Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekends are too short!

Friday night was rather ho hum.. We got our monthly haircuts over to Mohawk, and then took it easy in front of the idiot box for the rest of the night...

We watched "Notes on a Scandal" We like both actors: Cate Blanchett and Judi Dench. Their acting was superb, but the plot I'm sorry to say was rather weak. It did not hold up and even the delusional character of Dench's would have I am sure seen through her fantasy world long before she did in the movie. The cat fight scene was rather enjoyable however. (I'm not sure why, but I suspect it's an inner straight man in my psyche that enjoys such scenes. Fortunately for me, my gay self overrides and so such scenes are only acceptable when both participants are fully clothed.! *phew*) We were glad to have seen it, but gladder still I think that we didn't drop $30+ on it in theater.

Misster-Kitty give "Notes on a Scandal" 6 hairballs outta 10.

- - - - -

Saturday was JAM-PACKED with the beginnings of seasonal goodness. We had a quick bite to eat and then headed down to Ste-Catherine St in front of Christ Church Cathedral and amid thousands of rug rats and hobbit like beings we watched the Santa Claus Parade go by.

After that was over we went and saw "Beowulf" in 3D. It was rather impressive I have to say. I'm not usually impressed by 3-D flix, but this was more about a truly three dimensional viewing experience than cheesy fast moving objects coming toward you (although there was that too). Anthony Hopkins, Angelina Jolie, John Malkovich, Crispen Glover were among the actors in this 'live action to computer generated' 3-D animated version of the story of Beowulf. And it was rather well done. You often felt as if you were watching the actors and not a computer generated reproduction. Angelina's 3-D animated knockers were spectacu-laire! (... if you're into that sorta thing) a little bit gory... but then so to is the story when you really look at it. It was also playing at the Imax in 3-D but we didn't feel like waiting 3 hours to see it.

Misster-Kitty gives "Beowulf" 8.5 3-D projectile hairballs outta 10

We then got home and watched "Eragon" on the Movie Network... in HD. It was good, not great... And altogether with ""Beowulf" it was a little too much John Malkovich. What I did like about Eragon was that Jeremy Irons was in it. I heart Jeremy Irons. There's an odd sort of sexual appeal for me. And what's offer still is that I first noticed that while watching "the Mission" Trust me, no one is more perplexed at my attraction to a Jesuit Priest in a South American jungle than I. He's a great actor that we just don't see enough of these days.

Misster-Kitty give "Eragon" 7 hairballs outta 10

After the movie we, rather Didier decided to install the new Wii that he bought as a 'Christmas gift' It was in the house less that 2 weeks before the anticipation and need to open and install it overtook his wee frame. (Ok I'll admit I was intrigued and wanted to see it too, but was willing to wait til Christmas to dive in...) Little does he know that opening a Christmas gift this far before Christmas means that it's really no longer a Christmas gift and so does not really count on Christmas day. :-)

We were INSTANTLY ADDICTED. Wii if 1000 times more addictive than Blogging and Crackbook combined (which explains my near absence here and on the Crackbook, this past weekend! I'm only updating now, here at work, where the Wii cannot tempt me.) We so far only have the Wii Sports pack: Bowling (My fav) Golf (2nd fav), Tennis (3rd fav) , Baseball (4th fav) and Boxing (5th) The BEST part about Wii is making your Mii. you can build your own player that looks like you; and I have to say we did rather well in creating out Mii. I also made myself a 2nd Mii... my alter ego, half of Misster Kitty. She's fab and fierce. With a big hair (with a blue rinse) and even bigger glasses! So when Didier is not there with me I can compete against myself. Talk about split personalities! I have to try and take pics of our Mii for you to see just how realistic they are...

Maria, we're gonna have to get together some weekend for a mini Wii Olympics!

After a couple hours of Wii-ness we got dressed up in our finest rubber wear and went to the Mr Rubber contest at the Black Eagle. Much Leather and Rubber cladness was to be seen. Terribly naughty men every where! I really need to wear my rubber more often... it's such an easy way to drop a few pounds!

