Thursday, April 1, 2010

Reports from a Frantic Doggie Daddy - 1

Well, we didn’t get much sleep last night…. Ok *I* didn’t get much sleep, he slept like his usual log-self.

We got up early nice and early (6:30)l he kept doing was going over to his food dish… or where a food dish would be…then looking at all “WTF? Where’s my food dude?!”

We got dressed, me in jeans and a grey polo (thank god for Casual Fridays…Especially on a Thursday), he in his Orange Wouppie Groovy shirt from BHV-La Niche in Paris. (It’s very important to look your best at all times!) We arrived a bit early and did a little walk around the Vets and dropped off a little new here and a little bomb there…

They opened the doors at 9 and we went inside. He was soon whisked off for his first blood test and then came running back onto my lap. 10 Mins later they gave him a Tbs of food which he inhaled faster than either Chachi or Flea could ever try… And then a quick re-cap of recent health effects, a weigh in tipping the scales at 1.6 kg and his temperature (normal) And a few signatures later He was taken to the back. I signed a few papers and that was it.

By now he’s had his second batch of blood work and those have been sent off to the lad. I should hear back about the results by 2 pm, at which point I’ll update y’all again

So far, so good.

Thanks for all your support and love… and for now I ask ya to think happy thoughts and send ‘em to Santi.

More soon…

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