Wednesday, March 3, 2010

APOOcolypse Now! Re-dux.

Reports of normalcy are pre-mature!

Last night I was revisited by my old friend Montezuma... seven times. Fortunately I had my 1 week follow up with a Doctor at The Mtl Gen. Seems It's not a regular Gastro... I've got me a bug.

Ain't he/she/they cute?!

Guess what I have been prescribed...? Yup, Anti-biotics.

And guess what the main side-effect is...? My, but ain't you a sharp tack... Diarrhea.

Pray for me and my toilet.


Anonymous said...

my thoughts run with You


John said...

Oh no. Poor guy. :(

Meaghan said...

Gee, this blog has really gone to shit.

HA! GET IT! jk ;)

Leonard said...

Talk about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer!! Dang! Eat some cheese, light a candle and clip the dingleberries. ;) peace