Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I got nuthin' folks

but I'll be back...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Adiós Betty le Fea

When it rains...

... it pours...

If you remember, back on April 1st I posted about an adorable little pug named Casey who is very ill, with a Liver-Shunt; the very disease that we feared for a time Santi might have been suffering from. Well she is in desperate need of surgery to safe her life, but this doesn't come cheap and it costs $4000+ As she is a dog at the SPCA (being fostered at the moment by my friend Kristina) the money is hard to come by... she has no Doggy-Daddy or Mommy to claim her and cover her fees.

Well up to this morning $1400 was raised. Then this evening a very wonderful woman in BC named Erin Bessette, an animal lover and a Pug owner herself, donated the remaining $2600 !!!

How amazing is that!

So, yes, today is a very wonderful day for doggies here in Mtl... Santi's mouth, while having a little more room for his tongue... AND food, will be very much happier without loose wiggly teeth, infections and rotting teeth and NOW... fresh breath and SUPER CLEAN TEETH... but too, a sweet little dog who deserves a chance at a happy life, Casey the Pug, will now get that chance.

I've got a tough little pup!

As I type this, Santiago is asleep on my lap, in bed...

The Dental Surgery today was a success... 11 incisors were removed and 2 pre-molars. It appears as though the 12th incisor fell out sometime in the past 2 weeks... (That's just how bad things in his wee mouth were) Those that remained got a proper cleaning and within 15 minutes of the procedures being completed, he woke up and much to the Vet's amazement was hell bent on standing up and walking around.

He's of course on pain meds and antibiotics for the next little while; soft food and no chews... My only concern is no fetch for the next two weeks. Honestly I am already pre-emptively afraid for my life... Santi lives for Fetch and fetch alone....

Thanks to all for your kind words, prayers and positive energy. Any time a dog as small as Santi must be put under for a procedure, there's a risk. He's only 3.5 lbs... it's a very fine line to be walked, but as with his de-peanutization last March, he came through with flying colours.

... and dream of teeth...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Here we go again...

With the all clear from the Vet last Tuesday we now have the green light for Santiago's Dental Surgery. So, tomorrow morning I drop the wee buggar off at the Vets for the Extractions and Cleaning, and then pick him up on my way home.

As ever I come to you asking for your prayers, positive energy and quick healing vibes. Think of the wee one tomorrow around 2 pm. Please and thank you.

This Shit is Bananas

B - A - N - A - N - A - S !

Oh this is rich! Especally when you focus on the fact that it comes from a bunch of men in a culture of 2000 years of cross dressing! How easy it is for the Vatican to place the blame elsewhere... and better still on one of their favourite targets. Seriously, this makes me fucking sick! Do they have any concept of... just how phenominally stupid they continue to make themselves look?!?!

"Homosexuality to blame for sex abuse": Vatican cardinal

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

There's a glimmer of light...

Well this is better, some positive news...

Home from the Vets. Ultrasound shows nuthin! Nada! Zip!

The Vet there says to hold off on the Biopsy for the moment and do more blood work to compare the results from the first two sets.

I talk to Santi's regular Vet demain to see where we go from here but for sure, no Liver Shunt, no inflammation, no abnormal shape or size...

It's true it could still be something internal that does not show, however with more specific blood tests this could be detected, and the Vet at the hospital tonight said there's really no reason to postpone the teeth extraction any further...

We'll see what the Vet says in the morning.

Thanks to all for your continued positivity.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

From me and the wee Beastie

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Reports from a Frantic Doggie Daddy - 3

We have an Appointment on Tuesday Evening for the Ultrasound and Biopsy and then we go from there...

This weekend is all about the little stink mouth... spoil spoil spoil... so pretty much business as usual.

Hey... Anyone got $600 kicking around that they don't need? :-)

Reports from a Frantic Doggie Daddy - 2

Just got a call from the Vet. There will be no surgery today. The blood tests came back and there is definitely something amiss with his liver that precludes them from administering any anesthetic. High Bile Acids and Liver Enzymes.

I have to take him to a specialist for an ultrasound and a biopsy on some liver tissue before they will proceed.

This is not entirely bad news, but it’s not good.

I pick him up tonight and take him home… stinky breath, teeth and all. And play fetch with him til one of us passes out… I’m putting money on my passing out first… you’d be wise to do the same.

Reports from a Frantic Doggie Daddy - 1

Well, we didn’t get much sleep last night…. Ok *I* didn’t get much sleep, he slept like his usual log-self.

We got up early nice and early (6:30)l he kept doing was going over to his food dish… or where a food dish would be…then looking at all “WTF? Where’s my food dude?!”

