Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What the hell people?!

Ok, so I know there's always a lot of death and destruction, and otherwise violent actions daily around the globe... in the Middle East, in the far East and so on, but here in Canada? This morning I have read the following four news articles:

"Woman who was 7-months pregnant stabbed to death"

"N.S. beating victim: 'I just wanted them to stop'"

"Man charged in death of Alta. teen hit by pickaxe"

"Downtown beating. 4 Men in twenties brutally attack man"

This last one only a 5 blocks from my home....

How did we get here?

Most of these violent acts were by people under the age of 20, and of that many are protected by the 'young offenders act'. The key word that unfortunately is not being addressed seriously enough in that is "offender"

Each of these acts, by themselves are sick and disturbing, but when you put them together in such close proximity, it really makes you wonder. It really blows my mind away...

When I was a teenager, I can assure you the farthest thing from the realm of possibility was attacking someone or being attacked in such an horrific and disturbing way... and for the most minuscule and unimaginably insignificant reasons. It wasn't on the radar. And if I felt wronged by an individual or society, I sure as hell had the common sense to rationalize it and not attack anyone. Christ, the worst thing we did as teens as sneak a cigarette behind the school or maybe skip school, or sneak a drink for our parents liquor cabinets.

I have a real issue with young folks being protected due to their age. I'm sorry, if you can hold a girl down for 3 hours and beat her to the point of unconsciousness, if you can stab a 7 month pregnant woman to death, if you can wield a pick-axe and deliver a fatal blow to another's skull, if you can with a group of 'friends' leave another girl for dead under a bridge, if you can kill your parents and younger brother, then you my friend are going to court as an 'adult'. Screw the Young Offenders Act and Screw You!

You didn't have a great time in High School? Boo-hoo No one did!

You had an early curfew? Boo-hoo, we all had one, and there ought be MORE with them now!

You weren't the Popular kid? Boo-hoo, it ain't all it's cracked up to be.

Or you WERE the popular kid and though that excused the behaviour? Boo-hoo, this ain't a movie.

You weren't invited to a party? Boo-Hoo, have your OWN!

PLEASE! Grow the *BLEEP* up! Grow a pair!

And if you want to say, "well, they started" then, it - is - on!

You want to play 'an eye for an eye', then realize that the rule damn well apply to YOU! I have to say, I never really thought of corporal punishment as the answer, but it seems our justice system is a potent as Bob Dole BEFORE the little blue pill commercials. It difficult to take a life as penalty, but jeez-louise I'd love to be the one to give these types a seriously good old fashioned thrashing. I don't like thinking that way, wanting to harm a person because they harmed another, but I can't help it.

The OPP just started to impound cars for those found excessively speeding and I say IT'S ABOUT TIME! I love the article I read where the teenage boy was crying when his mother's car was impounded. Good on ya punk, If you ever get behind the wheel again you'll not be the same snot nosed brat trying to impress his friends and maybe 'get some'. We need to find something with this level of severity to counter all the violent acts being perpetrated these days. There's got to be something more drastic, more befitting the crime than weak, minimum sentences or 'detention' in a youth facility. I don't know what the answer is but there's got to be something?

A few ideas do spring to mind...

The guilty be required to repair/clean/replace the damage they caused, and out of their own pocket. Thereafter they be required to continue community service of no less than 100 hours per offence; activities to include: street and sidewalk cleaning, garbage collection, snow shovelling and so on. - UNPAID

The guilty be required to repair/clean/replace the damage they caused, and out of their own pocket. Hell yes be responsible for REBUILDING what was torched. And if it's a Park or other verdant land, they should be forced (a la chain gang) to replant trees etc. Thereafter they be required to continue community service of no less than 200 hours per offence; activities to include: street and sidewalk cleaning, garbage collection, snow shovelling and so on. - UNPAID

Violent attacks:
Mandatory organ donation upon their own death. I figure SOME good should come out of their decrepid lives, to try and actually SAVE people, HEAL people. They should also be forced into Manditory jail sentences, no time off for first offense or other wimpy reason. And while in jail they should also be forced into UNPAID labour to benifit the community... and if that means sorting recycling materials, or someother menail task so be it.

