother wishes to be buried in?

6) Where their mushrooms in the Spaghetti Sauce?

7) How many family members are (currently) buried in the family plot?

8) How many spaces are still unoccupied (assigned or unassigned) in the family plot?

9) What sort of mammal did Didier and I spot at Peggy's Cove, (but were unable to capture on film because it was too quick)?

10) Did we serve Ice Cream or Whipped Cream with the Pumpkin Pie?


Ok Class, impress the pants off me!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Care-Givers, Wave-Catchers and Grave-Diggers; We

*WARNING! This is a HUGE post!*

Well it was a whirlwind tour. Landing at 6 pm on Thursday night and departing at 9 pm on Monday night, but we got a lot of visiting in!

First and foremost it was about visiting family. Dad and Mom are in great spirits. Having completed 6 weeks of his therapy, my Father has, as of today just started his third (3 week) cycle and received his latest Chemotherapy. Aside from the typical exhaustion and slight fever however he is doing rather well. He's doing so well in fact, that along with the encouragement of his Dr., he started a 4 year religious study program. And I'm all for that. His religion is important to him (and Mom as well) and I think that aside from leaning on his spiritual beliefs, but to be expanding and strengthening them at this time can only be an aid and a comfort.

Our time with Mom and Dad was interspersed with some incredible meals, both home cooked as well as of the restaurant variety! Chineese from "East West" on Thursday night. A brunch at Cora's on Friday. A Homemade Spaghetti dinner Friday night, Fish n' Chips on Saturday, our Turkey Interrupted - belated Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday and yet another feed of fish down at Boondocks in Eastern Passage on Monday. Add to that, Didz and I had some more incredible Chowder and Crabcakes down to Peggy's Cove and we ate like KINGS!!!! (and a Queen!) Countless bowls of Ice Cream, and an Apple Cobbler (by me) and the picture of edible decadance is complete!


Thursday night was over before we began. Dinner and an hour or two of chat and we also gave my folks some pictures taken during our summer vacation, including, that picture of Dad and Me at the beach on PEI.... and before you knew it... it was already bed time.


Friday saw us on the road already. After the typical "Ill take the bill", "No. I'll take the bill" sparring at Cora's, (I won that one by just walking up to the cash and paying! lol) Mom, Didier and I headed over to my Grandmothers to pick up a few things, and take a few moments to show Didier around my Mother's first home. Share a few memories, and marvel (this had eluded me previously, but as a new home owner) at the workmanship of my Grandmother's home. Built in 1942, all the floors are hardwood, and not a floorboard, or stair creeks, cracks or makes the remotest sound.

From there we went over to the Veteran's Hospital to Visit my Grandmother. This, like my taking Didier home to my parents two years ago for Christmas left me with great trepidation...Then, not only had my parents never met a previous boyfriend of mine, they certainly and not received one in their home, had them stay as overnight guests, no less during the Christmas holidays while other family was visiting. They were nothing but grace and hospitality, and I can say they they love him, as much as I do. where was I? Oh yes... Visiting my Grandmother. Now you must understand, I've never really, officially come out to my Grandmother. I was inadvertently outed by my mother, some 4 or 5 years ago... One time while my Mother was over at my Grandmothers and reminiscing about yours truly, my Grandmother commented that I didn't seem to have had a girlfriend in quite some time, and that she pondered, did my Mother think I might be, you know... gay? My Mother replied, 'well I don't think he's gay, I know he's gay.' To which my Grandmother asked 'Well, why didn't you tell me before!" Mom said, because it really didn't matter. :-) Cut to a phone call between my mother and I 4 years ago, I asked if she had outted me to anyone new, (not that I cared who knew, but it's always nice to be prepared for who was going to as about either my being gay, or did I have a boyfriend and so on...) and she replied, "well, yes, you might want to know that your Grandmother knows... YIKES! I was not prepared for that one! lol Knowing her as I do it was either going to spark no conversation in particular or be the (inappropriate) subject over the Christmas dinner table. Having been a nurse for over 30 yeas, I was prepared for a speech on ensuring proper use of condoms... In then end nothing was said, and to tell you the truth I guess nothing needed to be said, she knew, I knew she knew, and she knew I knew she knew... no big whoop. Well it's an entirely other kettle of fish when the woman I adore is in hospital and this is where she is to be introduced to my ... same sex partner. Talk about uncharted territory!

Well, to make a long story short (too late) The visit went very well. She was sweet as only a grandmother could be. She said how lucky he was to have me, (Hey, I told ya before I was her favourite!) And she took to even joking with him a bit, which if you know her, means she approves. :-) I was pleased as well. Very much so. I've said it before, but I'll say it again... I've got myself one incredible family!

