Thursday, January 8, 2009

Israel’s Offensive on Gaza

Offensive is right!
Never has a word been more aptly chosen in my opinion.

I know this will likely ruffle a few feathers but I don’t really care… And I’ll admit from the get go that I don’t really understand all the nuance and details of the protracted drama that is Israel v. Palestine, but here’s what I do know: BOTH are to blame, both need to step up to the plate and resolve this shit soon because civilians are dropping like flies. Accept the offers from practically every nation on Earth to help resolve this, or tell the world to fuck off and finish it; NOW!

And if it’s the latter that you choose, that’s fine, I think the rest of the world has enough other shit to work on without wasting more time and money on two snot nosed brats. I say lock ‘em both in a room and the last one standing wins it all. Seriously, I think the rest of the world should just turn our collective back on BOTH of them, stop ALL trade agreements, aid packages, military and peace keeping support; they can duke it out, nuke it out, hell… bring God even deeper into it, whatever will have you two finish it... for good.

What really snags my craw about this whole mess is [and this is where I’m going to become REALLY unpopular] is that for a persecuted people -that I readily admit suffered horrendously under the Nazi regime- it just seems spectacularly, nay, obscenely hypocritical that they are not looking in their own back yard.

Please don’t get me wrong, I think the holocost is completely unforgivable, but you CANNOT seriously have experienced the holocaust 60+ years ago and then turn around and alienate, another group of people to these levels. Basically lock them into a ghetto. Sever all humanitarian ties and help, bomb them, kill them – both intended targets and countless hundreds of innocent civilians, not to mention now UN AID WORKERS, and justify that this is the only course of action possible.

And I don’t honestly give a flying fuck who sent the first bomb coursing through air; the simple fact remains that BOTH sides are responsible. Or should I say irresponsible and have the blood of countless innocent victims on their hands. I think it’s disgusting and reprehensible and completely unforgivable.

It's either time for Peace, or time to kill the dove and be done with it for once and for all.


Maria said...

I am glad you said it and it WASN'T me.

You got some BIG KAHUNA'S to say that! I salute you. Your kinda like the big brother that always says what the young ones are thinking but don't dare say for fear of getting a whopping! HEHE...

Misster Kitty said...

In all seriousness I think both sides should be eternally ashamed of their actions up to now.

It's 2009 for frick sake!

I say if Britney Spears can make yet ANOTHER come back (she's ONLY 27 and this is her what? 2nd? 3rd???), surely we ARE living in the age of Miricles... I'm waiting.

Maria said...

don't hold your breathe --- for peace on Earth or for Britney.