Sunday, June 17, 2007

Who's my Daddy?

Well it's Father's Day, and I just got off the phone from talking to my Dad. Not surprising considering the day. Not that I only called 'cause of the day, I've talked to him 4 times this week.

My Dad's health is in question at the moment. Aside from his diabetes, he's got a bad back, and had 2 heart attacks and a stroke. And now, the Doctors say the 'C word'. They can't say yes, they can't say no. And what's worse it could be days, weeks before we have an answer. It's already been 2 weeks that we are waiting to have a surgeon look at his to CAT scans. And then even after that, no telling how long before they will take a biopsy. And then more waits I am sure, for treatment if necessary.

As helpless as I feel in being so far away from my Dad, and not being able to do anything, I can't imagine what he and my Mother are going through. It's one thing to be told 'You might have Cancer.' It's another thing to have to wait an undefined amount of time to find out yes or no.

Things have not always been great between me and my Dad. For years we really didn't talk much, if at all. Add distance and my being gay and well...

...for all the distance, physical and figurative we've got a pretty good relationship today. My parents both welcomed Didier into their home 2 years ago for Christmas, and that was the happiest Christmas of my life. It's our hope that this year they'll come to our home for the holidays.

So here we wait.

Canadian Healthcare.


In the mean time, here's a pic of me and my Dad, circa 1976. It was taken at Rainbow Valley in Cavendish P.E.I. (Gee, I look thin! heh) Happy times.

Who's my Daddy? He is. And I love him. And I pray with every leopard print covered ounce of my being that he's going to be ok.


Maria said...

For some strange reason I could sense a bit of tension as you spoke about your dad. I could feel it probably because I went through tough times with my mom many years ago. Reason ? Because I married a non-Greek... yup that was it. My Big Fat Greek Wedding... STORY OF MY LIFE. Except it was my mom and NOT my dad. Our relationship now is good, but she said some hurtful things back then and its kinda hard to forget. Forgive - I did! So
I understand where your coming from.

We can pick our friends but not our family HUH?

Life is too short to spend it upset or bitter so to move on is the only thing left to do.

Misster Kitty said...

Yea things were rough for a few years. Actually, part of the reason I moved from Halifax to Montreal... But well that's all behind now... a little distance, time and, yea, I'll say it... maturity and I've got a great relationship with my folks now. It's a shame we're so far apart physically... ain't life a kick in the pants.

I can understand your family woes as well... two good friends are getting married next weekend. One is Anglo the other Portugese (first generation Canadian) You'd think the Gay wedding part would be the major issue, but in fact it's that Graham is not Portugese!

Whatcha gonna do?

Pick friends,
Pick noses,
Pick friends noses.

Hope you and your young'uns spoiled Hub crazy today.

Maria said...

Actually Hub worked on Father's Day (ALL DAY). He works 10 FULL days a month and yesterday was one of his days. So today Hub and I will spent the entire day together just hanging out and doing nothing.

Newsguy Bob said...

One thing I like about our little Cyber Group (I resist calling it Family very often, because that's an all-too-often used cliché that is rarely sincere): We talk (okay, we type) and tell each other about our lives -- the good and bad -- and realize that other people go through similar things to what we go through.

I like youse guys. I think I'll keep ya.

Misster Kitty said...

Remember ... no exchanges, no credits, no refunds!