When I was home in the summer I took a few pics of She ad I at her home and so when we went to the hospital I took in a framed 8x10 of the two of us. She was pleased by that, and so therefore, so was I. And as I spoke to Mom to his evening, she said that Nanny (That's what I call her) was making sure than anyone and everyone that has come into her room since has been directed to look at the picture, and is told just who that handsome man standing behind her is. :-)

There's nothing serious about her condition, other than to say simply that time has caught up to her. and she is the victim of old age. It's likely that the only way she will leave the hospital and return to her home, which her ferociously independent spirit seeks, will be with daily nursing aid... much to her displeasure. I think only in a little time will she realize this is the fact, and that no amount of stubbornness will assuage.

Beyond that she's has more than come to terms with her own mortality. What with having selected her final outfit, to having asked the kindly minister that visited her on Thursday afternoon if he would preside over her funeral. He agreed and she'll hold him to it! Luckily he's a minister well known to my parents and so at the Synod on Saturday that my parents had to attend for the Anglican church, to elect their new Bishop - a woman, dontcha know - they discussed the funeral arrangement with him and so all is well, for that fateful day I dearly hope is still many years away.

While we visiting with my Grandmother, where there, and having discussed all things funeral, we got to discussing the landscaping of the family plot down in West Dover (just a couple of miles before Peggy's Cove. My Grandmother asked my Mother if she'd go out and trim the shrubs around the headstones. Of course what with Mom already taking care of Dad and visiting Nanny daily, she has no time for that. Having been something of a gardener in my day, I eagerly volunteered, and it would make for a nice side-trip for Didier and I and we could add in a visit to Peggy's cove (a typically necessary visit for me on all trips home) All were agreed and so it would be done.

From there Mom and Didier and I headed back home to join Dad (who cannot visit Nanny due to his compromised immune system... Ain't cancer fun). Spaghetti for dinner, and then the four of us looked at pictures burnt on CD on their TV. (Didier and I took down 2 disks of pics of our life over the last 2 years here in Montréal, so Mom and Dad could see what they can't because of distance...) And then before you can say.... "900+ pics", it was bedtime...


Saturday Mom and Dad were at Synod, as I mentioned, so Didz and I took the opportunity to sleep in! :-) 11:30 am comes quickly though, so up we got, got a little breakie, washed up, did the dishes and were off to visit my Aunt (and God Mother) Eileen whom we both accidentally snubbed back in August, by not visiting... - hey! there just was not enough time! And JUST as we rounded the corner onto her street, Mom called on the cell asking us to pick her and Dad up as they were done at Synod and were ready to go home. Ah yes... Ellis timing... impeccable as ever! Fortunately someone offered to take Dad home (he needed a wee dodo) and Mom was dropped off at my Aunts. We visited for a couple hours and then, made a quick trip by to see my Grandmother again. :-)

Saturday night would bring Fish n' Chips, and FOUR cd's worth of our vacation pictures from Aug/Sept... They enjoyed it much, if only, as you will recall for the many 'Touristica' photos, as I previously published under the Gag Reel.


Sunday was a full day!

Mom and Dad went to church, I made my, soon to become, legendary turkey stuffing, and then when the Parentals returned home Didier and I left to go do some Grave-digging! heh! Well what else do you call taking a shovel into a cemetery and digging in the ground?!?!

After we trimmed back the shrubs, we dug them up and then moved them to their new position BETWEEN the headstones, instead of IN FRONT of the headstones, where no one could read jack... What I can say about the soil there, is it's really not fit for man, nor beast, NOT plant! More rocks than dirt really and the roots were WELL ... ROOTED after more than 6 years.... And I swear, both my Grand Father and my Great Uncle Orrin were playing tug-rope with me and Didier and those shrubs! It was no small feat that we finally got them up-rooted and re-planted. And thankfully in enough time to pass the church where a funeral was just finishing, for it's final moments in the same cemetery... I mean how insensitive would that have been... the grieving family seeing me pulling like a man possessed at the shrub planted above his dearly departed family members begging "Come on Granddad... LET GO! Uncle Orrin! Let go of those roots!" Yea... no shortage of potential therapy there!

After all that grave-diggin, we worked up an appetite and so had a feed of Chowder and crabcakes at the Sou'Wester restaurant in to Peggy's Cove...

And it seems that lady luck was shining on us, as well as Mother Nature and heck I'll say it, God too! 'cause not only was it sunny, warm (about 18), it was also high tide and there was a wicked wind. The waves were BEE-YUO-TEE-FULL! It was just the right mix of everything, and thankfully not a lot of tourists , so that we could enjoy or time out on the rocks and take some mighty impressive pics...

and just for you doubters, a vid too of the true majesty and beauty of the place...

THIS is why I come back tine after time after time...

