Monday, June 25, 2007

My Friends Big Fat Gay Wedding

Yesterday was such an incredible day.

Joy and happiness.
Friends and family.
Tears and laughter.
...and an open bar!

Our close friends, Graham and Tony got married on Sunday. I've known Graham for more than 15 years, five of those we were a couple. I've had my fair share of boyfriends over time, completely lost touch (and reality) with many of them, all in fact except for Graham. We remained friend after our break up. It was not always easy but we did it and I think we're both the better for it. And I absolutely love Tony. When they first met it was just after Graham had thankfully gotten himself out of a very dysfunctional relationship (NO! not with me! heh) All of Graham's friends were very happy to meet Tony and all very quickly we all gave our stamp of approval. Didier and I were only too glad to be a part of their special day.

The day started around 3 pm at our place. We offered our place (only 2 short blocks from the location of the wedding) to use our place as their 'base camp' as it were so that would not have to spend any extra time or frustrations in driving to and from, to and from their home to the reception hall. They came over with a few other friends, we were 9 in total. This gave us all a little time to sit around the dining room table, reminisce about this and that, joke around and more importantly keep their minds occupied and their nerves calm before the big event.

We had a little nosh of prosciutto and melon, some shrimp and pistachios (everything is better with pistachios! heh) Oh yea, and couple bottles of champagne... four I think but who's counting. (Everyone had a nice little buzz. Essential I think, don't you?)

The boys then took a run over to the location to check on the DJ, flowers and so on then came back for the final prep. Getting dressed. And if you think it's easy for two men to get dressed for a wedding, think again.

The most amusing I think was when Tony put on Graham's pants by mistake... an extra difference of about 8 inches! VERY AMUSING!. And can you believe neither of em can tie a tie! Fortunately Robbie came to the rescue.

Then up to the roof to take a few pics. A Group shot... handsome do we all look?

(That's me off to the far left with my Leopard print tie - 'natch, and Didier beside me.)

And here's one of the happy couple moments before they plunged into wedded bliss.

Then off to the wedding, the Men in Black arrive.

After a bit of a meet and greet mingling and a few more drinkie-poos, god love em they had an open bar, (nothing like a room full of tipsy gay men I can assure you) the main event was ready to begin.

I've never been one for a stuffy, emotionally retarded, and usually over the top religious weddings. So many trappings in so many hundreds of years of organized religion. Family imposes there own added level of ritual and circumstance, and usually their fair share of issues and drama. I'm glad for both Graham and Tony that this was not the case for them. It was a civil ceremony, with it's fair share of humour (see my Quote of the Week -10- for a small hint at that) which I have to say I enjoyed.They did their own thing, not too much, just the right amount. Instead of vows they offered words of love and devotion, with moments that reflected their already 8 years as a couple. Their ups and downs, their passions, heartbreaks, laughter and tears. there was not a dry eye in the place, even the Notary was crying!

What made this day I think that much more special was the fact that the ceremony and reception were held in the very building where they met. Eight years to the day. On June 24th 1999 they met on the roof top terrace of the Bourbon Complex in the village. And it was there, too, that yesterday they became a married couple. The Complex that contains a couple restaurants, bars and a hotel, also has a reception hall and a chapel (the two of which are connected). It was on my suggestion that they booked this place for their wedding. Aside from the obvious simplicity of having both wedding and reception in the same location, it was after all where they met. It was truly the natural choice for their day and I think it made their special day, that much more special.

The reception was just as much fun. People were hopping from table to table and having a grand time. And the most popular spot was on the private balcony overlooking Ste-Catherine street. What began at 5 pm came to a close around 1:30 am. And even still then the party continued when a smaller group headed to Parking to dance the remainder of the night await. And for those with the stamina to go on, off to the after hours Stereo to bring in the morning. Alas I said my final congrats and adieus at 1:45 as the sand man was calling and my 5:45 am wake up call was not very far away.

- - - - -

To the happy couple I wish nothing but a long life together, filled with Joy, Passion, Laughter and Love.


Ma Horton said...

Why are all the sexy men gay? A lifetime of happiness to your friends . ..anyone can have a wedding , but only God can make a marriage .

Misster Kitty said...

it's our curse!