Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend at/with the movies...

Well as we're both still in serious recovery mode (It's not more than a week for both of us and one nasty flu bug) we decided we'd just kick back and watch movies.

On Friday night we watched Elizabeth (with Kate Blanchett) on DVD. I originally saw this film in theatre, which I'm glad because even with HD and surround 5.1 sound, you just gotta see such a magnificent visual film on the 'big screen' But I'll watch it over and over at home still...

I am really impressed with Blanchett, and even if I poo-pooed the film Babel, I'm still a huge fan. She CAN act! And of course having such a hawties as Joseph Fiennes and Eric Cantona in the film doesn't hurt either! ;-)

I have to admit I enjoy watching films about Kings, and especially Queens (don't go there!)... but I really lose a gasket for anything about Elizabeth (the first) and I think, bar none, this is one of the best portrayals ever.


On Saturday afternoon we bundled up and headed to the Theatre formally known as Paramount (still cannot get used to saying 'Cinéma Banque Scotia Montréal'... it just ain't got that zing) and we saw Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Some might say the first was far superior, but I happen to think they both stand on their own and are rather equal in their precision and cinematic elegance.

What is nice is that one not need have seen the first to see the second, but I highly recommend doing as we had, and that is to watch them in relative closeness... And we're not let down without any delicious eye candy in this instalment of the live of Elizabeth Regina... there is the every handsome Daniel Craig as the Sir Walther Raleigh

Again I am impressed with Blanchett. You really don't feel as though you're watching an actor, you're seeing the actual person.

And when this one comes out on DVD it will be among my collection for certain.


When we got home from the theatre we took a rest and at 9pm we watched Apocalypto. Now this is a film I'm sad to say we did not see in the theatre. I only wished we had. Some truly incredibly scenery and remarkable scenes, especially the 'captive's march into the city' and the 'sacrifice'. While I found the length of the chase (after the corn field) a bit far fetched, it was none the less a very hypnotic film. Say what you want about Mel Gibson this was incredible. Just a skotch violent, but we knew that going in, so no harm, no foul....


Misster-Kitty gives Elizabeth, Elizabeth: The Golden Age and Apocalypto, all, ten hairballs outta ten!


so did y'all see anything good?

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