Friday, January 30, 2009


Maria said "FUCK"!!!

While we're on the subject

…of unfit Mothers…

If you’re in Canada you probably recall the case from this time last year of the missing child in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. 12 year old Karissa Boudreau went missing, supposedly after getting into an argument with her mother.

Well the Mother who, back in the day made a heartfelt plea to the media for the safe return of her beloved daughter, this morning has pleaded guilty to murdering her daughter and was immediately sentenced to life in prison with no eligibility of parole for 20 years.

While it won’t bring back Karissa, it is at least a momentary blip on the horizon that justice has been served… somewhat.

I say somewhat because the REASON for the ‘mother’ to have strangled her own daughter is because the woman’s boyfriend gave her an ultimatum: either the daughter had to go, or he would leave. Now there was obviously some serious mental if not physical abuse going on in that relationship, but I can think of no bond STRONGER than a Mother and her child, and so instead of breaking away from that asshole she chose to kill her daughter.

So, I’d like to see the boyfriend be brought up on charges as well and have his sorry ass thrown in prison as well. Is he not an accomplice? Did he not foster the environment to the act? Did he not aid in the overall sad, terrifically tragic story that has resulted? Whether he actually said “Kill your daughter or I’m leaving” is mute. If he Did give the ultimatum that she claims then I’d like to see a little justice land on his sorry head as well…

…unless of course he DIDN’T actually give the ultimatum and the woman lied about this too. But my guess is he did, and she did and so Karissa is dead, at the hands of her Mother and he’s out there to fuck up the lives of more women

Justice has been half served today…

This just ain't right...

So remember the other day when that woman in the Sates squeeze out EIGHT kids…

...well it seems more is know about them now.,.. they are already live with her parents and her OTHER SIX children. In a 3 bedroom house. There seems no mention of a Father Figure, but we can safely assume it’s not George Michael.

- - - - -

Mother of California octuplets has 6 other children
Fri. Jan. 30 2009
The Associated Press

WHITTIER, Calif. -- The woman who gave birth to octuplets this week has six other children and never expected to have eight more when she took fertility treatment, her mother said.

Angela Suleman said her daughter expects a big challenge raising 14 children. The good news, she said, is all the babies appear healthy

"I looked at those babies. They are so tiny and so beautiful," Suleman told The Los Angeles Times on Thursday.

Suleman's daughter gave birth to the octuplets Monday at a hospital in Bellflower but has requested that doctors keep her name confidential. [1] Media knew little about the woman until a family acquaintance told CBS' "The Early Show" on Thursday that the mother is "fairly young" and lives with her parents and her six children, including twins.

Within hours, media had camped out at the family's home in Whittier, where the babies' grandfather pulled up in a minivan in the evening and briefly spoke to The Associated Press. Beside him were two children -- a 7-year-old and 6-year-old -- who said they were excited to have eight new siblings.

But the grandfather warned that media may have a tougher time finding the family after the babies are released from the hospital.

"We have a huge house, not here," said the man, who would only identify himself as Ed. "You are never going to know where it is." [2]

Suleman said her daughter had embryos implanted last year, and after finding out she was pregnant with multiple babies was given the option by doctors of selectively reducing the number of embryos. The woman declined.

"What do you suggest she should have done? She refused to have them killed," Suleman told the Times. "That is a very painful thing."

Dr. Harold Henry said the woman was already pregnant when she came to Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center, and she was counselled on the option of aborting some of the fetuses. Doctors had been expecting only seven babies, but an eighth was born in the cesarean delivery.

The six boys and two girls, the second octuplets born alive in the United States, have garnered worldwide attention as media have attempted to find out more about the mother and her family. Hours after media gathered outside the Whittier home, Kaiser issued a statement on behalf of the mother requesting privacy.

"Please know, in our own time, we will share additional details about this miraculous experience," the statement read. "The babies continue to grow strong everyday and make good progress. My family and I are ecstatic about all of their arrivals. Needless to say the eighth was a surprise to us all, but a blessing as well."

Dr. Mandhir Gupta said seven of the babies were breathing without assistance. One was still receiving oxygen through a tube in his nose.

Seven of the infants were being tube-fed donated breast milk. One of the boys was expected to begin feedings Friday.

All babies continued to receive an intravenous nutritional combination. They were expected to remain in the hospital for several more weeks.

Some fertility specialists have said the children face increased health risks because they are octuplets and born nine weeks premature. At birth, they ranged between 1 pound, 8 ounces and 3 pounds, 4 ounces.

Doctors say they advise against higher-order births, but acknowledge the decision is not theirs to make.

"Who am I to say that six is the limit?" said Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg, medical director of Fertility Institutes, which has clinics in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York City. "There are people who like to have big families."

