Tuesday, October 16, 2007

nine minus one equals eight

CHRIST! What the hell people? Mel and Maksim in the bottom two?

Time to get your collective head outta your ass!
Sure, it's no surprise that Floyd and Karina are gone. ..

Yes there was improvement but there was no way he was going to last much longer. I'm just surprised that it was before Mark and Kym?!!? It's obvious that the Millionaire is buying votes , 'cause there's NO other reason that makes sense why he should still be there, let alone NOT in the bottom two.

And is it just me or has Dancing With the Stars run out of quality musical guests. Talk about crash and burn. Sure the back up singers are good at their covers each week, but I mean really... And then Wayne Newton?!?! Who is going to sing next week William Hung?

Please... DWtS... get some real guests... and America, lets just drop the deadwood, huh?


Newsguy Bob said...

Man, you really love that show, don't you, oh Dancing Queen?

By the way, I've been waiting over a week for you to comment on the leopard print top that my sister was wearing at her surprise 25th anniversary party, as posted in photos on my blog.

C'mon, Kitty, yer fallin' down on the job!

Hugs and Hisses,

Misster Kitty said...

Like Olivia... I'm hopelessly devouted to this show....

Huh?.. I coulda swore I commented on Dale's fabu style... I shall go post now... my bad.