Monday, October 15, 2007

It is SO ON!

What a night!

Even Mark and Kym (bless her) were good tonight... Well not GREAT, but ... great. Consider that at the bottom of the lederboard, they had a score of 22, and then consider that is only 8 points from the leaders at 30. That's pretty damn incredible.

It's not easy but I'm gonna have to say Mark and Kym will be out tomorrow night, either that or Floyd. He's really improving, but he and Karina leave me cold, I feel no passion of the dance from Floyd, only a passion to win... and there is a difference.

On to more important matters...

I've made my decision...

As much as I love Mel and Maksim, (hey! she's a spice girl and he's a hawtie) and Helio and Julianne (they really are a graceful couple)

... my pick for the season is Sabrina and Mark. They are too freaking incredible! They just completely impress the socks off me (ok if I was wearing socks...) Not only the first Tens... but THREE - TENS! ... not that this is the only reason I'm picking them. All three teams mentioned are my favourites. And even after them I love Jennie and Derek too, but at a certain point we have to pick, and pick I have.

... and Ma... *cough cough* what say you?

And what are our wagers to be?

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