Tuesday, November 20, 2007

four minus one equals three

Well it had to either be Jennie and Derek or Maria and Jonathan that went home tonight, but in retrospect I think I'd have preferred it was Helio and Julianne...

alas it was....

Jennie and Derek.

Ultimately though it really could have been any of the others, last night was very close.

And so... going into the finals we have:
-Mel and Maksim (My preferred)
-Maria and Jonathan (the black horse if I dare say it)
-Helio and Julianne

Entertainmentwise, tonight was pretty good as well. Michael Flatley is, aside from being a pompous conceited jackass, an incredible dancer and choreographer. And his performance tonight was awesome. (Not sure I got the Airline Pilot uniforms though)

And our wee little Avril Lavigne... Well I have to give it to her, she was quite good live, a veritable M*th*rf*ck*ng Princess. Personally though I don't care for her latest single, it's anything but Hot.

And how about Sabrina and and Mark. HOO-LEE SHIIIIIIT! How bloody incredible are they? I'm sure all four remaining couples were sighing with relief that Sabrina is no longer in the competition, because that was too incredible for words... Easily a perfect score of 30, if they had have been judged. I only wish they had talked to them after their dance...

So that's just about it... 2 more nights and it's over...

Whatever will I do,
whatever shall I watch...

Frankly my Dear, I'll find a show.


JB said...

Well, since I don't watch the show, my best guess is that the Airline Pilot uniforms being worn were leftovers from the dancers who were last seen during Gnarls Barkley's Grammy performance of Crazy.

Maria said...

I have never watched an episode either.

Since you will have nothing to do - why not come on the cruise with us? Now there's an idea!

Misster Kitty said...

If you're buying I am SO there!

Maria said...

If I tell you how much we are paying for this cruise you would be sooooooooo jelous.

Gotta love those airline perks!!

Misster Kitty said...

Wait til we Wii... then I can really whoop yer arse!

Maria said...

yada yada yada - your starting to sound like a real jewish woman!!

Not that there is anything wrong with that!

Misster Kitty said...

Bring it Betch!

Maria said...

WHAT?? You dissing me?
Lucky for you I am in a good mood.
Probably because my arse will be sitting on a BEACH!! sipping on VIRGIN drinks!

Misster Kitty said...

sip on all the virgin drinks you want... I'll be here all happy in the snow guzzling booze, baby, yeah!

Anonymous said...


Maria said...

huh? whats with that anonymous remark?

Fight about what???

I don't really like to fight about things, although, I have met some weird people who do it as a way of life.

I try to stay away from negative people.

Ciao, ciao Kitty and practice that Wii, baby!

Palm Springs Savant said...

hi- new visitor to your blog...HOW FUN! I've only started watching dancing with the stars..what a hoot. Its actually rivieting at times.

stop by and say hi sometime.