Monday, November 19, 2007

DwtS: the Semi-Finals.

Great night of Dancing. Ho-lee crap!

...but two couples with double perfect scores!? Sorry, but I don't think that was right. Helio and Julianne's first dance was far from perfect and didn't deserve three 10. They were not in sync in more than one instance. It's amazing sometimes just how now observant the judges are.

I wonder who is going to be voted off. With the scores as close as they are from the judges, it's purely a popularity vote now...

...speaking of that I must go vote for Mel and Maksie...

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Newsguy Bob said...

I don't watch DWTS, but I would suggest that you have a better view than the judges do, because they're stuck at their table, while you get the benefit of all the camera angles.
Just like on the Idol shows, I've heard the judges say that they get a better feeling for some performances after seeing and hearing them on tape, because of the crowd and ambient sound they deal with watching them live.
And for the pure hockey (minus the great atmosphere, eight-dollar beer, etc.) you get a better view on TV than in the arena.