We got dressed, me in jeans and a grey polo (thank god for Casual Fridays…Especially on a Thursday), he in his Orange Wouppie Groovy shirt from BHV-La Niche in Paris. (It’s very important to look your best at all times!) We arrived a bit early and did a little walk around the Vets and dropped off a little new here and a little bomb there…

They opened the doors at 9 and we went inside. He was soon whisked off for his first blood test and then came running back onto my lap. 10 Mins later they gave him a Tbs of food which he inhaled faster than either Chachi or Flea could ever try… And then a quick re-cap of recent health effects, a weigh in tipping the scales at 1.6 kg and his temperature (normal) And a few signatures later He was taken to the back. I signed a few papers and that was it.

By now he’s had his second batch of blood work and those have been sent off to the lad. I should hear back about the results by 2 pm, at which point I’ll update y’all again

So far, so good.

Thanks for all your support and love… and for now I ask ya to think happy thoughts and send ‘em to Santi.

More soon…

Hey Brothers (and Sisters) can you spare a dime?

Before I take Santi in for his Blood Tests and Dental work today I'm calling the SPCA to donate...

(click the image to read how you can help)

I'm fortunate enough to be able to have support and take care of my Santi, but Casey is in far more dire straights and can use your help. While I'm only asking for your positive thoughts for Santiago, I'm asking that you donate to help Casey.

White Rabbits

White Wild Kindom Rabbits
White Wild Kindom Rabbits
White Wild Kindom Rabbits

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When it rains, it pours

As you might recall, Santiago will be back at the Vet tomorrow morning to have his front teeth removed. Well things just keep getting more complicated for the little wee buggar!...

I got a call from the Vet yesterday at work... I knew that could not be good, and well... his WBC count is low (but that is easily attributed to his teeth and infection - gingivitis), more troubling are elevated liver enzymes. At first she was concerned about a Liver Shunt (where the blood vessels go around the liver and not through it, thereby not cleaning and detoxifying the blood)

This can be an issue because you really cannot put them under. I pointed out that he was under last year for his teeth cleaning and his neutering.. (This was done with a different vet so it was not clear to her) and he was fine; so we've all but ruled out the shunt and gastro as he's only been sick (with diarrhoea) once over a year ago. It could st

ill be an infection or inflammation of the liver, or a few other minor issues. So he's been fasted since 8 pm tonight and when we get to the vet tomorrow they will take some more blood samples then feed him a tablespoon of food and wait an hour, take more blood and send them out rush. They should have the results by 2 pm, They will call me at work. Unless there is a reason to postpone the dental work, he then will be put under at 3 or 4 pm .

I work til 7 pm (to accommodate my taking him to the vet in the morning for 9 am) and will pick him up on the way home for the weekend. I am off Friday and Monday which is just as well because he'll be highly medicated on pain meds so I'll have to keep an eye on him.

Tomorrow is not going to be a great day. I'm not looking forward to it whatsoever. If you feeling it, I'd appreciate some prayers and or positive vibes sent along to Santiago.

Happy Hump Day

Monday, March 29, 2010

Doggie Dentures

As cute as this commercial is, and Santi LOVES these things... they sure as frack didn't save his teeth!

Some times Love hurts.

If you know me, even if only slightly, you know or should, that I love nothing more in this world than Santiago. He truly is my angel on Earth and has gotten me through MUCH in the short 16 months he’s been in my life; a heart breaking break-up, a couple of nasty illnesses. Given me infinite unconditional love. Cuddles in tight to me when he knows I’m sad, or lonely. Causes me to smile with nothing more than a look. And never asks for ANYTHING in return save food and water and unlimited time to play fetch… the later something I try desperately to fulfill.

Well I took the wee monster to the vet on Saturday for his check-up and I was simply devastated. I have to take him back on Thursday to have all (12) his front incisors extracted. It’s a common enough issue with Chihuahuas. Small mouths make for a lot of dental issues. The thing is he had his teeth checked and cleaned a year ago and they were spotless and in tip top shape! 2 Weeks ago I took a look was totally grossed out. I immediately ran out, got him a little tiny doggie tooth brush and beef flavoured toothpaste but alas it was well too late.

The Vet said his molars are in great shape, if only a little tartared. The Canines “look good” but she’s a little worried one might have some damage below the gum-line. The front incisors are all wiggly and rotting. She also said that it’s not my fault and virtually impossible to have avoided, but that don’t make Papi feel any better. It’s certain that had I taken him earlier it’s possible the extractions might not have all been needed but we’re talking probably 4+ months ago and even she said it’s highly unlikely that I'd have felt the need to check… but still I blame myself.

She said I shouldn’t worry, they these teeth really are not used in domesticated dogs, especially house pets as small as he. But again I still feel guilty. i just do.

