Tuesday, November 13, 2007

five minus one equals four


I know it's not cool that derived so much pleasure from seeing Cameron and Edyta be voted off, but, well, YAY!

I'd say from those left it will be Mel and Maksim and Helio and Julianne in the final two, but then again you never know... it could end up being Marie and Jonathan or Jennie and Darek. You just don't know how dumbass America will vote... Cause it always seems they vote cyclically... a few weeks right on the money and then *POOF* they fringe it royal!

Gloria Estafan was GLOR-I-OUS! Did you see those SHOES?!?! KITTEN-WITH-A-WHIP!

OK Ma... You're safe for another week... Do you think it would be ok if I order your frou-frou-la-ti-dai-chai-tea-latte-la-la-boo-boop-dee-doo extra hot?

OH and PS did anyone else see that, that, that (I don't know quit how to describe it) that green sequined monster in the upper left of the screen in the two segments when the host Mark Bergeron was in the upper baloney? That Green 'Dress' with the long dangley fringey sequined 'skirt' that left NOTHING to the imagination, and actually caused me to reflux a little of my dinner?! I mean WHAT THE HELL! was the camera man BLIND?!

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Maria said...

hey Kitty give me something new would ya!!