Wednesday, October 3, 2007

This is EXACTLY what I'm talking about!

I could just puke!

Please tell me I'm not the only one completely and utterly horrified by this...

Pair dodges jail terms in fatal high-speed crash.

You can click on the link to read the full report, but basically these two yahoos were speeding (estimated speed of 150 km) and hit the car of a couple coming home from a dinner celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary. The couple die.

The two accused were given the following sentences:

20-year-old Ruben Rodrigues, who pleaded guilty in May to two counts of dangerous driving causing death, received a house arrest term of two years and a five-year driving ban.

And 19-year-old Marco Gasparro, who pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, received an 18-month driving ban and a $2,000 fine.

Ouch, that's really tough huh?


And then I read this:

The judge in the case said Rodrigues and Gasparro were not street racing, but speeding. The pair was not intoxicated and did not run a red light at the intersection where the crash occurred, court heard.

The judge also took into account Rob Manchester had nearly twice the legal limit of alcohol in his system when his car was hit.

OK now I can appreciate the fact that the dead man was over the limit and ought not to have been driving, but then we can't convict him because these two snots hit him at a speed at least 50 KM minimum over the limit, and in case you missed it... he and his wife are DEAD.

The parents of a little 8 year old girl are dead. That's it. They won't be for all those milestones yet to come... her first kiss from a boy, her first date, her prom, her graduation from university, her marriage, her first child and all the other too numerous to mention.

Yes, the father should have not been driving and I'm in NO WAY defending his actions...
But the fact remains... two people are dead and because the speeders weren't drunk and didn't run a red light they get off with a slap on the wrist.

Pardon me, but that's just fucking stupid!



Hmm - is the fact that these guys were speeding worse because they happen to kill someone? Should the punishment be the same for getting caught speeding as it would be for killing someone while speeding? Cuz' I don't think it can be, aweful as that may sound. However, if you've read my blog you'll know that I firmly believe that cars are lethal weapons anyway and should be much, much, much more strictly controlled. And I can't summon up a lot of sympathy for the drunk driver who got himself and his wife killed and orphaned his children. In my books, he's an even bigger criminal than the two asshole yobs out speeding because he is morally responsible for the lives and futures of his kids and he just shrugged off that responsiblity when he chose to drive while intoxicated. Nevermind that HE could have very easily killed other people along the way, too.

Misster Kitty said...

Yes, I find it hard to reconcile the dead man was drunk. I have no respect for drunk driving but the issue at hand, in the court, was not in this case a drunk driving case. It was a case of excessive speed. What reason is there at all to drive 150 km? Lets say the dead man was not drunk, just for the sake of argument... are the actions of the speeders now considered worse?

What I find interesting is how the judge could separate this case because they were 'only speeding' and not racing. How is speeding at 150 km not at all as reckless? When does speeding become as intolerable as racing? Is there a magical speed at which point we say, 'whoa, that just won't do.' Is it 151 km? 175kms? 200km?

I just think, the fact that you willingly, knowingly drive your car at 150+km and then 'accidentally' kill a person or persons (sober or otherwise) is akin to loading a gun and firing it into a crowd. You didn't want to kill anybody, but hey... accidents happen, right? "Gee I'm really sorry, I didn't mean for anyone to get harmed. But they were walking across the park just as I pulled the trigger..."


as i personally feel that all dangerous drivers should be shot on site, my only regret here is that those 2 twits survived the accident, to stand trial... i would have find satisfaction had they died right then & there...
now, they are likely to repeat their miastake later on in life...
'cause some people just never learn!!!
but then,
that's just me...