Friday, April 13, 2007


While I am terribly superstitious... I actually like Friday the 13th. (fingers crossed even as I type this)

After the snow-mess here in Montréal yesterday; today, even the Friday-13 variety, can ONLY be an improvement.

So... enjoy... and remember, it's STILL Friday!!!


John said...

I don't really notice when it's Friday the 13th in all honesty. But my job is very calendar driven, so I don't think much of Christmas either (it's almost just another number on a chart) Super-natural stuff freaks me out, but I'm not terribly superstitious.

Whilst I be commentin'... I really just want to let you know that I so enjoy reading what you have to say, whether in your blog, or in the comments of others blogs. You have an inner joy/warmth that just shines through even when you're bitchin' 'bout stuff (good-naturedly of course) ;). I'm honoured that you enjoy reading my blog and that you take the time to comment, and... that you've posted a link from yours to mine. It's just plain "great" getting to know you.

Misster Kitty said...

Thanks John, I appreciate it. I enjoy reading your blog too (and just posted 2 comments there before seeing this)

I get totally hung up on dates... probably TOO much! It's only been about a year or two that I've allowed myself (and those I care about around me) to actually celebrate birthdays on a date OTHER THAN the actual birthday... To me, you have a special dinner etc (at the very least) on the actual day! (point finale) .... Now I'll accept waiting til a Fri or Sat to 'do something' if the 'special' day actually landed on a Wednesday lets say...

You know, there just is NOT enough therapy out there for me... ;)


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