Oh yea Leo came with us too!...

After a couple hours in the Cove we took a short drive over to this part of the coast that me and friends had gone hiking on for years and affectionately called 'The Barrens' Now it IS and ISN'T barren. It's mostly Glacial deposits of Granite boulders, and march, peat-mossy bogs and hummocks, stunted pine trees, and bayberry bushes. Outcroppings, and cliffs, impressive vistas and dream-like landscapes, almost as not of this planet. Add to this the Autumn colours, and clear skies and fabulous waves...

(in the distance of the next pic you can faintly see Peggy's Cove and the Lighthouse)

...and we lost total track of time! We were supposed to be home by 6 pm for our Thanksgiving dinner, and we only started back to the car at 5:30! A quick call to Mom, to give a 'late heads up' and we were on our way home.

Only 40 minutes late, and we tucked into a Thanksgiving feast! Turkey, stuffing and gravy, potatoes, turnip, squash, carrots and sweet potatoes! We ate well for certain....

Unfortunately for me, it seemed that both my Great Uncle Orrin and Grandfather won the tug of war... Seems I buggered my back., or more correctly REbuggered my back. I have two herniated disks from a work accident back in the mid 90's and that workout at the cemetery certainly unleased a new hell in my lower spine. As I was preparing the Apple Cobbler for dessert I bent down to pick up the bag of apples and ended up fetal on the floor for the better part of 20 mins before I was able to regain enough composure to stand and finish the cobbler and then retreat to the loving embrace of a heating pad and a back brace I borrowed from my father. (Not only do we share devilish good looks but we too share many of the same ailments... diabetes, high cholesterol, and bad backs... and I hope that's where it ends... )

After ingesting not only a little cobbler and ice cream (natch!) and a couple pain killers, we settled down to watch THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT! - part 1 (a 4 part DVD set I gave mom a few Christmases back...) It's one of many things my Mother and I share... Musicals. :-)

And in no time at all... we were all headed to slumber.


Monday, we took dad to the Dartmouth General for his weekly blood work (for his therapy) and then we went down to the Eastern Passage and the Fishermen's Cove area, had lunch at Boondocks...

...and then walked around a bit... did some shopping, took some pictures...

(you can faintly see Halifax in the distance... to the left of the wheel)

... and then dropped Dad off at home for a nap, heh, and went over for one more visit with the grande dame of the family. :) From there we went down to the Historic Properties with the double intention of having a COWS Ice Cream, and as well getting JB a ball cap, but alas... they were closed for the season... )sorry JB... next trip down...) So we walked around a bit more, did some more shopping and had gelato on the boardwalk... took the bridge back to Dartmouth once last time...

... had dinner with Dad and then headed to the airport to come on back to Montréal... but not before our traditional pic with the Lobster! :-)

I can't help but miss the place the instance I leave, looking forward to our next trip back and what wonders of my homeland I can share with Didier (and then all of you) next...

eight minus one equals seven

Well the only surprise tonight was...

well ok, there were no surprises.

1) We got to see Marie Osmond eat dance floor no less than three times, and they talked about it 3 more times without the video clip.

2) Happily Mark Cuban - and sadly Kym Johnson - were voted off.

3) Jennifer Lopez wore baggy clothing that would not reveal her 'bun in the oven' condition.

Let's see what happens next week with the group Jive.

Dancing... in the dark.

Ok Yea, I got lots to share about our trip out East, great visit with the parentals and the grand-parental and all, but that's gonna have to wait til this evening when I can add pics from home... (and video of the amazing wave action out at Peggy's Cove)

... more importantly...

I MISSED Dancing with the Stars last night! We were were 30 kms high at the time, and wouldn't you just know Jazz / Air Canada thought my request to have CTV broadcast on air while we flew was just not acceptable... bitches!

... and last night of all nights... what with Marie fainting and all... *I* had to hear it from Cat and Lisa this morning on the Mix while getting ready for work... Such dra-ma, and I missed it. Sure I saw it on Canada AM a few minutes later, but that was on tape... not nearly as dramatic as it would have been LIVE.


Oh well, I hear my Sabrina did good, so that's all that matters... Annnnnnnnnnd tonight on the Results Show, it's none other than J-Lo, Mz. Jenny-from-the-Block, Mrs. Marc Anthony, - or is HE Mr Jennifer Lopez?!- either way, should be a good night...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

We're leaving, on a jet plane...

...don't know when we'll be back again...

Ok well the last part ain't true. We'll be back on Monday evening.

...just headin east for an extnda-weekend to visit the parentals, the grand-parental and a few other biological relation type folk...

Turkey dindins, some shopping, a walk on a beach, relaxing and resting and some Cows ice cream... YUM!

