Thursday, April 19, 2007

...oh how cliché.


Love 'em?
Hate 'em?

Personally I love them and use them quite often. The problem is that I've been know to not quite 'Hit the hammer on the head' ... and so it goes.

I suffer from some sort of Dyslexic Verbal Alzheimer. I KNOW the cliché, I swear I do! In my head I hear the correct cliché, but when it comes out... it's all wrong. Words replaced. Sometimes multiple clichés blended uncomfortably together. And even as the words are coming out of my mouth I know what I'm saying is wrong, but it's already too late!

What is more troublesome is that the next time the cliché is used, it's as if my mind can now only recall the last instance used and will repeat the botched line. No matter how hard I try to focus the incorrect version comes out. So much so that a couple have now become the correct version of the cliché with me and my friends.

Aside from the previously mentioned, 'Hit the hammer on the head' here are a few others you'll hear from me.

'Don't put off tomorrow, what you can put off today.'
-- I LOVE this one, I guess because I am a chronic procrastinator.

'Crap in a handbasket.'
-- I must say this one a good 8-10 times a day at work. It's makes absolutely no sense, but I feel better once I say it. It came from 'Going to hell in a handbasket', but just HOW I replaced the 'Going to hell' part with 'crap' remains a mystery to me.

...and here comes my absolute favourite!

'Put that in your hat and smoke it.'
-- ya just gotta love this! I remember the first time I said it; my friend Erin's face went from shock to confusion to the best, uncontrolled laugh I think I ever saw. That was something back in the late 80's and I still say it today.

Am I alone?
Does anyone else crucify their clichés?
Is it just me?
Am I the only one?


John said...

Those are good examples. "Crap in a hand basket" made me laugh.

Misster Kitty said...

Yea ... just imagine the looks I get when I say it... out loud!