Monday, January 26, 2009

Limey bastards!

You know, sometimes I am really amazed at the level that some will sink, and that includes the television networks, both domestic and international.

...But this story: Sky News, BBC won't broadcast Gaza charity appeal has really taken first place and is running away with a Guinness record...

Bloody hypocrites!

The BBC aired both Live Aid and Live 8 amongst other live charity events over time. What’s the difference?

It’s innocent people in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, and charities seeking donations to help those in need.

In my estimation there's not ONE network out there with the level of 'journalistic impartiality' that risks compromise; at least on any level that would further shock or offend it's viewership.

What’s changed now? Or rather what network sponsors have changed?

Oye, Mitz; what's your take on this?


Anonymous said...

I don't know the answer. But I think this is an extremely touchy subject. Supporting this Gaza charity would definitely be construed as supporting their cause by the other side and then there would be holy hell to pay (literally). I know it should just be seen as a humanitarian thing, but it won't be -- by anyone concerned

Misster Kitty said...

And if there was support for Israeli casualties would the reaction from the BBC and SKY have been the same?

If it was refused are they Anti-Semites?

If they allowed it are then then pro Jew and anti-Palistine

This isn't a case of supporting one against the other in this case the vast majority of casulties and injured are in Gaza and as such they require the aid.

Sad that in this issue, as in so many others the most at need are ignored at the expense of not wanting to appear to malign another... It's sickening.

Mitzi said...

Kitty, I don't like talking about real life issues, but the solution to the BBC's absurd contrived dilemma about charity appeal is absolutely obvious. They should be prepared to broadcast details of charities set up for Israel as well as for Gaza. Who supports which is not a matter for teh BBC but for the general public, for that reason there is already a serious breach of impartiality and indeed,one that has been committed in a most uncharitable manner.

Misster Kitty said...

Indeed Mitz! I tend not to comment on them too often but when snags my craw I must kvetch... Your suggestion is at once simple and terribly complex and complete. Shame the asstards in charge don't see it that way.