Monday, May 28, 2007

Weekend in Review... Booze and BBQs and Birthday Suits, OH MY!

These long weekends can sure take a toll on ya!

Friday was all about the Dentist, the sexy hawt Dentist... Remember him? Dr Raper? Well seems more and more people are going to see him, based on my rave reviews. HA! What I didn't mention last Friday was that after my complaint of the freezing from 2 visits ago lasting for 6 hours, he used something else on me, and that was soooo much better. Local freezing the the individual tooth, or teeth I should say. It was so much more comfortable and the best thing was I was able to eat lunch right after. And more importantly I could drink, lets say 'water' out of a glass without any dribbles and spills.

The rest of Friday was spent in a combination of a little house work (CinderFella CinderFella, All I hear is CinderFella) and then sunbathing on the roof with a drinkie-poo or two! :-)

Friday evening we went to Mohawk for haircuts. It's a mens only Barbershop... catering to gay men... A fun place to be sure. I've even been know to spend time there when I'm not even getting a hair cut. I'm telling ya, all you Hets could learn a thing or two from us fabulous 'Mos. We can turn the most mundane tiresome and otherwise avoidable activities and necessities into things you WANT to do! Dentists, Haircuts. Heck even my Dr is a super nice guy! ( we always take time to catch up with each others lives outside of my medical life... . He's got the cutest boyfriend - a real latin lover he. WOOF! And he has the sweetest English Sheepdog too. AND he's with Doctors without Borders. And goes over to Africa yearly for 4-6 weeks and works exclusively with Aids clinic, especially those catering to infants and children. I've got nothing but respect for this man)

After the haircuts we went for a few drinks at a local watering hole called 'Stud' and you know... you can't spell 'stud' without 'std' HA! I just made that up! It's funny, cause it's true... (on sooooo many levels!)

After a few drinks with some friends we decided rather spontaneously to go up to a (gay) mens only camp ground. So we all ran back to our homes at 9:50 pm with a 10:10 pm deadline to be ready. We were at the camp ground by 11:30 pm and had a fun night, chatting drinking... Me and the Man have a neighbour (Paddy) that has a permanent camp site up there that is more plush than some peoples homes... It can sleep 6 easily, has two colour TVs (cable no less), sound system, DVD player, Microwave, Toaster Oven, Wireless internet, two decks - one screened-in (with a beer fridge) and another al fresco. It's really not camping at all! and THAT is it's complete and utter charm! He's retired actually and spends weeks at a time up there in the summer, hence the comfort level.

We crashed about 3 am and were awaken at 5:30 am by what seemed like 100's of THE loudest birds. It was bright out and them birds were frickin loud! I am sure I said more than once... "Would somebody PLEASE turn off the birds!" We managed to get a couple more hours sleep... in 20-30 min spurts... again birds!. BIRDS BIRDS BIRDS!

We got up around 9ish, got a shower and then some much needed Joe and met up with Paddy, hopped in his Caddie and went to Finnigan's Flea Market in Hudson... cause that's what us fags do in the country... quaint flea markets! Heh! We all picked up a couple things... and some incredible baked goods. Me and Didier each bought each other Teddy Bears (Ma don't hate us) made of re-cycled fur coats. I'm generally very staunchly against fur products... but these are all old fur coats that are just sitting in storage. She does not buy any of her fur in stores... only from estate sales and the like. Personally I think it's a good and creative use of what is there. She makes patchwork throws and small trinkets as well as cat toys with the littlest bits... I'll take some pics and put them up. We named them Maurice Chevalibear and Leolo. I also got a little brass candlestick with a Teddy Bear motif and Didier got a Winnie-the-Poo stained glass candle holder. ...and if you hadn't guessed already... we like teddy bears. :-)

When we returned to the camp ground we went up to the Nudist Area and took a bit sun. None of us got 'burned bits', but my shoulders were RED yesterday! Oucha-ma-goucha! After the birthday suit parade, we went back and did some gardening on Paddy's camp site. WITH CLOTHES ON! The Mosquitoes were out in numbers... in the tree covered camping area... While I'll risk a sun burn, I'm not getting mosquito bites, 'au sud' if you catch my drift. It's one thing to have to apply some aloe there a couple times a day, it's an entirely different situation with mosquito bites, under a couple layers of clothing no less. ITCH-CITY! You'd either end up scratching the boys excessively giving the appearance of something else altogether OR end up going insane by showing showing some propriety and not scratching the itch...

After that we just mellowed out on the screened-in porch, then headed back to the big city.

We got back around 7pm and had a BBQ on our rooftop. Here's a handy tip... don't send tipsy and somewhat stoned friends to pick up food for a BBQ... for 4 people they got a couple pounds of ground beef, a package of chicken breasts, and 12 hot dogs. PLUS a 40 of vodka and 2 bottles of wine. Ok I'm not really complaining but we could have fed 15 people with all the food.

