Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gone, but not forgotten...

Hello Kittens...

Sorry for the lack o' posts but Operation Fabulous has my total and undivided attention. Going rather well too.

Day One 100% accomplished: Ceilings painted (2 coats) in Dining room, Hallway and Bathroom.

Day Two 100% accomplished: Ceilings painted (2 coats) in double Living Room and Kitchen

Day Three 100% accomplished, but not according to plan... Ceiling painted (2 coats)in Bedroom. I had given myself 3 days to paint all the ceilings and since I finished that by 1 PM today I was technically ahead of the curve! YAY! SO off I dash to do a paint run to Homo Depot, but made a quick stop home to check on Santi... good thing, there was a message from the TD/Canada Trust Fraud Dept... Yes Kittens, it's true... this makes the THIRD such incident to occur on my bank card this year alone! SON OF A BITCH! So, I had to go off to the bank get another card. By the time I found parking for that, and then made it to Homo-D and then back to the Apt to drop off the goods, then drop off my friends jeep and get back to the Apt on foot, I was no where, where I thought I'd be today... and that was Hallway painted.

On the plus side I purchased lighting for the Living room and Bedroom... if you had seen what was there, and NO no pics of that... it was too hideous I was afraid the lens on the camera might shatter... Track lighting in the Living room, circa 1982 Black track with white spots! LOVELY! and the Bedroom had a ceiling fan light combo that if I stood under it I could touch the blades, and the ceilings are 8.5 feet! So you KNOW that had to go... I mean right over the bed?!?! I or my company could lose an appendage! ... So I installed the new lights and I have to say I'm rather proud of myself, as I really REALLY do not like doing electrical...

Tomorrow, Day Four: is on schedule to paint my ass off! PAINT PAINT PAINT!

Friday, Day Five: Paint ad nausium and an Ikea run! w00t!

Saturday Off, (well friends are having a garage sale there to clean out the crap in the Apt, so I'll help with that, and Sunday, Painting continues, with the help of a helper, who shall for the moment remain nameless... :-)
You may notice the glaring lack of a Hump Day post today, but since I'm on two weeks VayCay I'm leaving them off the to do list! ;-)
Blog ya soon Kittens.



the process is always verging on the side of nightmare, but the results will be great, i'm sure. you'll be "home" soon, boy!!

Misster Kitty said...

It'll be fabu! fo' sho!

Mitzi said...

You know the Norweigians pronouce it eekia!