Smell ya later blog-type people...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

turkey and other old birds...

On Thursday afternoon, we're headed back to the coast for a postponed Thanksgiving, and among my priorities, aside from seeing my Parents, and a Thanksgiving Feast with a big ol' Turkey with all the finxins, is to introduce my 94 year old Grandmother to my, *GASP* same sex partner... YIKES! When we were 'home' in August, I visited her alone and she gave me a real 'what for' for not taking him with me.

I LOVE my visits with this tough as nails old bird... (Once after driving herself to the emergency after dislocating her shoulder, and not approving of the Dr on duty, she returned home, put it in traction herself - Luckily she was a long time Registered Nurse and knew what she was doing!)

I love talking to her, about her family, OUR family, many of whom I never met, or only have faint glimmers and memories of... When talking with her once ,she was upset that my Mother had a plot with my Father at another cemetery and so now in her family plot there would be an empty space where my Mother would have been lain next to her. She was distraught that 'they'll probably throw in someone I don't know and I'll have to spend the rest of days next to someone I know I won't like!" I said, if she wanted, that I'd be her eternal neighbour, to which she agreed! We're a lot alike her and I... I think because we're both Pisces (our birthdays are only 6 days apart) we are truly 2 peas in a pod. She calls me her 'favourite' and has no problem telling both her own children (my mother and Uncle) this. The thing is I really don't doubt it.

As she is getting up there, she is pretty much house bound due to decreased locomotion. Both my Mother and Uncle visit every couple of days to ensure all is well and take her out, or run her errands for her, help out with household chores and so on... not that she likes this lack of control and often vocalizes her displeasure, indicating she'd far rather it was I there with her, and on every visit asks if I'd come live with her. Sweet.

Unfortunately, she's currently in the hospital. She's been in since Oct7th. She was actually in the Emergency from 5 am Sunday the 7th to 4:30 PM on Tuesday the 9th !!! And I know she's really not doing well, because it was SHE the requested to be taken to the hospital... (and she REALLY doesn't like hospitals...) and she didn't complain about being in the Emergency for two and a half days...

I don't even know if she'll be out when we get there. For her sake I hope she is... she's far better off in her home, even if that means she'll need to have a nurse visit daily or every other day or so...

She LOVES to talk (and by 'talk' I mean bitch) about politicians. She's got her opinions and she WILL give them to you, whole heartedly, and unabashedly. It will be interesting how introducing her to Didier will play out. She's never been fond of most of the main Canadian Politicians, especially the french ones. heh... I know she'll be a sweetheart, but I also know she'll make some mention of the fact that Didier is french, to which I have already indicated to Didier he should make clear he's from France not a Québec... a distinction that means many things to many people. ;-) ...maybe she'll go easier on him!


Overall, we're looking forward to a couple days relaxation with my parents, visiting my Grandmother and also my Aunt Eileen.

I'm truly thankful, be it on Thanksgiving, (official date or otherwise) for my family.


Heck while we're there maybe we'll sneak in a visit to a beach (for a long walk) or a museum... and maybe some shopping...

ok definitely some shopping.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

nine minus one equals eight

CHRIST! What the hell people? Mel and Maksim in the bottom two?

Time to get your collective head outta your ass!
Sure, it's no surprise that Floyd and Karina are gone. ..

Yes there was improvement but there was no way he was going to last much longer. I'm just surprised that it was before Mark and Kym?!!? It's obvious that the Millionaire is buying votes , 'cause there's NO other reason that makes sense why he should still be there, let alone NOT in the bottom two.

And is it just me or has Dancing With the Stars run out of quality musical guests. Talk about crash and burn. Sure the back up singers are good at their covers each week, but I mean really... And then Wayne Newton?!?! Who is going to sing next week William Hung?

Please... DWtS... get some real guests... and America, lets just drop the deadwood, huh?

Dear James

You depressing, moaning Brit.
You can't rhyme for shit.

See that?
Right there?

Shit and Brit R-H-Y-M-E.

Sure I know you don't HAVE to make words rhyme to write a great song, nor will it make or break your career... but I guess, I just expected more from you.

For the record...

Simona does not rhyme with Older.
(no matter how poorly you pronounce BOTH words)

Been does not rhyme with Skin.

Simona also does not rhyme with This.

Strong does not rhyme with Gone.
(Close. But close only counts in Horse-Shoes and Hand-Grenades)

*we not interrupt this rant for to dispense a kudo*

Night DOES rhyme with Light.
(It had to happen eventually...)

*And now back to our regularly scheduled rant*

Simona also does not rhyme with Sober.
(...but they do both start with an S... so, good for you!)

Now does not rhyme with Gone.

...and finally Simona also does not rhyme with Over.

