Wednesday, April 14, 2010

When it rains...

... it pours...

If you remember, back on April 1st I posted about an adorable little pug named Casey who is very ill, with a Liver-Shunt; the very disease that we feared for a time Santi might have been suffering from. Well she is in desperate need of surgery to safe her life, but this doesn't come cheap and it costs $4000+ As she is a dog at the SPCA (being fostered at the moment by my friend Kristina) the money is hard to come by... she has no Doggy-Daddy or Mommy to claim her and cover her fees.

Well up to this morning $1400 was raised. Then this evening a very wonderful woman in BC named Erin Bessette, an animal lover and a Pug owner herself, donated the remaining $2600 !!!

How amazing is that!

So, yes, today is a very wonderful day for doggies here in Mtl... Santi's mouth, while having a little more room for his tongue... AND food, will be very much happier without loose wiggly teeth, infections and rotting teeth and NOW... fresh breath and SUPER CLEAN TEETH... but too, a sweet little dog who deserves a chance at a happy life, Casey the Pug, will now get that chance.



so, fairy tales ARE true, there is a "happily ever after". good for Casey!
heartwarming story.

N@ Lauzon said...

Hi poo! The SPCA decided they didn't want to take on Casey's case a while back.

It's why her care was changed to Loyal Rescue. The donation that you (and I) made to the SPCA have been transferred.

Bottom line: YAY CASEY!!!

Misster Kitty said...

Well aint that bitchy of em! I sure hope my $50 still goes to Casey. Thanks for letting me know.