- - - - -

Sunday started with Brunch with friends and then a walk from the village to the Palais des Congres for 'AU CŒUR DE LA MODE' which is huge clothing sale with lots of shops and 'label's hocking their wares for vastly reduced prices. Me and the Man bough a pile of socks and knickers: 21 pair of socks and 5 pair of undies for $50. Not bad when you consider that a lot of the socks were the SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFTEST wool ya ever did feel! (and even as I write this, my toes is warmly snuggled in a pair!) And just before we left I saw this pair of pants. They called to me. They said 'aren't we fabulous Shawn? you must buy us Shawn" I looked closer at them and saw the label "Versace Sport" and then I saw the price... $399.99 I put them down immediately! The sales clerk behind the table said, 'they're only $40.00" I said "Where's the dressing room?" Needless to say that $40 and me were soon parted. and Bitch, (you know who you are) before you even say it, I don't even care if they're last season... I ain't that kinda gurl!

Then we stopped off at the Future shop to buy an extra Nunchuk and Controller for the Wii - this way we don't have to keep hading it back and forth and putting on the wrist strap... (a clever addition not including in the Pre Dec 2006 controllers. This ensure that if you 'thow' or 'pitch' or 'swing' etc too fast and the controller slips out of your hand, it does not end up mid screen in your $2000+

then we boogied back home to play some more... and admittedly I got in a bit of a mood because Didier was winning practically everything... but after a brief time out I regained composure and the will to destroy, to compete, um, I mean to play, side by side with Didier.

What they DON'T warn you enough with Wii is that it's rather close to the real thing... and by that I mean overnight, never having played an actual game of tennis or golf in my life I am now suffering THE worst case of tennis-elbow / golf-shoulder known to man... (and what's worse still is I want to rush home and play some more... until my arm comes out of it's socket!) Youreally have to immitate the full action of swinging the tennis racket, following through with a Golf swing, or srinning a bat and so on... actually not a bad little work out when you do all the training exercises for the Boxing game especially!

...and after about 3 hours of play (with a 30 minute break for Family Guy) it was time to collapse and go to bed.

I think when I write Santa this Christmas I'm going to ask for a 3 day standard weekend.

so what did 'y'all get up to?


Maria said...

WOW... I am soooooo tempted to hook up the Wii you have no idea... BUT ITS A CHRISTMAS GIFT... FOR THE KIDDIES.

Sonny Boy and I played at a friends house and we boxed against each other. I am so spastic I beat the interactive crap out of my own kid and it almost felt good. I finally had the chance to pay his sorry ass back for the 36 hours of labour he put me through.

As for a get-together Wii day YOUR ON Buddy... but hang on till after Christmas and I have had the chance to practice. Then it will be souvlaki & Wii all around. Perfect way to spend a weekend if you ask me.

I am also going to buy them a new FLAT SCREEN TV to go with their new Wii... am I amazing or what?

Hold the applause.

Misster Kitty said...

It's so much fun I ncan hardly even relate it properly in written words!

I wish you luck holding out til Dec 25th!

And cant wait to take you on, especially in Bowling... that's Kitty's specialty! ;-)

What else is cool is that you can record your Mii to the Control and go to another place that has Wii and have your Mii play there!!!!

Souvlaki? YUM! Can't wait!


who's "bitch"????

& it seems that i've like "notes on a scandal" more than you did,
& like "eragon way more less than you did. i do like jeremy irons, but not at all cost...
do, they get extra point for the dragon, i thought "she" was superb...

Misster Kitty said...

TB... Bitch knows who s/he is. :-)

Notes on a Scandal was good, but I didn't think the plot was all that solid. About 2/3 through we were feeling a little let down in that. That said, the acting WAS superb. And as for Eragon I just love me some Fantasy flix. And you're right the Dragon in this one, Saphira was amazing... and voiced by Rachel Weisz.


don't get funny ideas here...

Misster Kitty said...

Me likey Rachel aussi!

Palm Springs Savant said...

I liked notes on a was deliciously disturbing. But admittedly I like nearly anything Dame Judi does...