THEN she said, “And he’ll feel so much better after his gums heal. He won’t be in any more pain and discomfort.” PAIN AND DISCOMFORT?!?! This dog must have some amazing pain tolerance because he will play fetch for hours. And I mean HOURS! The record is over 6.5 hours; non-stop; and it was the humans who gave in and called it quits, not him. And he’ll play tug a war too. Not a lot, as it’s never really been his "thing” but even the morning of the appointment he did play tug a war a little but…

The vet said after he heals he’ll probably want to play even more because his little mouth won’t hurt. MORE?! Are you mad woman?

So I take the little booger in Thursday morning on my way to work and pick him up on my way home. And all I can say is thank god my Bonus came in last week ‘cause it’s all but been eaten up by the Check-Up and the Dental Appointment. Don’t get me wrong, I’d sell a kidney to cover any bill for him, but so had my heart set on an HD PVR… alas that is gonna have to wait, cause my little guy needs his Papi and Papi will do what it takes. My happiness comes after his.

I am not looking forward to Thursday. Le sigh.

So, sorry Pinky, Sorry Mom and Dad, Sorry Nan, Sorry Friends… I love you all to the very end of my days, but Santiago is at the front of the receiving line because simply put he is my Sun, my Moon and my Stars. He is the very center and very ends of my universe.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Hump Day

... here's lookin' at you BobbyKatz...

Friday, March 19, 2010


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St-Paddys!

Happy Hump Day

My Irish Eyes are Smiling...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

♫ ♪ BAD Romance ♪ ♫

So here's the thing, and I readily admit it; I am NOT a fan of Lady BlahBlah and I also admit I take pleasure in watching this.... NOT because this woman is in dire need of help from someone that cares more about HER than her their paycheck... but because this is a perfect visualization of what I equate to her "talent" in the first place.

I do not like listening to her at all. I think she is indeed All Flash, NO Substance. Quantity, not Quality. Smoke and Mirrors. Subterfuge. She is tone deaf and Nasal.

I am truly stunned at those of my friends that think she's all that. I just do NOT see it or hear it. It's as if there is some hypnotic notes in her music that due to some biological reason I am immune to. I'm not complaining mind you.

I saw the video on FB through two different friends… one was all ""LOL the other was… "Poor dear… she’s working herself too hard"…

Fuck that shit! Why is she working herself so hard?!?

Look, if she is as talented as they say (not that I agree with ANY of “them”) then she could be more substance than glitz. Instead it's shock value and out-doing her last outsit and staged media sighting...

She’s created this freak-persona and what’s truly amusing is that not only is she NOT in competition with anyone (to the degree of batshit that she is day and night, on and off stage) but what is so incredibly astounding is that she’s in fact, in competition with HERSELF! She keeps trying to top herself… well hun, it just ain't possible…

And if this is where she is after what? A year and a bit she will soon self destruct...

A friend recently commented that "Lady Gaga has a vague resemblance to Amy Winehouse... Amy disappeared just as Lady Gaga took over the world... Coincidence???"

...well "take over the world" ??? Alas this is one of "Those friends" He's also a mid-30 something gay man that is more insanely enraptured by Twilight than is healthy for even a female Tween... so we'll just chalk up that "taking over the world" review to pre-pubesenct hyperbole.

Now to the comparison with Amy Winehouse. Yes, to a certain degree I can see it... Both came from relative obscurity, both seem to relish the freak factor and are somewhat media whores, HOWEVER hopped up on heroin and stone cold drunk and Amy can STILL sing the shit outta BlahBlah.

But enough of my ranting... It seems that the comments on You Tube are somewhat divided. In the video, what do you think the issue is? Dehydration and or Exhaustion? Drugs and or Alcohol? Or a little bit of both?

To tell you the truth I don't know but I can say this, as much as I dislike her music I feel truly sorry that someone did not pick her up and take her off stage. She obviously was in no state to continue the concert (even if that was the last song, or an encore.)

In the end there was nothing romantic about this, it was just bad. rah ah ah

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Hump Day

Oh Deer!

Oh Deer, Deer, Deer!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's called a cross-walk asshole!

I just got home from work, but to get home I had to walk OVER a car the intersection near my home.

As I started to cross de Maisonneuve (coin de Lormier), the driver of the car crossed AFTER the light changed red and then pulled up as far as he could (his front tires mid-crosswalk) his bumper touching the car in front of him his back bumper across an entire lane of perpendicular traffic.

As I approached, I motioned for him to back up so I could walk between him and the car in front of him... you know ON the Cross walk... He gave me the finger and motioned for ME to walk BEHIND his car...


