Sunday, April 22, 2007

Be kind to her...

So today, is Earth Day? What are you doing?

Personally, I admit that I'm not the most 'Earth-Friendly' person out there. Yes, I recycle and yes, I try to make better purchases when at the grocery store... biodegradable cleaning products, items that are not package intensive (has anyone seen the ads on TV for Sunkist Prunes that are INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED?!?!?! WTF) I have for years now chosen organic products over the mainstream for many years when it was about doing ME some good not the Earth... now it's both, and I do not own a car. I rely on the Metro, Bus, our bikes and good old fashioned hoofin' it!

... but... and here's where I 'fess up. ...

I am a water glutton. When I brush my teeth the tap remains on, when I wash dishes the water remains on, when I am cleaning in the bathroom or kitchen the water remains on (see a pattern)

And, we have a fire place and we are both BBQ fiends in the summer (both of which add to our total carbon emissions)

I'll keep my desktop computer running as long as I'm home, instead of turning it off at night, and often we'll have the TV on with the sound system and the desktop computer and 2 lap tops for hours and hours and hours...

I know I could be far better at managing my water usage and cutting down on my electrical usage but old habits die hard... The problem is OUR global habits are causing something else to die hard. The Earth. Part of me is very nihelistic and cynical when I watch a news report on Global Warming, the loss of the Polar Ice Caps, the Ozone Layer, potable water and so on, and that is ... "Enh... so what? by the time it's really an issue I'll be dead and gone. I've got no kids to worry about the legacy we're leaving them..." And then I feel like a total shit. I realize it ain't always about me. And then I think of my two neices, and my two nephews-in-law... there's at least 4 people I know and care about and love that will pay directly for how I, WE personal use and mis-use the Earth. Multiply that by millions and billions... (hopefully) infinity and you soon realize we're all co-dependant enablers of a very dysfunctional relationship that goes far beyond the dysfunction of our families!

OK... so confession done. What am I going to do about it? Here's my list...
1) I will continue to Recycle all that I can and use recycled items when available .
2) I will continue to consider the Earth in my purchasing power, both at making the right choices to lesson the footprint I leave as well as ensure that I do not support those companies and businesses that do not.
3) I'm turning off the taps.
4) I'm turning off the computer, and lights, and other electrical devises - too numerous to list- when not in use.
5) in fact we are turning off all the computers and going outside today to enjoy the Earth we have. We're going to take a nice long bike ride. and I'm going to make a small gesture at least, and pick up any visible trash I see. (Not the solution to it all but it's something that we can all do in a fraction of a second... to help.)

No one person can solve the mess we're in, but we ALL must take responsibility, step up to the plate and try to improve our own individual actions. If everyone of us took today to choose just one thing to correct in out own personal day to day habits it could make a difference.

Walk to the store for that milk and bread instead of driving the 1/2 km to pick it up. Turn off the taps, and the lights when you are NOT using them. Think about your shopping habits. Just trying to be more conscious of the items you buy and the way they are packaged...

Love yourself, love your neighbour, love the Earth.


My Blog friend John, (see the link on the right to "everything but poopie ") Often includes the lyrics to a song at the end of his posts. Today I'm gonna do that to. The choice of song might seem a little hippy-dippy and you might even groan and roll your eyes, but I don't care. Even as I was writing this Post I was hearing this song in my head...

Get Together (The Youngbloods)

Love is but the song we sing,
And fear's the way we die,
You can make the mountains ring,
Or make the angels cry,
Know the dove is on the wing,
And you need not know why.

C'mon people now,
Smile on your brother,
Ev'rybody get together,
Try and love one another right now.

Some will come and some will go,
We shall surely pass,
When the one that left us here,
Returns for us at last,
We are but a moments sunlight,
Fading in the grass.

C'mon people now,
Smile on your brother,
Ev'rybody get together,
Try and love one another right now.

If you hear the song I sing,
You must understand,
You hold the key to love and fear,
All in your trembling hand,
Just one key unlocks them both,
It's there at your command.

C'mon people now,
Smile on your brother,
Ev'rybody get together,
Try and love one another right now,
Right now,
Right now!


So what are you doing today?

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