Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When it rains, it pours

As you might recall, Santiago will be back at the Vet tomorrow morning to have his front teeth removed. Well things just keep getting more complicated for the little wee buggar!...

I got a call from the Vet yesterday at work... I knew that could not be good, and well... his WBC count is low (but that is easily attributed to his teeth and infection - gingivitis), more troubling are elevated liver enzymes. At first she was concerned about a Liver Shunt (where the blood vessels go around the liver and not through it, thereby not cleaning and detoxifying the blood)

This can be an issue because you really cannot put them under. I pointed out that he was under last year for his teeth cleaning and his neutering.. (This was done with a different vet so it was not clear to her) and he was fine; so we've all but ruled out the shunt and gastro as he's only been sick (with diarrhoea) once over a year ago. It could st

ill be an infection or inflammation of the liver, or a few other minor issues. So he's been fasted since 8 pm tonight and when we get to the vet tomorrow they will take some more blood samples then feed him a tablespoon of food and wait an hour, take more blood and send them out rush. They should have the results by 2 pm, They will call me at work. Unless there is a reason to postpone the dental work, he then will be put under at 3 or 4 pm .

I work til 7 pm (to accommodate my taking him to the vet in the morning for 9 am) and will pick him up on the way home for the weekend. I am off Friday and Monday which is just as well because he'll be highly medicated on pain meds so I'll have to keep an eye on him.

Tomorrow is not going to be a great day. I'm not looking forward to it whatsoever. If you feeling it, I'd appreciate some prayers and or positive vibes sent along to Santiago.



you guys will be getting some good vibes from me!! good luck, to both of you!!


Kevin said...

poor little thing...thinking good thoughts and positive energy