And what sort of name is Simona anyway?!?! I know people named Simon and Simone, but Simona?!?! Nope, never met a Simona in my life...

Nice way to TRY and make a name rhyme with another word. You tried to rhyme Simona four times, and in every attempt failed. Hell, even when Dr Suess makes up a word it still actually rhymes with a real word... "

Yours truly,

ps. See... I just did it again!

Monday, October 15, 2007

It is SO ON!

What a night!

Even Mark and Kym (bless her) were good tonight... Well not GREAT, but ... great. Consider that at the bottom of the lederboard, they had a score of 22, and then consider that is only 8 points from the leaders at 30. That's pretty damn incredible.

It's not easy but I'm gonna have to say Mark and Kym will be out tomorrow night, either that or Floyd. He's really improving, but he and Karina leave me cold, I feel no passion of the dance from Floyd, only a passion to win... and there is a difference.

On to more important matters...

I've made my decision...

As much as I love Mel and Maksim, (hey! she's a spice girl and he's a hawtie) and Helio and Julianne (they really are a graceful couple)

... my pick for the season is Sabrina and Mark. They are too freaking incredible! They just completely impress the socks off me (ok if I was wearing socks...) Not only the first Tens... but THREE - TENS! ... not that this is the only reason I'm picking them. All three teams mentioned are my favourites. And even after them I love Jennie and Derek too, but at a certain point we have to pick, and pick I have.

... and Ma... *cough cough* what say you?

And what are our wagers to be?

Weekend at/with the movies...

Well as we're both still in serious recovery mode (It's not more than a week for both of us and one nasty flu bug) we decided we'd just kick back and watch movies.

On Friday night we watched Elizabeth (with Kate Blanchett) on DVD. I originally saw this film in theatre, which I'm glad because even with HD and surround 5.1 sound, you just gotta see such a magnificent visual film on the 'big screen' But I'll watch it over and over at home still...

I am really impressed with Blanchett, and even if I poo-pooed the film Babel, I'm still a huge fan. She CAN act! And of course having such a hawties as Joseph Fiennes and Eric Cantona in the film doesn't hurt either! ;-)

I have to admit I enjoy watching films about Kings, and especially Queens (don't go there!)... but I really lose a gasket for anything about Elizabeth (the first) and I think, bar none, this is one of the best portrayals ever.


On Saturday afternoon we bundled up and headed to the Theatre formally known as Paramount (still cannot get used to saying 'Cinéma Banque Scotia Montréal'... it just ain't got that zing) and we saw Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Some might say the first was far superior, but I happen to think they both stand on their own and are rather equal in their precision and cinematic elegance.

What is nice is that one not need have seen the first to see the second, but I highly recommend doing as we had, and that is to watch them in relative closeness... And we're not let down without any delicious eye candy in this instalment of the live of Elizabeth Regina... there is the every handsome Daniel Craig as the Sir Walther Raleigh

Again I am impressed with Blanchett. You really don't feel as though you're watching an actor, you're seeing the actual person.

And when this one comes out on DVD it will be among my collection for certain.


When we got home from the theatre we took a rest and at 9pm we watched Apocalypto. Now this is a film I'm sad to say we did not see in the theatre. I only wished we had. Some truly incredibly scenery and remarkable scenes, especially the 'captive's march into the city' and the 'sacrifice'. While I found the length of the chase (after the corn field) a bit far fetched, it was none the less a very hypnotic film. Say what you want about Mel Gibson this was incredible. Just a skotch violent, but we knew that going in, so no harm, no foul....


Misster-Kitty gives Elizabeth, Elizabeth: The Golden Age and Apocalypto, all, ten hairballs outta ten!


so did y'all see anything good?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Coincidence, I think not

So I had a conversation yesterday with a client, and by 'conversation' I mean she mouthed off ad nausium and I pretended to listened.

The women gives 'Bitch' a bad name. She is caustic, demonic, outright obnoxious. And even though I was already thinking she was "Satan Spawn", she validated my thoughts when she gave me her direct extension, that I was to use when I followed up with her in 30 mins...

Her extension is 666. I shit you not people. Her extension is the number of the beast.

Kelli at the desk next to me heard me confirm the number, and when I got off the phone she said, "I'd be changing the number right away if I was her." I said, "Highly unlikely, my guess is she requested it."

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

7 Random things about me (Meme)

The Urban Pedestrian tagged me and so, being the good blogger that I am, I will continue the MEME and will also tag others...

1) I collect Teddy Bears. I have about 25 'regular' teddies and about 50 beanies, and many others for Christmas decorating (40+)

2) I quit smoking on Aug 16 2005 and am so terribly grateful that I did with the support of Didier, however, I still crave them often, almost daily, and if it were proven that smoking were not hazardous I would start back in an instant.