Dr. James Grifo, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the NYU School of Medicine, added: "I don't think it's our job to tell them how many babies they're allowed to have. I am not a policeman for reproduction in the United States. My role is to educate patients." [3]

- - - - -

Do the math people. In that 3 bedroom house there are 3 adults and 6 children already, and now… that’s 14 children.

I am gob-smacked that a ‘Mother of six’ is even allowed to be put on fertility drugs in the first place.

Conservative estimates say now that raising a child from birth to the age of 17 will cost $300,000.00, Multiply that by 14 and you’ve got a bill of $4,200,000.00.

Yea I think it’s freaky amazing that she gave birth to eight babies, but it’s totally un-natural and if she didn’t have such advanced medical assistance my guess is that none of them would have made it to term, let alone survived. But then, a woman giving birth to 8 children at once is statistically, freakishly miniscule… humans just ARE NOT built like that. She’d not even have become pregnant with 8 in the first place.

I think the Fertility Doctor that was involved here needs to have their practice put under immediate review. Sure it may not be the Doctors job to tell her she already has 6 kids and that’s enough, but there SHOULD be something in place that should be waving red flags and screaming DANGER WILL ROBINSON! DANGER! When a young woman, already the mother of SIX is undergoing fertility treatment…

It might be judgemental of me, but I don't care; it’s JUST NOT RIGHT.

[1] Um, I’m no rocket scientist here (but I was an honour roll student in high school) and I can safely guess that if her PARENTS have both openly offered THEIR names it’s not difficult to get their offspring’s name from public birth records or the line, not to mention walking to their next door neighbours and asking, “So how is Mary doing?” … “Her name’s not Mary, it’s Jane… oops!”, “THANK YOU”.

[2] If you HAVE a larger house then why are you currently NINE people in a 3 bedroom house.

[3] Seems you’re not doing such a great job then.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009


OK, so I KNOW there's a lot of fucked up shit out there on the web, and I'd kinda like to think that in some small way I've added to it myself... but what really flipping blows my mind is when you use Google Image Search, as I just did for the post right below this one, and typed in "Judy Tenuta" and amongst the completely, and totally unrelated images I was offered the following*...

Now, really, I'm used to finding odd shit, I honestly won't even show what came up when I did a search last night for the post about Santiago's flatulence issues... suffice to say that there were on the the first page countless images of over inflated and silicon injected 'ladies' in various poses and positions with many an unsavoury man... sometimes a couple of men...

I mean come on here people, I typed in 'JUDY TENUTA' and got topless shots, one of MISS PIGGY?!?!?! and then for 'DOG FART' I got XXX Bukkake images.


Is that it?

Is that what it's come down to?
(and I apologize for that double entendre it was entirely accidental)

- - - - -

* Please note that all images have been sanitized for your protection.

Judy Tenuta, Misster-Kitty and the Pope.

Da Freekin' Pope!

OK, so maybe not the freekin' Pope, but somebody (up to possibly 3 individuals) from the Holy See a.k.a. the Vatican have been snooping 'round me bloggie-blog since October of 2008.

SHUT UP! I KNOW! I'm a little creeped out about it too! Who knows what they're really up to...

On the plus side this little tidbit of information reminded me of a GREAT routine of Judy Tenuta's where she talks about dating the Pope and then she sings a song about him.

So, in honour of his Holiness' (da Freekin' Pope) visits to Kitty I thought I'd post this clip of Judy. I highly recommend you watch the whole thing, but if you have to see ONLY the Popiness factor then skip ahead to 5:40...

and may the goddess bless you...

Happy Hump Day

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One musical closer to Apocalypse...

You might recall my dismay back in February of 2008 when I reported that it seemed that a Musical was in the works with John C. Mellencamp and Stephen King (read here)

Well now, in the ever increasing dreck that they're making into Musicals these days comes a sure sign of the End Days. I mean really, this HAS to at least the 5th or 6th seal opening...

- - - - -

Michael Jackson's 'Thriller': the Broadway musical.

The Associated Press


"Thriller" a Broadway musical?

Producer James L. Nederlander says he has acquired the rights for a stage version of Michael Jackson's iconic music-video spoof of horror films. The show will include songs from two of the pop king's best-selling albums, "Thriller" and "Off the Wall."

"The Nederlanders and Michael Jackson represent live theatre and musical excellence, so let the music begin," Tohme Tohme, a spokesman for Jackson, said Monday in a statement.

"I love the idea of making `Thriller' a musical. Girl meets boy, they fall in love, boy has big secret, now what?" said Nederlander, head of the company that owns nine Broadway theatres.

No word yet on who will write the book for the show or what songs will be included in the production, or who will direct and choreograph.

- - - - -

Isn't that more like ...

