Wednesday, May 30, 2007

YO HO HO! A Pirate's Life (Part Three!)

Last night Didier, myself and two friends (Graham and Tony) went to the Theatre formally known as Paramount (sorry... I just cannot get used to 'Cinéma Banque Scotia Montréal'). They have $4.95 cheapie Tuesdays. And We are ALL IN for saving money at the movies! They also have a deal where you can get your admission and a medium soft drink and medium popcorn for $9.95. That's a D-E-A-L!!! Need I remind you that normal admission is $10.00 to $12.00 We got in AND got munchies for LESS than regular admission... I swear I felt like I won the lotto!

Anywho... We went to see "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" It was good. I can't say it was great. It was good. As with so many trilogies, I ultimately end up preferring the 2nd instalment the best. As was the case a couple weeks back with 'Shrek' (the Third), so too 'The Pirates of the Caribbean' seems to have peaked at #2.

The movie was worth the price of admission (grin) and then some. The special effects were everything you would expect. Perfect and damn amazing. The plot... well it's not like we go to these types of movies for some riveting plot line... but you do expect at least a valiant attempt. What we got in "At World's End" was practically 3 movies in one. They could have easily cut this into two if not three movies without losing anything. And it was certainly LONG enough to split up; at 2 hours and 56 minutes! The storyline changes way to much and they made it far to complicated, there was no need. On top of that you felt yourself trying to understand a lot of too subtly placed explanations or just come up with them for yourself. There seemed a responsibility on the viewer to know too much.

I enjoyed Depp in this, I enjoy him in practically everything he does, mind you he was not the real focus of the episode.

Keith Richards was on screen about 5 minutes total, which was enough. I just don't see what all the hub-bub was about him in the movie. It's almost 3 hours long and he's there for 5 minutes... If you went out to the concession stand or bathroom you could have completely missed him.

As for Orlando Bloom, again I'm not entirely sure what all the fuss is about. Didier, Graham and Tony were all gushy about him after the movie on the way home. OK, he is cute. But personally, there's nothing nipple-crotchy-rubby-fun about him in my eyes. Sure I understand why my 13 year old niece has posters of him all over her room. He's got 'TeenBeat' appeal for sure. I'd rather have something off the cover of Colt Magazine. (double grin)

- - - - - - - - - -

If you're into this type of flick I say DO try and catch it in the theatre... they are always better on the big screen. Otherwise it'll be a great rental and besides you get all the extras! (like 3 hours wasn't enough! heh)

I will say this... DO sit through to the end of the credits there's another 1.5 mins of footage... where they MORE than leave it open for at least one more movie... Special thanks to Lisa, Cat and the Sherriff for mentioning this on the radio on Tuesday morning. Seeing as you've already sat through the epic length of the movie, what's another 5 minutes of credits... :)

For Summer-Flickocity, I'll give it 7 Misster-Kitty hairballs outta 10. heh

- - - - - - - - -

One last comment, this one not related to the Pirates at all, other than it was a Trailer before...

Can someone explain just HOW and WHY the 'Transformers' was made into a movie? I can honestly say I'd not see this even if the Theatre paid me.

Ugh... there's a lot of dreck coming out in the coming months...


Ma Horton said...

So I am assuming that we are getting summer reviews Misster Kitty style in the coming months ?

Misster Kitty said...


At $4.95... I'll go see almost anything....

...except for the Transformers!

Maria said...

We will all be here waiting patiently for the reviews, so make sure to keep us up-to-the-minute!!

Misster Kitty said...

Well, not sure how many there will be... we won't go see a movie just cause it's cheap but when we do you know Misster Kitty will have an opnion...

I think next week we're gonna go see SURFS UP!

... What is it with Penguins and movies these days?