Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dear Blonde Bitch (in the office)...

Dear Blonde Bitch.

(You know who you are. )
I'm done.

Look, I know there are over 400 people in our offices, and I don't expect you to carry on any length conversations with me in the halls as we walk past each other, but for fuck's sake, is it so hard to smile back when a person smiles at you? Or say 'Hello', or 'Hi', or 'Nice day' or "Mondays, eh?' with an ironic tone... No it isn't difficult and everyone else in the goddamned office seems capable of such benign and simple, almost instinctual niceties. It's called being polite. Look it up in the fucking dictionary.

I swear, today was the last time I attempt to be polite as I we cross paths in the hallway. I've tried all manner of polite inter office small talk and causal greetings as we pass each other. Everything from a smile to a nod, to saying: Hello", "Hi", "Bonjour", "Good morning", "Salut", "Nice day", "Bon Appetit" (as you walk past with your tray of food from the cafeteria), "Good evening" even "Have a nice weekend" and "Bon fin de semaine". See, I don't even know if you're English or French, because YOU DON'T FUCKING TALK. AT ALL. Indeed I'd have attempted conversation in any other myriad of language if I though you'd have had the common decency to respond.

But no. What have I gotten back from you? Generally a lack of any acknowledgement that I'm even there. And sometimes that stupid scrunched up face you make, like someone just farted in your face. Well you know what... I'm not ruling it out at this point.

You know what else? I asked around to see if anyone else got the same bitch-vibe from you and, no surprises here, everyone knew EXACTLY who I was talking about. "The Blonde Bitch" Oh yea, that's the name we have for you. Totally fitting, if by "Blonde" we actually meant "Cheap Bottle Blonde with Roots about 5 weeks past touch up".

It's amazing really... you are THE only person that thinks they are beyond such a simply polite gesture. Every other person I walk past, be it once a week, once a day or once an hour will at least make eye contact, smile. Hell I get more of a conversation from the cleaning staff and one of them only speaks Spanish, but at least we manage "hola" or "adiós" Christ! I pass the god-damned vice-president of our company a couple times a week, and he ALWAYS has the time and the common sense to smile, or say hello, or ask how everything's going.

And yea, I know he doesn't know my name, how long I've worked with the company, or likely what department I'm in, but he still makes the effort. And you know why? because he's a decent human being. He's just like everyone else. He puts his pants on one leg at a time. And he takes a shit just like everyone else... one turd at a time. Just. Like. You. Too.

And speaking of shit. So help me, if you don't cut out making the scrunched up face you make when you pass people, as if they smell like shit, I'm gonna slap it right off for you.

Oh, and while I'm at it... you're about 15 years past being able to wear those short skirts you wear, without making you look like a cheap tramp.

In conclusion, fuck you, 'Blonde' Bitch.
Fuck you.

Good day.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

three minus one minus one equals one

Well, America got it half right tonight...

The first to go was Maria and Jonothan...

Marie WAS entertaining, but she was not an dancer. What she WAS, was a liiiiiiiiiiiiiittle too cocky last night and tonight, and I think that she turned off a few too many of her fans, not to mention the eepy-cray doll dance last night.

And then Céline yadda yadda...

And then review and recap and review and recap and review and recap and review and recap...

And HO-LEE KRAP! how amazing were Sabrina and Mark again tonight.

And then Céline again yadda yadda yadda...

And then review and recap and review ...

And then the moment of truth...

and MY Mel and Maks...

...were eliminated. Although they too, like Sabrina and Mark, Joey and Kym are true Dancing with the Stars - Stars.

And there we have the crowned winners of the season... Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough. Kudos to them...

The ONLY concrete conclusion I can make from all of this (last season and this) is that MA and me are cursed. We are jinxed. Last season and this, our fav pairs failed to make it to the trophy. We both came close, but alas no cigars...

Close only counts in horse-shoes and hand-grenades... so Ma, what do you want to try next? Horse-Shoes or Hand Grenades?

Until next season...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Dancing with the Uncertainty

I really don't know.

I mean I've voted for Mel and Maks, but after tonight, it's really up to the public, and I don't trust America farther than I can throw it..

Ma... you best be crossing your fingers!


Snort Out Loud.

I snorted out loud today, and it's all N@'s fault!

See here's the thing... might not know it but I'm not Celine Dion's biggest fan. I'm nary her smallest fan either. I don't hate her, but I don't like here either. Lets just say, for argument's sake that I tolerate her.