Boy meets Girl,
Boy becomes Monster,
Boy rapes and pillages little boys,
Boy's face falls off,
Girl is somewhat relieved she's not a little boy, but nonetheless utterly repulsed,
Boy finally drops off the face of the Earth.

The End.

...oh yea, throw in a couple song and dance routines, some sequins and glitter and body stockings, some date rape drugs and 'jesus juice' and a lot of out of court settlements...

...yea, I'd say this one's a winner!

¿Dónde está la careta antigás?

It's one of those good news / bad news sorta things...

Good News:

Santiago is back to more solid 'bank deposits'

Bad News:

however as an off poot, er, I mean shoot of the last couple days of the puppy poops, he's now got gas that I am sure goes against Geneva Conventions... It's some powerful stuff my friends...

And what's WORSE is the Man first thought it was me, and when I said, "it's the dog", he said I should be ashamed of myself for blaming him.. well soon enough he realized that not only was Santiago the 'Bombardier', he was also in stealth mode. Each and every one an SBDWMD

I can tell you this... if W was here, Santiago would now be at Gitmo.

So... Anyone know if Bean-O works on dogs?!

Ugly Kitty

Misster-Kitty is not happy.
In fact, Misster-Kitty is PISSED.

Seems as of March 26th UGLY BETTY is going on Hiatus. ABC says that UB is a strong show in their line up and will be back, that this is just to give a new 30 min comedy a chance (In The Motherhood with Meagan Mullally … which SHOULD make me happy because I Heart MM beaucoup, but it’s very bitter-sweet)

They also mention that the show (UB) has not been pulling in the same numbers it did a year ago… Yea, no shit! Like BEFORE last years writer’s strike when many a GREAT show suffered in the ratings after they came back. Add to that their irregular airing of new episodes this season…. Only ONE in December and so far only two in January. People stop watching when they are not seeing NEW episodes on a WEEKLY basis. Get a clue asswipes!

So YEA, Misster-Kitty is PISSED! And so are…




and Justin...

... and the rest.

So pull your heads out of your asses ABC Execs... UB is one of the Few gems you got going on, don't fuck with it!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Limey bastards!

You know, sometimes I am really amazed at the level that some will sink, and that includes the television networks, both domestic and international.

...But this story: Sky News, BBC won't broadcast Gaza charity appeal has really taken first place and is running away with a Guinness record...

Bloody hypocrites!

The BBC aired both Live Aid and Live 8 amongst other live charity events over time. What’s the difference?

It’s innocent people in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, and charities seeking donations to help those in need.

In my estimation there's not ONE network out there with the level of 'journalistic impartiality' that risks compromise; at least on any level that would further shock or offend it's viewership.

What’s changed now? Or rather what network sponsors have changed?

Oye, Mitz; what's your take on this?

For N@ and her [not so little] friend...

Don't worry crater face,
it COULD be worse...


This last one is sooo NARSTY I've included ONLY a link.
(don't say I didn't warn you!)

Click HERE if you dare.

See N@, you're doin' okay!

Gung hay fat choy

Sunday, January 25, 2009

..but who's counting?

Only 11 months 'til Christmas.

That's only 333 days.

This too, shall pass...

(pardon the pun)

You'd think that a breed of dog, from Mexico might actually be immune from Montezuma's Revenge, but then you'd be wrong.

Alas our wee little amigo Santiago is well well well under the weather and has been active from both ends.

After a call yesterday to N@ and the Vet (yes, in that order) a temporary diet of boiled chicken and rice and water administered via syringe are the menu du jour...

He's been napping in-between target practice and seems to be doing better this morning, but time is of the essence as is re-hydration... so fingers crossed on Santiago's 'Speedy Gonzalez" recovery...

Friday, January 23, 2009


No, it's not Elizabeth Taylor...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Too much info!

I swear my head nearly exploded last night!

LOST was sooooo...

All I can say is YAY! Anna-Lucia I missed her... and also Libby might be back?! YAY!

This season is gonna be whack, yo!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tonight... one word...


Happy Birthday Momma!

You can’t have a Momma’s Boy without a Momma…
...and today is my Momma’s Birthday.

I your boy Mom.

Happy Birthday.

Happy Happy Happy Happy Hump Day

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kitty Obama

It's an exciting day for not only the USofA, but for the whole of the planet.*

- - - - -

* except for Mitzi and XUP.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Observations from underground (the Metro):

- Cut in front of me to get one of the few seats available and I WILL trip you. And then smile down at you when you look up at me while I take the seat perfectly designed to cush my tush.

