Tuesday, May 15, 2007

And then there were Three...

First of all.... You may or may not have heard me tonight, but when my Joey and Kym were announced as the first couple moving on to next week, I was shrieking like a school girl! So loud in fact that I was scolded by Didier!


Ok on to tonight's elimination ... well, I have to say I'm relieved and not surprised by the final results. Last night was Ian's best night since the Season Premiere it's true, but compared to the remaining three, it was not meant to be. He was neither a show stopper, nor was he as consistent as Joey, Laila or Apolo.

And so now we have it... the final three, and a final week of competition. I can tell you, my nipples are already erect! Oh yea It's gonna be TITillation!

Ma, chances are looking good one of us will soon be drifting along with a coffee buzz... Then again old man Murphy might just go and tinkle in our (coffee) pot... and it will be Apolo that wins... (fingers crossed as I say that, so as not to tempt the fates! heh!)


See ya at the Peach Pit Steve.


Ma Horton said...

Seems so Kittycakes . Ma will be visiting her baby in mid June so I am expecting a caffeine pay up .

Misster Kitty said...

Hey now... don't be counting your cups of coffee before they're brewed...