Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Somewhere Rita MacNeil is Singing...

I dunno, I thought the last couple of seasons of Dancing With the Stars were pushing the envelope of what a "celebrity" was. D list or otherwise, but they were only toying with us.

They have now not only jumped the shark, they've jumped Arnold's altogether.

Here's what they scarped off the bottom of a rock for this season...

First the Why Are You Exactly's ...

Niecy Nash.

Aiden Turner.
I have no idea.

Erin Andrews.
No clue.

The Unfair Advantage's ...

Evan Lysacek.

Yup gotta bring in an Olympic Figure Skater.

Nicole Scherzinger.
Pussycat who-er.

The Black FootBall Athlete ...

Chad Ochocinco.

The Token Geriatric ...

Buzz Aldrin.
I didn't know he was still alive!?

The Really? Them? ...

Jake Pavelka.
Bachelor Him-bo.

Pamela Anderson.
All three of em.

The No, really? Her? ...

Shannon Doherty.
She's gotta be what? F-list now?

And finally... the OMFG! You CANNOT BE SERIOUS!...

Kate Gosselin.

Freak Alert! Freak Alert!

Dancing with the Stars... You're on your own...