- If you wear a FUR COAT and have more gold and diamonds on your fingers and ears than a Rapper, then you DO NOT BELONG on the metro. And DON’T be surprised when the 15 year old girl in head to to pink camo with a nose ring and black dyed hair and more eyeliner than Amy Winehouse refuses to give you the seat she’s been sitting in for 7 metro stops already. Bitch!

- There’s a lot of woofy yumminess riding the metro during rush hour. You could get whiplash looking around. …Which is about the ONLY good reason I could ever have for getting a cell phone… to clandestinely take their pics to show you what I’m talking about.

Observations from Snowy Street level:

- If you wear sneakers in the WINTER, when it’s SNOWING and the roads and sidewalks are SLIPPERY and you fall FOUR times within ½ a block, you have no one to blame but yourself. Don’t blame the city. I might also add you look like a total knob with no gloves or hat on either …but THANK YOU ever so for the entertainment you give.

- The next bum you walk past on the street talking loudly as if he’s carrying on a conversation you only hear ½ of (the other ½ in his head); you’re probably wrong -as I was this morning- No it’s just a slovenly dressed individual talking into his blue-tooth. Whish is one of the many reasons why I won’t get a cell phone… enough people already think I’m a crazy person.

- I love the sound snow makes when you’re walking in it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ain't too proud to brag.

When we got Santiago back in December (actually as of today it's been one month) we soon noticed just how 'gifted' he was. And there's no doubt why he would have been a prized stud in the Mill where he was kept...

Since that day a few have also commented on his 'largely funded endowment’; but non come close to the words that came out of the mouth of Doctor Judith at Clinique Vétérinaire Plateau Mont-Royal this past Saturday:

“WOW! That’s quite the pair!”, and then “I don’t think I’ve EVER seen such a big pair on a Chihuahua before… you said he’s a Chihuahua, right?!", and finally “You know it’d be a shame to get him snipped.”

So yea, we are proud Papis!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Poor George

Boy George is going to the slammer for 15 months...

On the down side the streets of New York are not going to clean themselves...

On the up side, at least he'll be wearing slimming vertical stripes...

Boy George is going to the slammer for 15 months...

(and look he's already got make-up to match)

I just can't help but wonder how prophetic the opening lyrics are to his and Culture Club's #1 hit "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me"...

Give me time
To realise my crime
Let me love and steal
I have danced inside your eyes
How can I be real


Amy "Double-wide" Winehouse.

Seems Amy is over her dysfunctional relationship with Blake and is now in a new dysfunctional relationship with Krispy Kremes.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Now THAT is funny...

I admit I pinched this from N@ but I think EVERYONE has gotta see this...

Beware. The hIDES of... January

Beware the hIDES will be a monthly post showcasing what is in my humble opinion is intergalacticly divine... Leopard Print.

...but I don't take myself or the Leopard TOO seriously, lets face it,not everyone can pull off a Leopard Print outfit as stunningly or as fabulously as my soul sister Mitzi, or yours truly... but you can try...

So on the Ides of each month I'll post a pick or two in 3 categories:
Glamour Puss, BeefCake and CheeseCake...

Glamour Puss: Divine divas festooned in spotted glamour

BeefCake: Slabs of Man Meat clad in the Print of the Gods

CheeseCake: Things that make you go Hmmmmmmm

- - - - -

Glammour Puss

Miss Josephine Baker.


...sometimes less is indeed more. Much MUCH more.


Oh Britney,
I'll hit you baby one more time...
Possibly non-stop unless you promise to never do this again...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Hump Day

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

High on life... and glue.

I'm not sure if many of you, my dear, dear blog readers take the bus here in Montréal, but I'm gonna open this one up to everyone because, well, y'all amuse me...

For the past two week, an ever increasing number of the buses I am on (I take two a day, one in the morning and one on the return home) and of them well over half have REEKED to the high heaven of what I can only describe as heated model glue...

You know the glue I'm talking about...

It was in those little orange and white metal tubes for building plastic models of the Red Baron's plane, the Titanic, the General Lee and so on and so forth. You could get a good buzz off the stuff while using it legitimately... if you used it for more transcendental purposed you could really see some psychedelic shit.

While I don’t mind the odd little buzz, - ‘cause less face it, it makes the commute more tolerable – but this is not a subtle pear vanilla airwick air freshener here, it’s a mind numbing onslaught to the senses that after a few minutes goes from a mild psychotropic trip to a full on migraine and eye watering attack. I’ve sent 3 complaints to the STM so far but no reply… I live across from the CBC and down the street from CTV, I think I’m going to have to take it up a notch.

Seriously I arrived at work today feeling like I took a 5 minute bong hit, while mildly entertaining for those around me, I’m beginning to fear the amount of brain cells I’m losing while commuting to work.. and lets face it, I NEED those little grey fellas…

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Quick question...

If less is more...

...then is nothing everything?