3) I used to have a part time job with the Anatomy Dept. of Dalhousie University, a task of which was delivering cadavers to the Anatomy Classes.

4) I believe in ghost and most things paranormal and supernatural. I'm also incredibly superstitious. I also believe in UFOs and the existence of extraterrestrial life.

5) I've watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation over 500 times.

6) I hate mushrooms. I will however eat them in 3 specific exceptions:
-on a Pizza
- in Spaghetti Sauce
-in Hot and Sour Soup
Otherwise I will pick around them and leave them on my plate.

7) If I could be anything in the world, I'd be a vampire.

And now I tag:
Ma Horton
Everything but Poopie John

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

ten minus one equals nine

Well no surprises here...

Auf wiedersehen Wayne. Cheryl, lets hope next season you get a better partner...

I was a little surprised it was Floyd in the bottom two, and not Mark, but then no one seemed more surprised than me and that was Mark and Kym. Not that She deserves to be there, but like Cheryl she got a dud for a dance partner...

I'd venture to guess that next week though that Kym and Mark will be in the bottom two, along with Floyd and Karina.


Seal was incredible. The man is no classic beauty but he oozes pure sexuality and charisma. I'm looking forward to his latest CD now more than ever.

What I fail to understand is why along with Sea, there was another 'musical' guest, that of last season's painful reject Billy Ray and his daughter... Can someone please explain? Was DWTS under some loop-hole contractual agreement to bring him back for one more episode?!

Monday, October 8, 2007

There are only two choices...

(I'm sick as a dog right now so this is gonna be short 'n sweet.)
Wayne Newton or Mark Cuban. One of them has got to go tomorrow night.
Watching them is more painful that pulling out fingernails.
The rest however are really pulling out all the stops. I even thought Cameron and Floyd improved... (who knew)
Ok well like I said... sick as a dog here. Going to bed.


Sunday, October 7, 2007

Turkey Interrupted...

Originally the plan was that Didier and I would meet my parents at the summer home on PEI for Thanksgiving to close it up for the season, but then due to Dad's chemo he is not allowed to travel, at all. So that was out.

We were then gonna go fly down and visit for thanksgiving, but we couldn't find any half decent airfare. (There ain't nothing fare about airfare) For what it would have cost we could have gone to Europe and back!

Finally though, we found some tickets that would not negate our intended retirement at the age of 65. So, we're flying down in two weeks and going to have our Thanksgiving then.


On a side note, Dad is doing well, all things considered. His Doctor is more than satisfied with how his body is reacting to the treatments. The only down to this is that a week ago he got some bone marrow test results back and it seems there are traces of the lymphoma in his marrow. And like you would imagine that's not good. Technically he should now, not been admitted to the clinical trial as it was meant for only stage 1-3 patients and with the marrow results he's technically stage 4. This was apparently known to the Trial Dr's and head Nurse prior though, so until he goes in next Tuesday, we can only assume that because it was only trace amounts, that they let him participate.

Fingers crossed to Tuesday.


But because I cannot wait for a good turkey dinner, Didier and I are having a few friends over tomorrow for turkey and all the fixin's!

For those of you in Turkey-Mode, be it today, or tomorrow, in two weeks or in November, (a la America) I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and hope that you are sharing it with those you're truly thankful to have in your life, that's what it's all about.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Betcha can't...

While sitting in your chair, raise your right foot off the floor.

Then begin to rotate your foot, clockwise.

While continuing to rotate your right foot, raise your right arm and draw in the air the number six...

Keep trying... you can't do it.. can you?

Is that not FREAKY!?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

This is EXACTLY what I'm talking about!

I could just puke!

Please tell me I'm not the only one completely and utterly horrified by this...

Pair dodges jail terms in fatal high-speed crash.

You can click on the link to read the full report, but basically these two yahoos were speeding (estimated speed of 150 km) and hit the car of a couple coming home from a dinner celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary. The couple die.

The two accused were given the following sentences:

20-year-old Ruben Rodrigues, who pleaded guilty in May to two counts of dangerous driving causing death, received a house arrest term of two years and a five-year driving ban.

And 19-year-old Marco Gasparro, who pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, received an 18-month driving ban and a $2,000 fine.

Ouch, that's really tough huh?


And then I read this:

The judge in the case said Rodrigues and Gasparro were not street racing, but speeding. The pair was not intoxicated and did not run a red light at the intersection where the crash occurred, court heard.

The judge also took into account Rob Manchester had nearly twice the legal limit of alcohol in his system when his car was hit.

OK now I can appreciate the fact that the dead man was over the limit and ought not to have been driving, but then we can't convict him because these two snots hit him at a speed at least 50 KM minimum over the limit, and in case you missed it... he and his wife are DEAD.

