Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Open your mouth and say sppplplplblthplplffff

So I had another Dentist Appointment tonight. What I thought was just going to be the polishing and fluoride treatment was also a freezing (well sort of) and replacing 2 old fillings from the 70's and a new one due to a small cavity.

Well, while working on the first of the replacement fillings we all soon realized I didn't receive quite enough anaesthetic! Yah! not pretty. I swear, this is just not my day! hehe so one more needle later and we were back in business.

He does good work, and the new fillings are white and blend into the teeth, not like those old amalgam crapolas I had.

I must admit that as uncomfortable as it was, I'm already to go back on the 25th! lol Cause as I've mentioned before, Dr Raper is Dr. Hottie McHott! And when said Hottie says things like "You have the most powerful tongue I've ever seen.", and "You have a very inquisitive tongue." you know you I want to keep on going back! ;-)

Meanwhile it's been 3 hours and I'm still completely frozen!... fun.... and I'm hungry damn it! I had to watch LOST! without any din-dins. Boo Hiss!

And what up? Lost is getting more interesting. Love the mass of back story on the island and Ben. I So knew he was not born there! And as much as it's nice for me to fantasize that Locke is gone, we know that just ain't true. And why the HELL didn't somebody ask Jack why it's up to HIM what happens on the beach. I guess there's a bit on non-conformist / anarchist in me... Those in authority positions, either given or taken piss me off!

MORE interesting though, is the announcement yesterday that Lost will end in 2010. with the final 3 years only having 16 episodes each. Not sure how I feel about that yet...

OK time for me to finally go get a drink of water. MAN! that fluoride treatment made me wanna puke!


Maria said...

"You have the most powerful tongue I've ever seen.", and "You have a very inquisitive tongue." you know you I want to keep on going back! ;-)

How come my dentist has never said anything like that to me? Oh yea because he is a 60 year old fart and even if he ever did say it I am sure I never would have heard it.

I almost feel like making an appointment with Dr. McHottie just to see what he looks like and maybe hear a comment like that!! lol

Misster Kitty said...

I am going to have to post a pic of Dr McHottie... and from what I hear his boyfriend is even cuter! (It figures!)

Maria said...

WHAT? Your dentist is gay? Of course he is... all the cute ones are!

Just like Lance Bass (only cute one - or at least I thought) in that group... and look at that gay! dammit! Whats a girl to do? LOL

Misster Kitty said...

Yup! he's a big ol' Mo! Why do you think I go there!? lol

It's in the Village and it's a combo Art Gallery / Dentist's Office and Theraputic Massage.

But you'll be glad to know they do allow Hetrosexuals in! ;-)

As for cute former 'nSync-ers... (y'all know where I am going...) Joey is IMHO the cutest... alas he's not gay...

Maria said...

Lance was MY favorite. Joey I believe is italian and I already gots me one italian guy in my bedroom - who needs another!

As for your Dr. McHottie its an Art Gallery, Dentist and Therapeutic Massage place?? lol Does he also perform the massage? Maybe after he drills your teeth... you can ask ... maybe just maybe... he can give you a good price on a massage. I mean, after all, I am definately tense after a dentist appointment and could use a massage. Every massage I have received its been from a BIG Bertha type of girl and can I just once get a guy... a good looking one would be great, and I don't even care if he is gay!

Misster Kitty said...

No, saddly... Dr McHottie does not offer massage.. but I did get an invite to the opening next week... free booze with the doog Dr? I'm all over dat!

They have other cuties for the massage! ;-)

Maria said...

Men? Men give the massage's? Count me IN!!! LOL I will bring my husband and have him massaged by a guy. Heck, if I can keep getting massages from women then he can get one from a dude!

Misster Kitty said...

yupper doodles! Men giving men massages... and they're even legit! HEH!