What you may or may not also know, although I've been more than vocal on this point here in my blog, on crackbook and in countless email and conversations with countless people and that is that there's one song in particular that snags my craw, and that my bloglidyte friends is "One Heart".

Now you might say to your self, 'Hey Kitty, that's not such a bad song. It's even kinda catchy.' and that's just the point my friends. Yes. It's catchy. A little too catchy if you ask me. I'm convinced that there's some secret message at a high frequency that although we cannot hear it, we are being brainwashed by...

For hours after hearing The Song, I will be humming and singing it. I can't help myself. It's as if I've been hypnotized, or brainwashed into thinking I like it, and therefore I want to hear it more and to fill in the void from when I hear it on the Mix, I sing it to myself...

But the re-programming is weak and incomplete (at least for now) and I usually come to my senses within a few bars of the song.

And if it's being played while N@ is at work, I'll immediately email her. Cursing her. Hexing her. Wishing plagues on her and the station.

...which brings us back to today, and my N@ induced Snort.

At 1:40 pm todat N@ was playing THE SONG, and as soon as I heard it start I emailed her the following:

Subject: SERIOUSLY?!?!?!

Muchos Grass-Ass!
I kid!

But because N@ is evil, she knew what was coming and before I could volley off my latest hate email to her about that cursed song, she emailed me. And as my email was being sent to her, I was already received the following email from her:

Subject: hehe

Body: In fact there was no body written... she simply sent a silent sting, of another arrow through my...

One Heart... are followin'.
One dream keeps you wondering.
Love lights your way through the night...


Curse you Céline Dion!
Curse you MIX 96!
Curse you N@ 'already 35 years old' Lauzon

Even as she torments me, she makes me laugh...



Sunday, November 25, 2007

iNog v1.3

Well it's exactly one month to Christmas, so time to kick it into high gear, egg-nog wise. Time to get creative, think outside the box... and seeing as today was relatively warm, we took the opportunity to decorate outside... - the back balcony and the front window. TECHNICALLY although I say no decorations before December 1st, one must accept that even with global warming, it still gets COLD in Canada this time of year, and so putting up your Christmas Light before the 1st is perfectly acceptable.

So today to get us in the mood, (Ok I don't really need the help, I just love me an excuse to have egg-nog) I made...

Egg-Nog Pancake.

OK I can't remember where I found this recipe but WOWWEE! WOW! WOW! Gonna be making this one again!

Here's the recipe
-6 eggs (not kidding!!! I'd say 6 Lg eggs or only 5 Ex-Lg eggs)
-1 and 1/3 cups gourmet Egg Nog
-1 cup all purpose flour
-3/4 tsp ground nutmeg
-1/2 stick (1/4) butter
-1/2 cup sliced almonds (optional, I didn't have any so I used chopped walnuts instead and that was just fine!)
-maple Syrup

Preheat oven to 425 deg F.

Mix eggs in a large mixing bowl with electric mixer or food processor with metal blade.

Add egg nog, flour and nutmeg. Mix until blended. The batter will be slightly lumpy (and runny, but don't worry!)

Place butter in a 9" x 13" baking dish. Place in oven until melted; do not let it brown. Remove from oven and immediately pour batter into pan.

Sprinkle top with almonds, if desired.

Bake in middle or lower third of oven for 15-20 minutes or until puffed and golden.

Serve immediately with syrup.

Makes 6 servings.


I know it doesn't look appetizing, but I can assure you we ate almost the entire thing for breakfast this morning!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


It's Saturday night, and N@ invited the crème de la crème de la crème of Montréal society to partake in her 35th birthday spec-tac-u-lair at Spurs bar (On St-Jacques West, just after the McDo, near the 20 on-ramp)! FINALLY... a reason to wear my Country & Western Leopard print shirt!

It's a classy joint, Spurs but more on that later*...
It's all about N@ and her 35th birthday. Shut Up, I know... How does she continue to look sooooo young at her age. It's a mystery.

Here's the Birthday cow girl and yours truly... with aforementioned C&W leopard print shirt. (You think I'd make that up?!?!)

N@, Ma Horton and moi...

Dider, Ma, Me and N@...

After a few drinks... Spartacus, er, I mean Hugh Jass made an appearance...

"I am Hugh Jass"...

"NO! I am Hugh Jass"...

