Monday, October 1, 2007

To Have or Have Not... or maybe Might Have

Well it's clear....Dancing with the Stars this season is going to be cut and dry. It's all Haves and Have Nots (ok and a few Might Haves).

(in no particular order)
Mel & Maksim (They're good, and he's Hot!)
Sabrina & Mark (She's a bloody spitfire!)
Helio & Julianne (Incredible to watch. Both of them!)

Might Haves:
(in no particular order)
Jennie & Derek (She's just too damned nervous and self aware.It's like Ian last season)
Marie & Jonathan (I don't know how long she can maintain, but she was great tonight)
Jane & Tony (Ditto. I don't know if she can maintain, a bit like Leeza last season...)
Cameron & Edyta (He's everything you expect in a soap star. Hawt and dumb as a box of hair. I WANT to like him more but he makes these faces and acts like a total doofus, I can't cope. And Edyta, PLEASE wear a proper dress!)

Have NOTS!:
(in no particular disorder)
Wayne & Cheryl (instead of "danke schon " it should be "auf wiedersehen" He's painful to watch)
Mark & Kym (I really feel for this gir. She went from dancing with MY Joey, to this numbnut)
Floyd & Karina (I cannot see him improving much, not his fault really but he is a boxer and in every step, every motion I swear I expect to see him use a combo of a right jab and a left upper cut. I fear for Karina's safty.)
Albert & Anna (Male Model. Can I say more? Yes I can. He's a MODEL?!?! WTF? The only thing he's got going for him is a tight ass and that classic ballroom look... fake n bake)


Tonight was impressive, not only for the highs, but the lows.

Mel and Maksim, I loved. He melts my butter, but besides that is an amazing dancer, and he can mold his partners to amazing expertize.

Sabrina was just as I expected, dazzling!

Helio and Julianne. She freaks me out! She's soooooooooo incredible. And he's gonna go far in this competition.

I'd love to see Julianne and Maksim preform together!!!

I felt sooooooooo bad for Jennie at the end of her routine when they fell. I thought they got robbed a few points last week because they danced first and there was no possibility of comparison. I thought they were great.

Marie really impressed me as well. She was far more sultry tonight and I actually sorta half way bought it. And then. They showed Donny in the audience... Hey Donny! Enough-o with the eye-lifts!

And Cameron, good god I wanna like you more. You're got the looks, you a freaking hunkahunka, but loose the 'tude and see if you can pick up a pulse. And Edyta, I swear, thank god you wore that, er, um, what do you call that thing you wore tonight? a dress? Yea I don't think so. If it were not for SO MUCH attention being drawn to the flimsy flinging movements of that dress that was total subterfuge, Cameron's lack of real quality dancing would have been more apparent. And As I said He's hawt. I kept trying to drool over him, but that dress... it was like a train wreck. You know you should stare but you just... hafta...
Wayne and Mark, watching you dance is actually uncomfortable. I really think that sums it up... painful to watch!


My prediction for tomorrow's departure is Mark of Albert, I really think Wayne should be on the list too, but he's going to get every female vote over 50 and well lets face it, aside from Gay Men 20-80) the next biggest demographic of this show has got to be post-menopausal women...

So what did y'all think?


Ma Horton said...

I am still reserving my latte bet until one more episode ..but I think I have it in the bag .

Maria said...

I started watching for a few minutes just because of your recommendation but after that girl had to get etiquette classes from grandma dynamite it was time to switch.

That show is painful to watch - for me!

Misster Kitty said...

Same here Ma... I am torn beteween 2 women and one of the men. I need another week. but then... WE ARE ONNNNNNN!

Maria... You need to kinda ignore all the interview-y stuff before the dances...