The parents of a little 8 year old girl are dead. That's it. They won't be for all those milestones yet to come... her first kiss from a boy, her first date, her prom, her graduation from university, her marriage, her first child and all the other too numerous to mention.

Yes, the father should have not been driving and I'm in NO WAY defending his actions...
But the fact remains... two people are dead and because the speeders weren't drunk and didn't run a red light they get off with a slap on the wrist.

Pardon me, but that's just fucking stupid!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

eleven minus one equals ten

And so it goes....

America has voted off both Models (one female, the other male) in back to back elimination rounds. Tonight we say goodbye to Albert Reed and his partner Anna Trebunskaya.

Well I'm not surprised, I thought it would be either him, or the billionaire... Mark. I just knew that even if Wayne Newton was in the bottom, he'd not be out yet...

What was a surprise and a bit of a shock was that of Jane Seymore's absence. She received a call after last night's show indicating that her mother had just passed away. Sad for any one, but it was her mother that had inspired Jane to participate in the show as she was an avid fan of the original British version. She has indicated that she will continue to participate and that she will dedicate the rest of her time on the show in memory of her mother. Sweet and touching for sure.


Queen Latifiah's two performances tonight were wonderful. I especially loved the 2nd number, "California Dreamin'" one of my all time fav Mamas and the Papas songs. She really did a great job with it. I'll be checking into her new album I think.


And so, two weeks into the season and the quote, unquote pretty people are gone. I guess that means, Cameron is next. ;-)

What the hell people?!

Ok, so I know there's always a lot of death and destruction, and otherwise violent actions daily around the globe... in the Middle East, in the far East and so on, but here in Canada? This morning I have read the following four news articles:

"Woman who was 7-months pregnant stabbed to death"

"N.S. beating victim: 'I just wanted them to stop'"

"Man charged in death of Alta. teen hit by pickaxe"

"Downtown beating. 4 Men in twenties brutally attack man"

This last one only a 5 blocks from my home....

How did we get here?

Most of these violent acts were by people under the age of 20, and of that many are protected by the 'young offenders act'. The key word that unfortunately is not being addressed seriously enough in that is "offender"

Each of these acts, by themselves are sick and disturbing, but when you put them together in such close proximity, it really makes you wonder. It really blows my mind away...

When I was a teenager, I can assure you the farthest thing from the realm of possibility was attacking someone or being attacked in such an horrific and disturbing way... and for the most minuscule and unimaginably insignificant reasons. It wasn't on the radar. And if I felt wronged by an individual or society, I sure as hell had the common sense to rationalize it and not attack anyone. Christ, the worst thing we did as teens as sneak a cigarette behind the school or maybe skip school, or sneak a drink for our parents liquor cabinets.

I have a real issue with young folks being protected due to their age. I'm sorry, if you can hold a girl down for 3 hours and beat her to the point of unconsciousness, if you can stab a 7 month pregnant woman to death, if you can wield a pick-axe and deliver a fatal blow to another's skull, if you can with a group of 'friends' leave another girl for dead under a bridge, if you can kill your parents and younger brother, then you my friend are going to court as an 'adult'. Screw the Young Offenders Act and Screw You!

You didn't have a great time in High School? Boo-hoo No one did!

You had an early curfew? Boo-hoo, we all had one, and there ought be MORE with them now!

You weren't the Popular kid? Boo-hoo, it ain't all it's cracked up to be.

Or you WERE the popular kid and though that excused the behaviour? Boo-hoo, this ain't a movie.

You weren't invited to a party? Boo-Hoo, have your OWN!

PLEASE! Grow the *BLEEP* up! Grow a pair!

And if you want to say, "well, they started" then, it - is - on!

You want to play 'an eye for an eye', then realize that the rule damn well apply to YOU! I have to say, I never really thought of corporal punishment as the answer, but it seems our justice system is a potent as Bob Dole BEFORE the little blue pill commercials. It difficult to take a life as penalty, but jeez-louise I'd love to be the one to give these types a seriously good old fashioned thrashing. I don't like thinking that way, wanting to harm a person because they harmed another, but I can't help it.

The OPP just started to impound cars for those found excessively speeding and I say IT'S ABOUT TIME! I love the article I read where the teenage boy was crying when his mother's car was impounded. Good on ya punk, If you ever get behind the wheel again you'll not be the same snot nosed brat trying to impress his friends and maybe 'get some'. We need to find something with this level of severity to counter all the violent acts being perpetrated these days. There's got to be something more drastic, more befitting the crime than weak, minimum sentences or 'detention' in a youth facility. I don't know what the answer is but there's got to be something?

A few ideas do spring to mind...