"NO! I am Hugh Jass"...

And what would any Birthday Shin-dig in a Honky-Tonk be without some two steppin'?!!?


M@ and her nibblet-in-law...

Moi et Ma...

Didier and MA...

Ma and N@...

A Playah and his womens...

After all the dancin' we got down to business... Apparently Dawn (N@ 's sister) has freakishly strong upper arm strength... and she likes to flaunt it. She took on many a challenger...


It continues...

...and ends in a draw...

And then I am challenged...

...For the record, it too was a draw. I'm telling you she's uber-strong... (there's something in the water up in Timmins I think) Check out how red my face is and the beads of perspiration on my forehead. At one point Dawn was all like "Let's draw. Let's draw..." and I was all like "NEEEEEEEEVVVVVERRRRRRR! But then I'm a gentleman and allowed her some dignity. HEH!
And then M@ put me in my place...

Dawn, it seems was not not happy with the draw on Arm Wrestling and so challenged me to a thumb wrestle.. She won the Right hand, I won the Left hand.
Hey Dawn... competitive much?! ;-)

And if all that joy and festivity weren't enough, Mark Bergman brought in a an over-sized cowboy hat...


It's Black Jacques Shellac...


The Sherriff and Ma...


...Needless to say a great time was had by all.

Happy 35th Birthday N@... may you have 35 more! (heh)

- - - - -

* and now back to the Spur itself... This is one. Classy. Joint.

When Didier and I arrived at Spurs at 9:00pm , aside from the bouncer, bartender, waitress and the 'band' (the music was tragic! oh my gowd! Thank god for the juke box!) we were the only ones there... After about 5 minutes, I started hearing the music from 'Deliverance' Fortunately for us both, soon N@ and family arrived and then more and more of N@ 's friends arrived.

Through the course of the evening we realized just how special a joint Spurs really is.

1) The bartender ain't so friendly, but she is, a self professed cowgirl that wanted my shirt... and I'm sure if I wasn't in such a large group of people she'd of had Bounder take it from me.

2) In the Men's Room, oh, I'm sorry... the Cowboy's Room, the decor was how shall I put it.. Bare Minimum to meet Health Inspection Regulations... Instead of, oh, I dunno, cleaning the tiles on the wall and the grout between them some cowboy Einstein got the brilliant idea to PAINT over the grout... Nice. Couldn't even stay in between the lines, or is that tiles...

And ...
3) On the ceiling of the 'Cowboy's Room' was a closed circuit Camera... Isn't that illegal?! Well at any rate I gave em a show... I guess it's only a matter of time before you see me and little Kitty on You Tube...

N@, We've decided... (Me, Didier and Valerie) that next year we have your party in a Leather Bar... I've already got ass-less chaps... so I'm ready to go! :-)

Oh and if I've forgotten to say it...


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

four minus one equals three

Well it had to either be Jennie and Derek or Maria and Jonathan that went home tonight, but in retrospect I think I'd have preferred it was Helio and Julianne...

alas it was....

Jennie and Derek.

Ultimately though it really could have been any of the others, last night was very close.

And so... going into the finals we have:
-Mel and Maksim (My preferred)
-Maria and Jonathan (the black horse if I dare say it)
-Helio and Julianne

Entertainmentwise, tonight was pretty good as well. Michael Flatley is, aside from being a pompous conceited jackass, an incredible dancer and choreographer. And his performance tonight was awesome. (Not sure I got the Airline Pilot uniforms though)

And our wee little Avril Lavigne... Well I have to give it to her, she was quite good live, a veritable M*th*rf*ck*ng Princess. Personally though I don't care for her latest single, it's anything but Hot.

And how about Sabrina and and Mark. HOO-LEE SHIIIIIIT! How bloody incredible are they? I'm sure all four remaining couples were sighing with relief that Sabrina is no longer in the competition, because that was too incredible for words... Easily a perfect score of 30, if they had have been judged. I only wish they had talked to them after their dance...

So that's just about it... 2 more nights and it's over...

Whatever will I do,
whatever shall I watch...

Frankly my Dear, I'll find a show.

Monday, November 19, 2007

DwtS: the Semi-Finals.

Great night of Dancing. Ho-lee crap!

...but two couples with double perfect scores!? Sorry, but I don't think that was right. Helio and Julianne's first dance was far from perfect and didn't deserve three 10. They were not in sync in more than one instance. It's amazing sometimes just how now observant the judges are.