So I climbed up his bumper and walked across the hood of his car and down the other side. He jumped out of his car yelling and screaming calling me an asshole and said, "I'm calling the cops! I have witnesses!"

I said, "Yea, so do I! The same ones that saw you drive through a Red Light, stop OVER the cross walk and block a lane of traffic in the intersection. And you expect me to have to walk around YOU and into TWO LANES OF ON-COMING TRAFFIC? Be my guest. Call the cops. DO IT!"

He called me an asshole again and headed back into his car.

I said "Yea, I'm the asshole. Learn how to fucking drive!"

Then the lights changed, I started to cross de Lormier and two cars honked their horns and clapped their hands at me.

But DAMN! I forgot to get his licence Plate! ARG!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Set Phasers to Stunning!

So here's the cocktails we had tonight to toast me into my 39th year...

It's from a book I have called Atomic Cocktails... all very kitch and retro/loungy/tiki-esque n' shit.

It kicks a punch let me tell you...

The Ray Gun

2 oz Chartreuse
1 oz Blue Curacao
6 oz Champagne

To a cocktail shaker add the Chartreuse and the Blue Curacao with and some ice.

Shake til well chilled.

Strain into two champagne flutes.

Top off with Champagne and enjoy!

Now this is a shoe I'd drink out of!

Thanks for the fabu gift N@ and Corn!

Let Them Eat Cake

In case you were wondering...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bon appetit!

Last night, Pinky took me out for dinner to celebrate my upcoming Birthday (March 8th) He took me to L'Express on St-Denis. It's a rather wonderful and traditional French Bistro.

Dinner was DIVINE!

He had the Mousse de Foie de Volaille et Pistache and I had the Chèvre Chaud for starters. the Mousse was TO - DIE - FOR!

For main course he had the Confit du Canard, and I had the Pot au feu. OMG! DEEEEELISH!

Of course all was served with exquisite baguette and the most sour and divine cornichons, I think we ate a 1/4 of the jar.

All was washed down with the most luscious Barollo 2005. Dry, and satisfying.

We declined a coffee (although it's wonderful there) and dessert, and chose to take a stroll on St-Denis for 20 mins and then return just a couple doors up from L'Express, to Suite 88.

Suite 88... my most favourite Chocolatière (in Canada). For dessert we had Chocolat Chaud. His à la vanille; mine, avec fleur du sel. Both decadent and luscious and ever so good. He also bought me two boxes of my favourites... Aiguillettes à l'Orange and Cerises à l'Eau de Vie... neither of which will be opened until my birthday, at which point we will induldge with a glass of Pommery.

Such a lovely evening.

Thank you Pinky.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hot Outcast Peanuts.

OK I know this is NOT new but I just stumbled on this last night due to a frind staying from Hali..

I've watched this now about ten times... I CAN NOT get enough!

Friday, March 5, 2010

¡Viva la Revolución!

It's a long weekend for me... Off today and Monday (my 39th Birthday) and to help celebrate, we've been over run by Chihuahuas...

Say hello to my little friends...

Santiago and Chachi in the front, Flea in the back.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

APOOcolypse Now! Re-dux.

Reports of normalcy are pre-mature!

Last night I was revisited by my old friend Montezuma... seven times. Fortunately I had my 1 week follow up with a Doctor at The Mtl Gen. Seems It's not a regular Gastro... I've got me a bug.

Ain't he/she/they cute?!

Guess what I have been prescribed...? Yup, Anti-biotics.

And guess what the main side-effect is...? My, but ain't you a sharp tack... Diarrhea.

Pray for me and my toilet.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Somewhere Rita MacNeil is Singing...

I dunno, I thought the last couple of seasons of Dancing With the Stars were pushing the envelope of what a "celebrity" was. D list or otherwise, but they were only toying with us.

They have now not only jumped the shark, they've jumped Arnold's altogether.

Here's what they scarped off the bottom of a rock for this season...

First the Why Are You Exactly's ...

Niecy Nash.

Aiden Turner.
I have no idea.

Erin Andrews.
No clue.

The Unfair Advantage's ...

Evan Lysacek.

Yup gotta bring in an Olympic Figure Skater.

Nicole Scherzinger.
Pussycat who-er.

The Black FootBall Athlete ...

Chad Ochocinco.

The Token Geriatric ...

Buzz Aldrin.
I didn't know he was still alive!?

The Really? Them? ...

Jake Pavelka.
Bachelor Him-bo.

Pamela Anderson.
All three of em.

The No, really? Her? ...

Shannon Doherty.
She's gotta be what? F-list now?

And finally... the OMFG! You CANNOT BE SERIOUS!...

Kate Gosselin.

Freak Alert! Freak Alert!

Dancing with the Stars... You're on your own...