The guilty be required to repair/clean/replace the damage they caused, and out of their own pocket. Thereafter they be required to continue community service of no less than 100 hours per offence; activities to include: street and sidewalk cleaning, garbage collection, snow shovelling and so on. - UNPAID

The guilty be required to repair/clean/replace the damage they caused, and out of their own pocket. Hell yes be responsible for REBUILDING what was torched. And if it's a Park or other verdant land, they should be forced (a la chain gang) to replant trees etc. Thereafter they be required to continue community service of no less than 200 hours per offence; activities to include: street and sidewalk cleaning, garbage collection, snow shovelling and so on. - UNPAID

Violent attacks:
Mandatory organ donation upon their own death. I figure SOME good should come out of their decrepid lives, to try and actually SAVE people, HEAL people. They should also be forced into Manditory jail sentences, no time off for first offense or other wimpy reason. And while in jail they should also be forced into UNPAID labour to benifit the community... and if that means sorting recycling materials, or someother menail task so be it.

Murderers/Attempted Murderers:
Minimum sentences equal to no less than 25-30 years. (Take a life, loose yours)
Mandatory organ donation upon their own death.
No entertainment.
No special privileges.
BASIC nutrition.
Menial daily UNPAID work/tasks.
No interaction with other prison population outside of 'work time'.
No exceptions.

Child Molesters/Rapists:
Life Sentences.
No entertainment.
No special privileges.
BASIC nutrition.
Menial daily UNPAID work/tasks.
Do not pass Go.
Do not get of jail free.
Do not collect $200.
No exceptions.

I could go on.... but really I think you get the idea...

Monday, October 1, 2007

To Have or Have Not... or maybe Might Have

Well it's clear....Dancing with the Stars this season is going to be cut and dry. It's all Haves and Have Nots (ok and a few Might Haves).

(in no particular order)
Mel & Maksim (They're good, and he's Hot!)
Sabrina & Mark (She's a bloody spitfire!)
Helio & Julianne (Incredible to watch. Both of them!)

Might Haves:
(in no particular order)
Jennie & Derek (She's just too damned nervous and self aware.It's like Ian last season)
Marie & Jonathan (I don't know how long she can maintain, but she was great tonight)
Jane & Tony (Ditto. I don't know if she can maintain, a bit like Leeza last season...)
Cameron & Edyta (He's everything you expect in a soap star. Hawt and dumb as a box of hair. I WANT to like him more but he makes these faces and acts like a total doofus, I can't cope. And Edyta, PLEASE wear a proper dress!)

Have NOTS!:
(in no particular disorder)
Wayne & Cheryl (instead of "danke schon " it should be "auf wiedersehen" He's painful to watch)
Mark & Kym (I really feel for this gir. She went from dancing with MY Joey, to this numbnut)
Floyd & Karina (I cannot see him improving much, not his fault really but he is a boxer and in every step, every motion I swear I expect to see him use a combo of a right jab and a left upper cut. I fear for Karina's safty.)
Albert & Anna (Male Model. Can I say more? Yes I can. He's a MODEL?!?! WTF? The only thing he's got going for him is a tight ass and that classic ballroom look... fake n bake)


Tonight was impressive, not only for the highs, but the lows.

Mel and Maksim, I loved. He melts my butter, but besides that is an amazing dancer, and he can mold his partners to amazing expertize.

Sabrina was just as I expected, dazzling!

Helio and Julianne. She freaks me out! She's soooooooooo incredible. And he's gonna go far in this competition.

I'd love to see Julianne and Maksim preform together!!!

I felt sooooooooo bad for Jennie at the end of her routine when they fell. I thought they got robbed a few points last week because they danced first and there was no possibility of comparison. I thought they were great.

Marie really impressed me as well. She was far more sultry tonight and I actually sorta half way bought it. And then. They showed Donny in the audience... Hey Donny! Enough-o with the eye-lifts!

And Cameron, good god I wanna like you more. You're got the looks, you a freaking hunkahunka, but loose the 'tude and see if you can pick up a pulse. And Edyta, I swear, thank god you wore that, er, um, what do you call that thing you wore tonight? a dress? Yea I don't think so. If it were not for SO MUCH attention being drawn to the flimsy flinging movements of that dress that was total subterfuge, Cameron's lack of real quality dancing would have been more apparent. And As I said He's hawt. I kept trying to drool over him, but that dress... it was like a train wreck. You know you should stare but you just... hafta...
Wayne and Mark, watching you dance is actually uncomfortable. I really think that sums it up... painful to watch!


My prediction for tomorrow's departure is Mark of Albert, I really think Wayne should be on the list too, but he's going to get every female vote over 50 and well lets face it, aside from Gay Men 20-80) the next biggest demographic of this show has got to be post-menopausal women...

So what did y'all think?