I wonder who is going to be voted off. With the scores as close as they are from the judges, it's purely a popularity vote now...

...speaking of that I must go vote for Mel and Maksie...

iNog v 1.2

Classic Nog.

-Take one 'old fashioned' glass.

- add in a shot or so of Rum (I prefer amber)

- Top off with egg nog.


Weekends are too short!

Friday night was rather ho hum.. We got our monthly haircuts over to Mohawk, and then took it easy in front of the idiot box for the rest of the night...

We watched "Notes on a Scandal" We like both actors: Cate Blanchett and Judi Dench. Their acting was superb, but the plot I'm sorry to say was rather weak. It did not hold up and even the delusional character of Dench's would have I am sure seen through her fantasy world long before she did in the movie. The cat fight scene was rather enjoyable however. (I'm not sure why, but I suspect it's an inner straight man in my psyche that enjoys such scenes. Fortunately for me, my gay self overrides and so such scenes are only acceptable when both participants are fully clothed.! *phew*) We were glad to have seen it, but gladder still I think that we didn't drop $30+ on it in theater.

Misster-Kitty give "Notes on a Scandal" 6 hairballs outta 10.

- - - - -

Saturday was JAM-PACKED with the beginnings of seasonal goodness. We had a quick bite to eat and then headed down to Ste-Catherine St in front of Christ Church Cathedral and amid thousands of rug rats and hobbit like beings we watched the Santa Claus Parade go by.

After that was over we went and saw "Beowulf" in 3D. It was rather impressive I have to say. I'm not usually impressed by 3-D flix, but this was more about a truly three dimensional viewing experience than cheesy fast moving objects coming toward you (although there was that too). Anthony Hopkins, Angelina Jolie, John Malkovich, Crispen Glover were among the actors in this 'live action to computer generated' 3-D animated version of the story of Beowulf. And it was rather well done. You often felt as if you were watching the actors and not a computer generated reproduction. Angelina's 3-D animated knockers were spectacu-laire! (... if you're into that sorta thing) a little bit gory... but then so to is the story when you really look at it. It was also playing at the Imax in 3-D but we didn't feel like waiting 3 hours to see it.

Misster-Kitty gives "Beowulf" 8.5 3-D projectile hairballs outta 10

We then got home and watched "Eragon" on the Movie Network... in HD. It was good, not great... And altogether with ""Beowulf" it was a little too much John Malkovich. What I did like about Eragon was that Jeremy Irons was in it. I heart Jeremy Irons. There's an odd sort of sexual appeal for me. And what's offer still is that I first noticed that while watching "the Mission" Trust me, no one is more perplexed at my attraction to a Jesuit Priest in a South American jungle than I. He's a great actor that we just don't see enough of these days.

Misster-Kitty give "Eragon" 7 hairballs outta 10

After the movie we, rather Didier decided to install the new Wii that he bought as a 'Christmas gift' It was in the house less that 2 weeks before the anticipation and need to open and install it overtook his wee frame. (Ok I'll admit I was intrigued and wanted to see it too, but was willing to wait til Christmas to dive in...) Little does he know that opening a Christmas gift this far before Christmas means that it's really no longer a Christmas gift and so does not really count on Christmas day. :-)

We were INSTANTLY ADDICTED. Wii if 1000 times more addictive than Blogging and Crackbook combined (which explains my near absence here and on the Crackbook, this past weekend! I'm only updating now, here at work, where the Wii cannot tempt me.) We so far only have the Wii Sports pack: Bowling (My fav) Golf (2nd fav), Tennis (3rd fav) , Baseball (4th fav) and Boxing (5th) The BEST part about Wii is making your Mii. you can build your own player that looks like you; and I have to say we did rather well in creating out Mii. I also made myself a 2nd Mii... my alter ego, half of Misster Kitty. She's fab and fierce. With a big hair (with a blue rinse) and even bigger glasses! So when Didier is not there with me I can compete against myself. Talk about split personalities! I have to try and take pics of our Mii for you to see just how realistic they are...

Maria, we're gonna have to get together some weekend for a mini Wii Olympics!

After a couple hours of Wii-ness we got dressed up in our finest rubber wear and went to the Mr Rubber contest at the Black Eagle. Much Leather and Rubber cladness was to be seen. Terribly naughty men every where! I really need to wear my rubber more often... it's such an easy way to drop a few pounds!