Sunday was markedly different, due mostly in part to the Weather. Sat was gorgeous and sunny ans warm. Sunday was a mis-nomer.. no sun at all. and cool with lots of rain. So what do you do when it's raining on a Sunday and you've got a 36 inch HD plasma screen TV and 5.1 surround theatre system...

... have a movie festival!

We rented 'Pan's Labirynth' and 'Open Season'. I'm glad we watched 'Pan's Labirynth' first. Cause we sure as hell needed the fluff of 'Open Season' to bring up our mood. While P.L. was a very good movie, and I can see why it was nominated for so many Oscars this past season, it's was decidedly more violent that I was prepared for. I knew the basic story, but wasn't ready at all for all the gunshots to the head, not to mention hammering and knife scene. HO-LY! That said I did like it... 'Open Season' was typical Animated fair.... We rounded out the day with 'Ever After' I like me some Drew Barrymore romantic comedy type stuff. ('50 First Dates' is my particular fav) Didier had never scene it, and as the story line takes place in France he enjoyed pointing this castle and that château... was fun.

...after that, we hit the sack and were soon in happy slumberland....


- - - - - - - - -

And it's only 4 days to my next weekend... I'm off Friday, again! ... and there's a Beer Festival with my name all over it!


Maria said...

OK ...

#1: Either you gotts to stop telling us how you always seem to have Friday off or I am not reading YOUR blog anymore! lol Or... get me a job at your place dammit! If I wasn't so happy at my current job and flex hours I would have applied there from the very first time I read you have "Friday" off.

#2: Just wondering... isn't using the word "fag" a not-so-nice way to refer to a gay person?? I always thought it was so I don't use it.

As for what do you do on a Sunday when its raining? I am sure you could think of something... LOL just as I did and with no complaints from Hubby! LOL

Misster Kitty said...

1) Well you'll be happy to know that this coming Friday is my last Friday off... I then have one Wed off... other than that, it's 5 day weeks 'cept for holidays and vacation.

2) Well I'm hardly considered a PC kinda person. The way I look at words is they have power if you give em power. I use in my regular vocabulary "fag','faggot', 'homo', 'mo', 'queer', 'mary', 'she', 'her' and so on. Never meant to harm, and never said in hate. And if someone that is or isn't gay uses em, so be it. If someone calls me any of the above, I know how they mean it... and if it's used in a hateful or hurtful way, trust me I've got more than enough chutzpah to throw down with them.

I don't censor my language to suit anothers agenda or personal beliefs, but then again I'm not a rude or disrespectful person either, unless you give me cause to. I won't specifically use a word to push someone's buttons though, that's even worse than being PC. But if I say a word that causes you or another person hurt feelings, I hope that you/they can tell me and tell me why... and we go from there. There's really only one word I don't use and that's the 'N word'... I find that it's far too readily heard and that most use it to provoke, corner people, and to incite tension. But if someone else wants to use it, that's their choice. If it's someone I know I'd call them on it, ask them why they use it...

It's funny... when I first moved to Mtl from Halifax, the only way I hear the word 'jew' used was in derogatory ways. Meant as an insult. It was not until I moved to Mtl that I even met a Jew. I know that sounds terribly odd, but there just is not a very large jewish community in Halifax. A few years into my Mtl time line I became friends with some people that happened to be jewish, and I would always use the word 'jewish', never 'jew'. One day one of them called me on it. She actually noticed and asked why I didn't use it, and so I explained the context I understood the word. She laughed and insisted immediatly that I call her a jew.

It was an eye-opening moment for me. It's not the words you use it's how you use or rather mis-use them them. using any word in a hateful, hurtful way is in my mind wrong... Well unless you're talking about Americans... then it's ok.

3) No one is saying we weren't naughtly little boys... I'm just not one to kiss or otherwise, and tell. But good on ya gurl! You're hubby is a looker for sure, so I'm not surprised you were a wee bit frisky! ;)

Maria said...

Now thats one heck of an explanation. Gracias amigo!

As for kissing and telling... my mom is not reading your blog so its ALL good!

My hubby is a looker? really? ya think so? I will let him know.

Misster Kitty said...

No prob... just keep in mind that this is MY explainion on words... There are those with very different views... I can only speak for meself...
...and I do! ;)

As for Hubby... yuppers! He's a looker! I'd like to see him with a goatee... ;)

Maria said...

OMG thats too funny. He used to have a goatee BUT I made him get rid of it!! lol

Misster Kitty said...

How could you? lol

Maria said...

It was too prickley!! lol

Plus, made him look like a gangster! LOL

Misster Kitty said...

Well in my books both are valid reasons for him to grow it back!

Anctually I use hair conditioner on my beard (when it's longer in the winter...) and then it's as soft as buttah!