Murderers/Attempted Murderers:
Minimum sentences equal to no less than 25-30 years. (Take a life, loose yours)
Mandatory organ donation upon their own death.
No entertainment.
No special privileges.
BASIC nutrition.
Menial daily UNPAID work/tasks.
No interaction with other prison population outside of 'work time'.
No exceptions.

Child Molesters/Rapists:
Life Sentences.
No entertainment.
No special privileges.
BASIC nutrition.
Menial daily UNPAID work/tasks.
Do not pass Go.
Do not get of jail free.
Do not collect $200.
No exceptions.

I could go on.... but really I think you get the idea...


Newsguy Bob said...


All kidding aside, Kitty, I wholeheartedly agree. Idon't understand why Parliament has not at least gone part way to your solution. The Youth Justice Act is a toothless joke. It should also have provision to make parents take responsibility for their little darlings. Maybe that would be a deterrent to some of these idiots breeding in the first place.

Can I be your Justice Minister?

Maria said...


If Bobby is Justice Minister I want to be the one who organizes party's... cause I could use a bite or two or three.

Very young kids know what is right or wrong and we as parents need to emphasize the importance of doing the right thing. Sonny boy would be wishing for jail time if he ever pulled a stunt like that.

Misster Kitty said...

You're both hired!

Ok well not quit yet... wait til we're on the Hill first! :-)


Righteous indignation sandwiched between dancing with the stars. I love it. I think the problem is that these kids are sociopaths and no amount of punishment is going to correct that. We're spawning a lot of these conscienceless beings and it truly is a very frightening trend. Why is this happening? My theory is that it's the multitude of weird chemicals we absorb every day through our Frankenfoods, the air, our water, not to mention recreational and perscription drugs. Combine this with media influences and parents who don't parent. Instead of involving your active kid in sports you feed him Ritalin from age 4 and plop him in front of video games 12 hours a day. Are we expecting this to result in a productive member of society? We can come up with a million amendments to the young offender's act, but prevention is worth an ounce of cure.

Misster Kitty said...

I'm like a frosted mini wheat... sweet and delicious on one side, rough and gritty and 'good for you' on the other.

Yours is a good theory, but I think if we start taking their toys away and give them LONG time outs we could begin to turn things around. And as for the Young Offenders Act, I don't want to amend it, I want it dismantled. I feel it does FAR more harm than good.

...and don't get me wrong... I think there's plenty of grown adults that ought to have their pee-pees whacked rather hard as well... I just think we do not punish legitimate criminals nearly as harshly, consistently and as long as we should, to not only ensure they are less likely to re-offend, but to act as a true deterrent to others.

And yea... pull the plugs on the X-Box and dump the Ritalin. And for christs sake, when your kid is acting a royal terror, please, give em a smack on the arse. Trust me, when I got out of line as a kid my arse was summarily tanned. And believe you me, that didn't happen too often because you know what's coming If you misbehave. It's simply a question of knowing when a child is being a child, not knowing any better and devil spawn shenanigans.


Agree. Agree. Agree. We are far, far too lenient on many types of criminals and the punishment rarely fits the crime. Sigh -- if only we were in charge of the world...

Newsguy Bob said...

Right on with the smack-on-the-arse idea.
We were spanked hard enough to sting when we were out of line, and my sibs and I did not grow up to be axe murderers. Sure, we've all had our share of speeding tickets...


kitty is showing fangs...
i think "respect" is no longer a valued notion. plus social unrest, lack of perspective, & the fact that you can't "rebooth" life. the hurt you cause stays, it doesn't go away...
i would be quite radical, were i in charge of justice:

pedophiles> surgical total castration+lobotomy.
try something then, perv!!

murderers>incarceration in isolation 'till death.
& why wait for death
to get some organs.
if they're healthy, make them "useful"...
etc, etc...
you get the drift...

we have a justice system
that sees criminals as "victims",
thus denying justice to the real victims. it is a flaw that needs to be addressed...