- - - - -

Sunday started with Brunch with friends and then a walk from the village to the Palais des Congres for 'AU CŒUR DE LA MODE' which is huge clothing sale with lots of shops and 'label's hocking their wares for vastly reduced prices. Me and the Man bough a pile of socks and knickers: 21 pair of socks and 5 pair of undies for $50. Not bad when you consider that a lot of the socks were the SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFTEST wool ya ever did feel! (and even as I write this, my toes is warmly snuggled in a pair!) And just before we left I saw this pair of pants. They called to me. They said 'aren't we fabulous Shawn? you must buy us Shawn" I looked closer at them and saw the label "Versace Sport" and then I saw the price... $399.99 I put them down immediately! The sales clerk behind the table said, 'they're only $40.00" I said "Where's the dressing room?" Needless to say that $40 and me were soon parted. and Bitch, (you know who you are) before you even say it, I don't even care if they're last season... I ain't that kinda gurl!

Then we stopped off at the Future shop to buy an extra Nunchuk and Controller for the Wii - this way we don't have to keep hading it back and forth and putting on the wrist strap... (a clever addition not including in the Pre Dec 2006 controllers. This ensure that if you 'thow' or 'pitch' or 'swing' etc too fast and the controller slips out of your hand, it does not end up mid screen in your $2000+

then we boogied back home to play some more... and admittedly I got in a bit of a mood because Didier was winning practically everything... but after a brief time out I regained composure and the will to destroy, to compete, um, I mean to play, side by side with Didier.

What they DON'T warn you enough with Wii is that it's rather close to the real thing... and by that I mean overnight, never having played an actual game of tennis or golf in my life I am now suffering THE worst case of tennis-elbow / golf-shoulder known to man... (and what's worse still is I want to rush home and play some more... until my arm comes out of it's socket!) Youreally have to immitate the full action of swinging the tennis racket, following through with a Golf swing, or srinning a bat and so on... actually not a bad little work out when you do all the training exercises for the Boxing game especially!

...and after about 3 hours of play (with a 30 minute break for Family Guy) it was time to collapse and go to bed.

I think when I write Santa this Christmas I'm going to ask for a 3 day standard weekend.

so what did 'y'all get up to?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

iNog v1.1


-Take one coffee cup.

-Add 2/3 Coffee.

-Add 1/3 egg nog.


Friday, November 16, 2007

iNog v1.0

Virgin Egg Nog

-Take one glass.

-Add Egg Nog.



Oh yes blog-boys and blog-girls, it IS that time of year already!

Hi. My name is Misster-Kitty and I'm an Egg-Nog-a-holic. I lurvs the stuff. Don't know why, don't ask me. I just lurv it! And I got my first 2 litres of the stuff tonight! I'm a happy camper!

In the comming weeks I'll be reporting all the yum-dilli-licious ways I have consumed the holiday season's most yummy drink.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

des nouvelles pour Maria...

-New Brunswick
-Nova Scotia (how's your latin?)

-New England
-New France

-New Hampshire
-New Jersey
-New Mexico
-New York

-New Delhi
-New Orleans
-New York City

Anyone have anything to add?


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

five minus one equals four


I know it's not cool that derived so much pleasure from seeing Cameron and Edyta be voted off, but, well, YAY!

I'd say from those left it will be Mel and Maksim and Helio and Julianne in the final two, but then again you never know... it could end up being Marie and Jonathan or Jennie and Darek. You just don't know how dumbass America will vote... Cause it always seems they vote cyclically... a few weeks right on the money and then *POOF* they fringe it royal!

Gloria Estafan was GLOR-I-OUS! Did you see those SHOES?!?! KITTEN-WITH-A-WHIP!

OK Ma... You're safe for another week... Do you think it would be ok if I order your frou-frou-la-ti-dai-chai-tea-latte-la-la-boo-boop-dee-doo extra hot?

OH and PS did anyone else see that, that, that (I don't know quit how to describe it) that green sequined monster in the upper left of the screen in the two segments when the host Mark Bergeron was in the upper baloney? That Green 'Dress' with the long dangley fringey sequined 'skirt' that left NOTHING to the imagination, and actually caused me to reflux a little of my dinner?! I mean WHAT THE HELL! was the camera man BLIND?!

Monday, November 12, 2007


I fell asleep tonight during Dancing with the Stars.

