Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's called a cross-walk asshole!

I just got home from work, but to get home I had to walk OVER a car the intersection near my home.

As I started to cross de Maisonneuve (coin de Lormier), the driver of the car crossed AFTER the light changed red and then pulled up as far as he could (his front tires mid-crosswalk) his bumper touching the car in front of him his back bumper across an entire lane of perpendicular traffic.

As I approached, I motioned for him to back up so I could walk between him and the car in front of him... you know ON the Cross walk... He gave me the finger and motioned for ME to walk BEHIND his car...


So I climbed up his bumper and walked across the hood of his car and down the other side. He jumped out of his car yelling and screaming calling me an asshole and said, "I'm calling the cops! I have witnesses!"

I said, "Yea, so do I! The same ones that saw you drive through a Red Light, stop OVER the cross walk and block a lane of traffic in the intersection. And you expect me to have to walk around YOU and into TWO LANES OF ON-COMING TRAFFIC? Be my guest. Call the cops. DO IT!"

He called me an asshole again and headed back into his car.

I said "Yea, I'm the asshole. Learn how to fucking drive!"

Then the lights changed, I started to cross de Lormier and two cars honked their horns and clapped their hands at me.

But DAMN! I forgot to get his licence Plate! ARG!



pity there are no surveillance cameras over there, as far as i know...
this would have been priceless!!
good show boy!!!
very proud of you,
from a fellow pedestrian.

some people don't deserve their driving license.


N@ Lauzon said...

omg I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Misster Kitty said...

Right back atchas!

Leonard said...

That was kinda hot... ;) peace