I only caught the first round and 1/2 of the second.

I'm a bad fan.
Bad fan.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Conspiracy notes

Fact: I hate "One Heart" by Celine Dion.
Fact: Mix96 plays the song almost DAILY.

Conclusion: Mix96 hates me.

- - -

Fact: I actually like "Do You Know" (the Ping Pong Song) by Enrique Iglesias. (Don't judge me!)
Fact: Mix96 refuses to play the song, even though it's good, even though Enrique was in Mtl to do a promo WITH the Mix and Dormez-Vous back at the beginning of Summer (way to support the artists that support you!), and even though I keep requesting it.

Conclusion: Mix96 hates me.

- - -

All I want to know is what did I ever do to the Mix?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Look who I met this morning...

...while waiting for my bus...

Mr. Snow-Flake

He was all alone, but we had a lovely conversation. He told me we'd be seeing a lot of him and his family over the next few months. I told him I couldn't wait and that he and his family were welcome to stay as long as they liked.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

six minus one equals five

Well, thank, you, America.

You're back on track.

Jane Seymour, you were good, but now is the time for great, if not amazing and spectacular. And while that's what you looked like in the barely there gold dress last night, the dancing was not as sparkly...

And now... dare I hope to dream that Cameron will be dropped next week.

(And all due respect to both Jane whose Mother passed away a few weeks ago and Marie Osmond whose Father passed away this morning... is anyone else wondering who the 3rd will be?)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Hey, USA, don't piss me off again.

A wonderful night of dancing from ALL...

... but I won't mince words...

If Mel and Maksim are voted off tomorrow, I'm never watch Dancing with the Stars again.

I'd like to teach the world to sing...

Ok, actually no, but that's only because I can't sing. Maybe I could impose on Jerome to teach y'all.

What I'm really posting about here is the fact that Misster-Kitty is global baby! YEA!

I added a 'Visitors Locations, Cluster Map' to my Blog a few weeks back, and impressively, at least to me, in a few short weeks I've received hits from 6 out of the 7 Continents! ...all but Antarctica... which while it's throwing me the cold shoulder, (what else would Antarctica do?) it's no big whoop when you consider there are only approximately 1000 human inhabitants there, amounting to only 0.00002 % of the world population.

The other last hold out was Africa, but then just as of last Thursday I got my first hit from Zimbabwe!

Among other of my more exotic viewership, as people from:
Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, South Korea, (at least I think it's south Korea... could be North Korea I guess) Argentina, Brazil, not to mention the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Greece, and Turkey...

I am rather amused actually, because really, outside of the regular posters here in Canada... around, Montréal, Toronto, Ottawa and fabulous cosmopolitan Timmins I really didn't think there were that many people passing through here.

So to all of you I say...

Hello, Salut, Guten Tag, Hafa Adai, Grüß Gott, Hola, Dobrý, Shwmai, Minjhani, Bavarien ches, Konnichi wa, Ciao, Hej, As-salaam-aleykum, Sabbah-el-Khair, Salaam or Do-rood, Namaste, Ahn nyeong ha se yo, Hoi, Zdravstvuyte, Buna, Ni hao, Nei Ho, Shalom, Hei, Olá, Mingalarbar, Merhaba, Laba diena, Mabuhay,Saluton, Namaskaram, Vanakkam, Jambo, A`yubowan, Mbote, Selamat Pagi, Namaskar, Dzień dobry, Aloha, Sawa dee-ka/Sawa dee-krap, Magyar, Dobrý den, Dobriy ranuke, Labdien, Hyvää päivää, Yia sou, Góðan dag, Namaskkaram, Adaab, Baagunnara, Moni Bambo, Boke, Ya'at'eeh, Merħba, Mambo, Salamaleikum,Talofa,Malo e leilei, Ia Orana, Bondia, Kia ora, Buna dimineata, Kem Che, Namaskar, Sabaidee, Kwe Kwe, Zdravo, Namaskara, Sain baina uu, živjo, Dia Duit, Tsoni, Nde-ewo, sawubona, Sholem, Kaixo, Xin Chào, Zdraveite, Gamardjoba.


Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to add your comments... don't be shy.

...anyone want a Coke?

Thursday, November 1, 2007



Ok this is cra-zay-zee!

This whole 'White Rabbits' thang goes back to about the year 1420! check it out here.

Who knew?